Story of Lene Gammelgaard

"Hi, my name is Lene Gammelgaard. I started suffering from lack of being able to become pregnant when I was in my late 30s. The want to become a mother grew to become an absurd focus for whatever I did and did not do. I deliberately use the term Absurd, because not being able to have the children you desperately desire – transmute what you expose yourself to – while pursuing your ultimate dream. Childlessness hurts. Hurts you as a person, hurts your life quality, hurts your self confidence, hurts your economy and your relations. 

You might have to undergo treatment and inject yourself many more times than you fathom. But as long as you do not give up – there is hope...

I adopted my first child as a single parent, a bizarre process as well. After numerous years parallel fertility treatment attempts and hunts for “a donor/sperm” – analogous with my inevitable depressions, every time I – again – was not pregnant, I approached Dr. Olga in Skt. Petersburg. I had found our God Mother Dr. Olga and in the 2 attempt I conceived my twins in 2008.

Do not give up – even though we all do, every time we fail to get pregnant or keep the fetus – again. Do not give up! I have been in the infertility bubble for years. Keep trying! A baby is worth every absurd adaptation and odd choice along the way”.

Yours warmly, Lene Gammelgaard

Lene is a Global Motivational Speaker on how to develop your mental focus to help you achieve what you desire the most. Lene can teach you how to program your brain through simple steps. 

Lene Gammelgaard is a Danish author, keynote speaker, motivational speaker, lawyer, journalist, psychological counselor, mountaineer and expedition leader. Lene is the first Scandinavian woman who climbed Mt. Everest in 1996 and reached the peak via the South East Ridge route.

Lene Gammelgaard
Lene Gammelgaard

Lene is an extraordinary writer best known for her bestselling book “Climbing High” printed in 1998

Learn how to risk and mobilize your own grand vision from the first Scandinavian woman to scale and survive Mount Everest May 10 1996. Success is a matter of decision, willpower, preparation, execution and the will to suffer endurance and recommitment. Lene vividly shares the simple steps to program your brain to focus and persevere until you have achieved your goals. To the summit and safe return is a strategic tool kit and a sobering book, packed with hands-on experiences you can apply today to achieve the life you dream about. Get to know Scott Fischer and Anatoli Boukreev and gain insight into the motives, drives, grandiosity and failures of what transpired on Everest May 10 1996. Lene delivers hope and realism. Lene is globally recognized as a world-class motivational speaker on Human Innovation and a bestselling author. She lives in the countryside with her three children, four horses and two dogs. Passionate about experimenting with how to utilize your brain to fulfill visions and committed to Simple Living XL.


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