Egg Donation and Embryo Adoption. Individual Egg Donor Choice and 100% Money Back Guarantee of Live Birth


Introducing Egg and Double Donation by O.L.G.A. Fertility

Who can Egg and Double Donation help?

Egg and Double Donation is never a method of choice, it is used when all other methods have proven to be inefficient or have low chance for success. It can be a shortcut to a successful pregnancy and live birth for those  dear single women and couples that have already been through a long journey towards creating a family. 

Our goal is to fully support you with all the tools we have at our disposal: information, education, medical and psychological support and even financial protection against ‘bad luck’— our Packages with 100% Money Back Guarantee of Livebirth — a baby within a limited number of attempts or 100% refund. 

 By using these tools, we will help you gain back your confidence, control and quality of life.

We grant you full access to our online Egg Donor Catalogue where you will find the full profiles of our screened Egg Donors — young mothers wishing to help you experience the miracle of parenthood. We have created our Catalogue in such a way that after looking at the photos, reading the profiles and Donors’ motivational letters you will be able to see the Donor’s true personality.

Egg or Double Donation  may become a shortcut to successful pregnancy for you if you:

  • If you are in your middle-late 40s
  • Have low ovarian reserve
  • Have a genetic condition Have been through several unsuccessful IVF attempts with your own eggs
  • If the number of potential IVF attempts with own eggs necessary to achieve live birth is unrealistically high .

To qualify for treatment all we ask is that you have:

  • A uterus so that you can carry your baby
  • Good general and mental health
  • You have not celebrated your 51st birthday yet for treatment in St. Petersburg and you are under 50 to qualify for treatment in Cyprus

We welcome you to start your journey with O.L.G.A. Fertility either in Cyprus or St. Petersburg. Now both locations are available for your choice and we are ready to take the best care of you, your needs and wishes in both locations.

What is unique about Egg and Double Donation Programmes by O.L.G.A.Fertility?

Our Egg Donation Programme was started by Dr. Olga Zaytseff in 2005 in St. Petersburg. Caring for her patients on their way to parenthood, Dr. Olga helped them to find the best possible Egg Donor and achieve a long desired birth of a long-awaited baby. As a personal doctor, Dr. Olga took medical and psychological care of her patients and her donors.

In 2010 the community of Dr. Olga’s Egg Donors became so large that Dr. Olga has invited Anna Macarova, a very nice person and former Egg Donor, to help her take care of the Egg Donor community.

This collaboration resulted in our great Egg Donor Catalogue that we launched in 2012. For more than 10 years by now our Egg Donor Catalogue has been helping thousands of single women and couples on their way towards becoming parents.

Today O.L.G.A. Fertility offers you unique opportunities of egg donation that you cannot find anywhere else in the world!

  • No waiting list! You come for treatment in the timing convenient for you – we work with your dates!
  • Your Embryo Transfer can be done in one of the most beautiful locations in the world – St. Petersburg or Cyprus!
  • You can choose your Egg Donor from at least 60 options in our Extended Egg Donor Catalogue
  • All Egg Donors are young educated healthy women, mothers of their own healthy children
  • You can see extended profiles of Egg Donors containing 150 details about them, including medical history, family history, motivation letters and choose based on your individual needs and personal values; we assist you in your Egg Donor choice
  • For a single Egg Donation IVF cycle you get a guarantee of 10 eggs available for fertilization and a guarantee of 3 blastocysts available for you after 6 days of cultivation
  • For a 3IVF Package with donor eggs you can get 100% Money Back Guarantee of Live Birth – 100% of the programme costs will be refunded if no live birth is achieved after 3 IVF cycles with donor eggs
  • For your treatment in St. Petersburg you can have open* Egg Donors and you can see photos of Egg Donors in their adulthood

* An open Egg Donor is such a Donor who has agreed that her identity and contact information may be disclosed to a child who is going to be born with the help of her donation when a child reaches the age of 18 years old. However, the identity of such a donor is not known to the recipient woman or couple. 

Opportunity of having an open Egg Donor for your Egg or Double Donation treatment in O.L.G.A. Fertility St. Petersburg.

We offer an option of having treatment with an open (=contactable) Egg Donor chosen from our Catalogue of Egg Donors. We know that for a large group of our patients such possibility is of high importance, so we have worked hard in order to give you the freedom of this choice.

Treatment with an open Egg Donor can be arranged exclusively in O.L.G.A. Fertility St. Petersburg. The reason for this is the legislation in Cyprus that doesn’t allow any open donation treatment yet, both egg and sperm.

Our choice of open Egg Donors is expanding every month and you are welcome to contact us to find out more and start your choice. 

What is 100% Money Back Guarantee of Live Birth and why do patients choose it? 

O.L.G.A. is an abbreviation for Offers Livebirth Guarantee Assurance

O.L.G.A. Fertility offers you financial protection against bad luck within our 100% Money Back Guarantee of Live Birth packages. 

100% Money Back Guarantee of Live Birth means: if no baby is born within a fixed number of attempts included in the package, we refund 100% of the costs paid for the package.

5 advantages of Live Birth Money Back Guarantee packages for you: 

  1. You and O.L.G.A. Fertility have one mutual goal – a baby in your arms.
  2. O.L.G.A. Fertility shares with you not only success but also the risk of not succeeding: O.L.G.A. only earns the costs of the package if a baby is born within the package. 
  3. O.L.G.A. Fertility is going to do everything possible to achieve live birth of your baby within a minimal number of attempts.
  4. You do not pay for consultations, tests or treatments any longer, you pay only for the final result — your baby in your arms!
  5. Money Back Package will not return previously spent time, money and efforts to you, but it will not add the loss of money to the current situation: either a child is born, or you receive a full refund of your programme costs (all costs you had in the process of treatment).

You can find description and the cost of each 100% Money Guarantee package in our Prices & Packages section.

If you wish to apply for one of our 100% Money Back Packages and/or receive a detailed descri-ption of them, please contact us!

Contact Us!

Please note that an individually applicable Guarantee Package should be approved for you by our doctors based on your individual medical situation.

Shall you choose St. Petersburg or Cyprus for your Egg or Double Donation Journey with O.L.G.A. Fertility?

If you are looking for the best place to go for your egg donation, O.L.G.A. Fertility offers you great opportunities in both St.Petersburg and Cyprus! 

Whether you choose St. Petersburg or Cyprus for your Egg Donation Programme you can take advantage of our online Egg Donor Catalogue:

  • You get a full access to our Egg Donor Catalogue and our professional advice in your choosing process;
  • You can see extended profiles of our Egg Donors, including photos under the age of 12, family history, motivation letters and more than 150 other parameters;
  • All Egg Donors are under the age of 30; nice persons with good education and own healthy children;
  • You can choose from at least 60 Egg Donor options based on your individual parameters and values; we help you and advise you during your choosing process.

Whether you choose St. Petersburg or Cyprus you take the benefit of our nice packages and guarantees.

You may wish to go for Egg or Double Donation to O.L.G.A. Fertility in St. Petersburg:

  • If you wish to see photos of Egg Donors in their adulthood (not allowed in Cyprus yet); 
  • If you wish for an open (contactable) Egg Donor – if you wish to offer to your child an opportunity to find out the identity of the Egg Donor after having reached the age of 18 (not allowed in Cyprus yet);
  • If you wish to reduce the costs.

Here we have listed similarities and differences in the Egg or Double Donation process by O.L.G.A. Fertility in St. Petersburg and Cyprus in a comprehensive table. These differences arise due to local legislations. 

Details of the process with donor eggs  

Fertilization and Embryo Transfer in St. Petersburg

Fertilization and Embryo Transfer in Cyprus

Extended profiles of Egg Donors containing 150 details about them, including medical history, family history, motivation letters

Allowed, available

Allowed, available

Childhood photos of Egg Donors up to the age of 12

Allowed, available

Allowed, available

Adulthood photos of Egg Donors

Allowed, available

Not allowed

Open (contactable)* Egg Donors

Allowed, available

Not allowed

Non-contactable** Egg Donors

Allowed, available

Allowed, available

Fertilization of fresh donor eggs



Fertilization of frozen-thawed donor eggs



You can choose any Egg Donor from our Catalogue of Egg Donors



*Donors can be open (contactable) — a child can find out the identity of the Donor after having reached the age of 18

**Donors can be non-contactable — a child cannot find out the identity of the Donor after having reached the age of 18

We hope this summary will help you better understand your priorities and personal needs when choosing a location for your Egg or Double Donation process. And you are always welcome to contact us for more information and details.

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Double Donation (Embryo Donation or Embryo Adoption)

Double Donation (also Embryo Donation or Embryo Adoption) means both donor egg and donor sperm are needed to create your pregnancy. This method can be used by single women or couples to create their families. 

What you need to know about usage of donor sperm in St. Petersburg and Cyprus is summed up below:

Details of the process with donor sperm

Fertilization and Embryo Transfer in St. Petersburg

Fertilization and Embryo Transfer in Cyprus

You choose your Sperm Donor in any international sperm bank *



You choose your Sperm Donor from a Russian sperm bank **



Non-Contactable Sperm Donors allowed



Open (contactable) Sperm Donors allowed



You need to order at least two straws (one straw from each Sperm Donor). By having chosen 2 Sperm Donors you have done all you could to give yourself the best chance for success. Some egg+sperm combinations may work out better than others. When you use a donated sperm, also use the benefits of it – opportunity to be free from an obligation to use certain genetic material! 

The number of motile sperm cells per straw can be minimal, since we need just several nice sperm cells for ICSI with 6 nice donor eggs. Hence you can choose very affordable sperm options.

We ask you to make your choice at least two months prior to your Embryo Transfer. 

We take care of shipment of your straws to the clinic in Cyprus from the Cryos and European Sperm Bank.

*If you are doing your Embryo Transfer in Cyprus and using donor sperm, you can choose your donor sperm from any Sperm Bank.

**If you are using donor sperm and doing your Embryo Transfer in St. Petersburg, you will choose the donor sperm from one of Russian sperm banks and we will take care of your shipment. In this case there is a possibility to choose an open Sperm Donor.

Legal situation for single women in Cyprus

Please note that single women in Cyprus still need to be “approved for maternity” by the Cyprus Ministry of Health before the actual fertility treatment begins. Applications can be submitted online and include an online form, certificate from one of psychiatrists in Cyprus, who consults also online, and a certificate from police from the country of residence of a single woman. Usually “approvals” are issued within 2 months but during Easter-summer-Christmas periods there may be delays. There may be changes in the future in the legislation of Cyprus to make fertility treatment more accessible for single women but this has not happened yet.

If being a single woman you would like a more straightforward process for your fertility treatment, focusing more on your self care and comfort, rather than on a dialogue with the Ministry of Health, we recommend going to St. Petersburg.

Our Egg and Double Donation Process:  confident, comfortable, efficient

Single women and couples carrying out fertility treatment often meet obstacles and stress along the way. Our patients are true fighters who follow their dream of becoming parents with strong determination and will. But sometimes even the strongest personalities need a shoulder to lean on. We have designed our Egg and Double Donation process exactly with this thought in mind and made it as easy and clear as possible. 

If after having studied your journals, we see that egg or double donation is the only realistic option for you to achieve a successful pregnancy and live birth, we will discuss this with you in the most gentle and comprehensive way, addressing all reasons, options, and alternatives. Then you might need time and space to understand and normalize your feelings about this route  towards becoming a parent. In school we all were taught about how babies come into the world, but nobody was telling us about egg and double donation, and how it is going to feel both for a mother and for a child in the future. Indeed, before taking this path you need to have answers to several essential questions: Will I feel the child is my own? Will the child love me? Will everything be as normal as can be?

You also need time to choose donor eggs and to do it thoughtfully and at your own pace, we also help you with your donor choice. Both you and we have some work to do to prepare well before we start your medical treatment. At each and every step we will be by your side, giving advice, supporting and helping you.

We always arrange it as convenient for you as possible. 90% of your preparation for Embryo Transfer takes place while you are in your home country, without the need to take a break from work, whilst we keep in touch with you and are busy preparing everything ready for your visit. You will then visit the clinic in St. Petersburg or Cyprus when you are ready both medically and emotionally for your Embryo Transfer.

This pregnancy needs just a little help from science and from an Egg Donor — a tiny cell.

And this pregnancy can only be possible with your will, your body and your uterus. You play the main female role in this process, while the role of the Egg Donor and the Clinic is to make sure that your process has a happy ending — a baby in your arms.

The process of medical preparation for the Embryo Transfer is the same, whether you are doing Egg Donation with your partner’s sperm or Double Donation (Embryo Donation or Embryo Adoption). The medication is individual though and varies from patient to patient.

  1. Your first online consultation with your personal Patient Coordinator by O.L.G.A. Fertility
  2. Your online consultation with one of O.L.G.A. Fertility Expert Consultants
  3. Introduction into Egg / Double Donation with the help of our Psychologists, Egg Donor Experts and Former Patients
  4. Your Egg Donor choice
  5. Your individual Treatment Plan
  6. Your visit for the Embryo Transfer
  7. Continuation of care upon your return home

Step 1: Your first online consultation with your personal Patient Coordinator

Your Patient Coordinator at O.L.G.A. Fertility is the person who will call you shortly after you send us your initial request. 

She will be your first contact person in the clinic, providing you with all the information you need, assisting with practicalities, booking your consultations with other team members (Doctors, Nurses, Donor Team, Psychologists) and eventually waiting excitedly for the news about your treatment outcome.

You will communicate with your personal Coordinator through Zoom,
WhatsApp, email and phone.

Step 2: Your online consultation with one of O.L.G.A. Fertility Expert Consultants

You will have several free of charge Zoom consultations with one of O.L.G.A. Fertility  Expert Consultants where you will go through your medical history records together, discuss your questions and choose the best medical strategy for your individual case.

As we work by the principle of personalized medicine, it is of paramount importance that you provide us with your detailed medical data and let us know anything that may be relevant for your treatment success. Having received all this information, we will be able to understand your individual medical needs in order to determine the most promising and successful therapeutic approach for you.

Step 3: Introduction into Egg Donation with the help of our Psychologists and Former Patients.

Introduction with the help of our Psychologists

We believe that psychological support and advice are an integral part of the donation process and we are happy to offer this to all our patients without limitation. Consultations with our Psychologists (over Zoom) allow you to come to terms with your inner self and your inner questions, such as the ethical side of Egg or Double Donation (Embryo Donation or Embryo Adoption), bonding to your child, telling your child about donation and other possible questions you may have. Our Psychologists will also give you useful tools that you can count on during your way towards the success, they will support you also during your treatment process.

Tatiana Varzaeva

Perinatal Psychologist

Marina Nabokova

Member of the Russian Association of Human Reproduction (RAHR)
Co-founder of the Russian Association of Professional Doulas
Perinatal psychologist

Introduction with the help of our Former Patients

While helping single women and couples to become parents for 20 years by now, Dr. Olga, her Team and Former Patients became the O.L.G.A. Community of like minded, not indifferent people, who are happy and willing to help and support you. Now parents with children, they used to be in your shoes some years ago, they know the questions, the feelings, and the process. Some years ago they also had been in need for help, support and advice from someone in a similar situation. And today, being happy and grateful, they are willing to give back this help and support — to you.

We will book for you a personal one-to-one Zoom call with one of our Former Patients whose situation was similar to yours. This conversation may help you see that your own fertility journey may have a happy ending too and may not take so long.

Step 4: Your Egg Donor choice

Our Egg Donor team consists entirely of our former Egg Donors. Their calling to help childless women to become mothers was so huge that after having donated their own eggs they have chosen to join O.L.G.A. Fertility Team as full time Team Members

Egg Donation Team

Our Egg Donor Team manages our online Egg Donor Catalogue and works with our Egg Donors helping them throughout the process of donation with information, care and support. They have also met many Egg Donors in person and are the best ones to consult in your donor choice. Your Zoom talk(s) with one of our Egg Donor Team members will help you to know more about the Donors, to better understand the process of choice/matching and to receive the answers to your questions. As a result of this consultation(s) you will find yourself in the position of strength and will be able to make your choice both consciously and confidently.

We always ask you to choose 2 Egg Donors and we reserve them for you after the prepayment is made. By having chosen 2 Egg Donors you have done all you could to give yourself the best chance for success. Some egg+sperm combinations may work out better than others. When you use a donated egg, also use the benefits of it — opportunity to be free from an obligation to use certain genetic material!

When you have chosen at least 2 nice Egg Donors who you feel safe and comfortable with, you have invested your time and effort to maximize the chances of your success and comfort!

Treating Doctors

Step 5: Your individual treatment plan

Based on your medical and psychological situation our Expert Consultants will advise you about the soonest possible time frame that you can be ready medically and psychologically to receive your Embryo Transfer with the best chances of success and comfort.  It is up to you when it comes to the choice of specific dates of your visit for your Embryo Transfer, and we are going to work around your dates to make your visit as comfortable and nice as possible. Your individual Treatment plan written by the Expert Consultant and the Treating Doctor is going to guide you step by step to the timing of your Embryo Transfer that you agree in advance.  Whether you come to Cyprus or St. Petersburg, both are great locations to combine your treatment with some nice days of vacation. Meanwhile, following the beginning steps of your Treatment Plan, you can proceed with your Donor choice and the preparations for your journey.

By being in contact with our Team during your preparation stage you will not be required to travel to the clinic as 90% of the steps of your medical plan you can complete in your local country with our support (taking the medication) and at your Local Doctor (we will ask him/her to carry out several laboratory tests and ultrasound examinations). You will then come to us for your Embryo Transfer.

In your individual Treatment Plan you will have:

  • The detailed schedule of your process with fixed dates for all the steps
  • The list of the medications, with the dosages and dates of when and how to take them;
  • The ultrasound examination dates (that you can book in advance at your local doctor’s);
  • The dates of arrival and departure for your Embryo Transfer and the dates of all appointments in the Clinic;
  • The list of the laboratory tests and the timeframes for them to be done.

Your personal Treating Doctor in O.L.G.A. Fertility will discuss with you all the details and steps of your treatment plan and will answer all your questions at your Zoom consultation.

Our Administrators

Anastasia Potanina

Natalia Malinovskaya

Alyona Balyabonova

Valeria Tishchenko

Natalya Glushkova

Darya Ivanova

Your Treating Doctor is going to introduce to you your personal Administrator — a team member who is going to assist you with planning your journey to us, choosing a hotel and guiding you through the process of visa application (in case you travel to St. Petersburg). Your personal Administrator will be also in touch with you on a daily basis to update you on all the practical things and answer your questions, help you with the paperwork, pass Doctor’s recommendations to you and your questions to the doctor, arrange your Zoom meetings with your personal Doctor, Psychologist or Nurse.

Step 6: Your visit for the Embryo Transfer

Step 6: Your visit to St. Petersburg for the embryo transfer

Your Embryo Transfer visit needs 3 full working days which together with the arrival and departure days will make a 5-day visit. 

If you are using the sperm of your partner, your partner will need to come in advance for sperm freezing at least 2 months prior to your Embryo Transfer. His trip may be combined with your own trip for a check-up or a hysteroscopy which will usually be 2 months prior to your Embryo Transfer, but also can be 3-4 months ahead of it in rare cases.

If you are using donor sperm, please read above on this page.

During 3 days of your stay you are going to have meetings with Doctors, Nurses, ultrasound examinations and even some great social programme!

Step 7: Continuation of care upon your return home

Step 7: Continuation of care upon your return home

After the big day of your Embryo Transfer when you return home, your personal Treating Doctor, our Nurses and Midwives are still here to support, guide and monitor you. Your first trimester of pregnancy is a very important and delicate period as during this time you and your baby are tuning in to each other and learning to be together. So, we are teaching you in advance lifestyle and medication to reduce the risk of early pregnancy loss. 

When the first trimester is over, you are going to be mostly guided by your local Obstetrician-Gynecologist. But alongside it our team is going to be in contact with you to assist with any questions you may have, because our mutual ultimate goal is you becoming a mother

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Everything you wanted to know about our Egg Donors

Who are our Egg Donors?

If those celebrities came to choose a donor from our Database, what donor could they get? Have a look! Make your own test donor choice! It is free!

Our Egg Donors are all educated young ladies under the age of 30. They are all in good health and have healthy children of their own.

Our Egg Donors have a genuine desire to help our patients, as they know how life changing the birth of a child can be and how much happier and brighter everything around you suddenly gets when a baby arrives. 

When a new Donor comes to us, first we ask about her motivation to donate. Into our Egg Donor Catalogue we only ever invite those ladies whose desire to donate is not financially driven, but those who truly want to help.

It’s so wonderful that many of our Donors also tell us that after their donations their own lives suddenly became so much better. We think this is only natural as the more positive energy you give out the more you get in return.

We greatly value our Egg Donors’ gift and always do our very best to create impeccable medical and psychological conditions for them during their donations.

How Dgg Donors come to us?

Everything you wanted to know about our egg donors

Most of our potential Egg Donors find us through social networks or their friends and relatives. 

However, there is always some time taken between the wish to become an Egg Donor and the actual decision to donate. This is good though as it is an important step that should be thoroughly thought through. On average, the decision to donate takes around 6 months to make which means that after this time these ladies are emotionally ready and have their families’ full support. At that point they come to O.L.G.A. Fertility and meet our Egg Donor Team.

All potential Egg Donors have an in-depth interview
with one of our Egg Donor Team members:

  • Each candidate tells us about her health, children, family medical history, education (all donors must have a minimum of a college diploma or university degree), job, interests, values in life and reasons for becoming an Egg Donor so that we can include all this information into our Egg Donor Catalogue for you. As our strict donor criteria ensures that the Donor herself should be a young mother it is also important to understand if she possesses the necessary amount of time and energy to commit herself to the process.
  • They also go through several medical check-ups by four of our Doctors (gynecologist, general practitioner, geneticist and psychiatrist) and also carry out a number of medical tests.

If Medical and Egg Donor teams approve the Egg Donor, her profile is added to our online Catalogue. Due to our strict shortlisting process and requirements for donors we approve only about 10% of potential candidates.

Many of our Egg Donors stay with us for several years. Quite often our Egg Donors donate for the first time in their 20s (when they have just one child of their own), then they take a break to have their own new pregnancy(ies) and after that they come back to donate as they appreciate our approach and share our values. Such situations with the Donors are an honor to us and also gives our patients the possibility to choose the same Donor for their sibling.

Reciprocal Anonymous Letters between the Donor and the Patient

All our Donors always hope that their donation will be successful and ask us just to tell them: “yes” or “no”. They can’t wait to receive the news, and this is, of course, understandable, taking into account the commitment and time they have given to the donation process: going through all the medical tests, interviews, waiting to be chosen and finally having a stimulation protocol and egg retrieval. How delighted they are when they hear “yes” and realize that they helped someone to become a parent! 

Seeing this obvious emotional connection between our Patients and Donors, we have come up with an idea of letters in which Patients and Donors can support and encourage each other without actually ever meeting or disclosing who they are.

So, our Donors often write their thoughts and best wishes to our Patients and our Patients can say thank you in return to their Donor. These letters are so sincere and spirit-lifting that they build a marvelous connection, even an intimacy between people who will never actually meet.

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Under Egg and Double Donation treatment we understand not only top-level medical treatment but also a safe environment for our patients where there is always time and space for helping you with various questions, doubts and all kinds of feelings.

Throughout this page we have been talking about both your medical and psychological process and the questions around our Donors. Now it is time for you to see which of the points we have raised feel essential to you, which topics you would like to investigate deeper and tell us about your needs. 

We believe that by discussing all the important fundamental questions before the actual Egg Donation treatment begins, will help you move towards your goal with your mind at ease. This will also help you have less concerns during your treatment, pregnancy and when beсoming parents to your lovely baby, instead you will enjoy this precious time with your long awaited child. 

We are here to cover for you as much as we can, to answer your questions and to guide you through the process. 

Our Patient Coordinators, Doctors, Egg Donation Team, Psychologists and Administrators are ready and willing to help you to find your own way in this process.

So why not contact us now!

Contact us


When you make embryos for the embryo adoption program – do you use the same donors multiple times? Or the same combination of donors multiple times?

Blastocysts for embryo adoption program pass very strict quality control, we freeze only the best ones. We do not use the same donors in the same combinations more than once for this program, but from one stimulation it can be several donor embryos frozen.

Dr. Anna Gusareva

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How does one determine that it is time to give up your own eggs and move on to egg donor?

It's a tricky question. First of all age — if you are 44 or more, live birth with your own eggs is unrealistic. If you are younger than 44 our doctors will analyze meticulously your previous history of the attempts and your current ovarian reserve. And give you an estimate for your chances with your own eggs. But it is completely normal to switch to donor eggs when this is your only realistic chance to have a baby and when you are feeling ready. Don't think of it as giving up - it's just a method to give you the long awaited result — a healthy baby.

Dr. Anna Gusareva

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I’m 47. I have longed for a baby of my own for quite some time. My boyfriend has two kids from an earlier relationship, he’s not sure he wants more kids but I want a baby of my own. I wonder if it would be possible to use my own eggs, I have regular menstruation but I’m worried that I might be too old.

Dear patient, at the age of 47 doing IVF with own eggs is unrealistic, unfortunately the live birth rate will be close to zero even if you have some ovarian reserve and regular periods. It is because of chromosomal errors in the eggs — at this age the majority of your eggs are unfortunately abnormal. But still you have some time to become pregnant and deliver a baby with donor eggs and maybe donor sperm — if your boyfriend is not willing to come aboard. Egg donation is not an easy step, I know. But it can be so rewarding!

Dr. Anna Gusareva

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Watch our Webinars about Egg & Embryo Donation

How to make decision and process comfortable and friendly for you, and your result — efficient.

By Dr. Olga Zaytseff
The founder of O.L.G.A. Clinic

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Valeria shares different aspects of her work and show even examples of excellent egg donor choices based on physical characteristics and non-physical parameters, such as education, personal motivation, occupation...

By Valeria Sergeeva
The leading egg donation expert at O.L.G.A. Clinic

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Egg donation… Embryo adoption…
How normal is the whole process? Who are the donors and what I should/can know about them? Where is the border of my influence?

By Valeria Sergeeva
The leading egg donation expert at O.L.G.A. Clinic

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We prepared a very special video where egg donors personally tell about themselves, their principles of life, their reasons to donate and the philosophy of this huge project called "Egg Donation" at O.L.G.A Fertility Clinic

By Valeria Sergeeva
The leading egg donation expert at O.L.G.A. Clinic

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Events & News

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Last Monday we had a pleasure of welcoming our dear patients to our traditional seminar on the boat in Limassol. In our lecture we explained blastocyst classification, PGT-A process, hysteroscopy and ERA test, hormonal support after embryo transfer.

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It was such a cheerful and friendly seminar in Copenhagen today! Thank you so much, dear Joan, Kristina and Camilla for joining as guest speakers and sharing about your own journeys towards becoming parents

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Media & Press, Sweden | 21 September 2023 | Article by Pamela Anderson, Translation from Swedish by Anna Svarinskaya | Photo: Peter Knutson

Read more (Swedish), 9 Jan 203 | (Norwegian), 23 Mar 2023 | Aino Oxblood | Photo: Private | Translation into English by Anna Svarinskaya

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Expressen (Sweden) | 13 Feb 2023 | Thérèse Bilby | Translation Into English: Anna Svarinskaya

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Success Stories

Our dear former patient with a baby came — while being on vacation in Cyprus she drove all the way from Ayia Napa just to meet us and show us the sweetest baby girl!

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In the fall of 2019, I went to my first OLGA Clinic seminar. I had spent the last 14 years of my life living in NY but had left my life and my boyfriend behind to move back to Sweden in order to realize my long standing dream to have a baby...

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Dear Friends, thank you so much for this amazing Family Gathering in Oslo!

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Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Stockholm

Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Stockholm

August 2017

Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Oslo

Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Oslo

September 2017

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