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  • After 7 unsuccessful IVFs in Denmark My Mummy Mery came to Olga's seminar 1,5 year ago — and here I am! Check it out! 

    My first attempt at the age of 39, with AMH at 3.9, to my last at 42 years I made 7 failed IVF attempts in Denmark with a sad result of 1 miscarriage. Having nearly lost all hope I had heard of Olga and said to myself that I would make one final attempt (for my sake) with her and if that without not succeed I would know that I did my very best.

    I met Olga and her team in Stockholm in Nov 2017. I immediately knew she was ”something else”, extraordinary in fact. Not the regular speeches but a dialogue with someone who really cared and had exceptional knowledge that I didn’t experience with the others. My coordinator Maria helped me with all the arrangements for my trip which I appreciated very much (Thanks Maria!). At Olga’s centre I was taken very good care of and it felt like meeting an additional family member when I met Olga again in St Petersburg. During this process I started to get my hope up again — if someone could help me it was Olga and her amazing colleagues Elena and Alena. I made the first attempt on Valentines Day 2018 and shortly after I was expecting my very own baby angel. During the whole process I had great support from my family. My sister who is a certified Doula helped me to deliver together with my mother and my best friend. The happiest moment in my life when I met him for the first time.

    Baby Angel has a great personality — I love waking up to his big smile every morning and his hands seeking to carefully touch my face. The joy of the purest love. He is a real character too — he enjoys listening to jazz music with his grandpa, having ”secret” conversations with his favourite person (grandma) and adoring his Auntie — who sings the most beautiful lullabies so he can fall asleep. Not to forget  his biggest protector PAM, ”big sister” and family french bulldog.

    My dear Olga — thank you for helping me with the ”impossible”. Thank you also to your wonderful team. It would never have happened without you.

    Therefore I give my warmest recommendations ❤️

    With love from Stockholm,

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