Story of Stina, Jocke and Hjalmar

Stina and Jocke have got their lovely baby boy Hjalmar on the first ICSI with own egg and sperm at our clinic (the second embryo transfer). Before coming to us they have had 5 IVF attempts in Sweden with so many embryo transfers that they cannot even remember how many. Also before coming to us Stina and Jocke have had 4 embryo transfers with donor eggs without result.


Stina, Instagram: @stinaviggeby

Dear Olga and your incredible team,

With this text we would like to tell our story, so it may give others hope, but above all, me and my husband would like to thank you and your team for the greatest gift in our lives — Hjalmar

We started our IVF journey 10 years ago, then we were very hopeful because I was only 28 years old and on our first attempts we got a lot of eggs (15-20) that was according to the doctors also fertilized in a good way.

After 3 IVFs, with so many transfers that we don’t even remember the number, our hope gradually came down because none of them ever gave us a positive pregnancy test. We were told by the doctor that we still had good chances to succeed so we decided to continue with another very well recommended private clinic in Sweden. There they took my AMH and it showed that my level was very low for my age, this came as a shock for us, and after two IVF attempts with around 5 transfers with the same negative results the doctor told us that we should continue with egg donation because of the bad quality of my eggs.

During all these attempts the pain was awful and the tears many but we did never reflect over the fact that the treatments in both clinics were exactly the same... not before going to the O.L.G.A. Clinic we realized the difference, how could we get a different result when the treatment was exactly the same?

However, the longing for a baby made us go to Finland for egg donation and for the first time I was pregnant! Unfortunately I had two miscarriages and the last one was really tough so now we didn’t want to continue anymore. We thought that it wasn’t meant for us to have a child. During all these years we also looked for the opportunity to adopt but that procedure would take so much time and effort so now we didn’t have the energy for it.

Then something happened, I would go to Stockholm for a conference and exactly this day a fertility clinic from Russia (!) would have a seminar... I was sceptical but had a feeling that I would regret if I didn’t go so I went. I thought that the clinic would brag about how skilled they were but when doctor Olga opened the seminar talking about all the pain and feelings of guilt that so many women suffer from I cried and thought that I have never heard a doctor talk like that. She continued with giving us a lecture in how a child is made and nothing about how amazing their results are.

After the seminar I decided that we should book a consultation to hear what they thought about our chances. We were sure that the only solution for us was egg donation. In our first skype session with Olga she asked us anyway if we were interested in IVF with own eggs but we almost told her ourselves that it would not work...

We had a really sincere and informative dialog and once again she talked to us like no doctor had ever done. After that we sent all our journals from earlier treatments, they wanted to look at everything! No one had done that before either.

A new skype session was booked and then we would get information about what treatment they would recommend for us. When we had this session Olga surprisingly told us that they believed that we could succeed with my own eggs and were willing to give us the baby guarantee package meaning that we would get 80% of our money back if it didn’t work. We were a bit shocked but thought that if they believe we also must believe!

Said and done we decided to go for it and for the first time the treatment was totally different from before and on the second transfer the success was a fact — I had for the first time in my life became pregnant with own eggs and 39 weeks later our love of our lives were born — Hjalmar.

We want to thank the whole team from the bottom of our hearts, we understand that you truly work as a real team here are some special thanks:

Dr. Olga — for not only being a true expert in fertility treatment, but also for your ability to see the emotional aspects and show so much empathy for your patients.

Dr. Elena — ”the doctor with the golden fingers”, we sincerely adore her, she is such a clever and super smart doctor with so much warmth and engagement. I remember especially when she did the second transfer and she asked me how I was feeling and I said that I felt so safe and well taken care of, then she smiled and told me ”but now Stina I don’t want to see you here anymore”. We laughed and I’m so happy that she was right.

Psychologist Anna Borodkina — She helped me focus on the outcome - a baby - instead of the fears and procedure and she also helped me to open my heart for all the feelings, both when the first embryo transfer didn’t succeed and also the feelings when we finally did succeed. 

Nurse Lisa Bagal — we just love her!! She is so accurate and knowledgeable and has a wonderful sense of humor which facilitates this strained situation.

Alla Schatzkova — our coordinator who was so helpful all the time, answering all our questions with empathy and love. She also contributed with her own reflections thanks to her great experience and that shows her way of going the extra mile.

With love,
Stina, Jocke and Hjalmar

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