Egg Donation and Embryo Adoption


    Egg donation or embryo adoption are never the first choice when trying to have a baby. Yet, it can be a glimmer of hope for those that have already been through a great deal on their journey to creating a family.

    We know how surrealistic, scary and bewildering it might be for you to make ‘THE’ decision!

    That’s why our clinic’s goal is to fully support you with all the tools we have at our disposal: information, education, medical and psychological support and even financial protection against ‘bad luck’.

    By using these tools, we will help you gain back your confidence, control and quality of life.

    To also help you with ‘THE’ decision we can grant you full access to our online ‘Egg Donor Catalogue’ where you will find the full profiles of young mothers wishing to share with you the miracle of parenthood. We have created our catalogue in such a way that after looking at the photos, reading the profiles and donors’ motivational letter you will be able to see the donor’s true personality.

    Egg donation or embryo adoption may be a solution for you if you:

    • Have low ovarian reserve
    • Have a genetic condition
    • Have been through several unsuccessful IVF attempts with your own eggs

    To qualify for treatment all we ask is that you have:

    • A uterus so that you can carry your baby
    • Good general health

    Why choose us?

    O.L.G.A. Clinic team

    Our Baby Guarantee Contract
    We are proud to offer treatment packages that guarantee a live birth, not just a pregnancy, or we will give you money back. Our promise and your contract are only considered fulfilled upon the birth of your baby.

    Egg and Embryo Guarantee Contract
    We will give you the guarantee of 10 mature donor eggs and 3 embryos on day 5-6 from your chosen donor. If you should receive less eggs or embryos than written in your contract, we will ensure that we fulfill the missing number of eggs or embryos without any further cost to yourself.

    Combined Guarantee Programmes; IVF with your Own Eggs plus Egg Donation or Embryo Adoption
    We can also offer combined money back programmes using your own eggs for IVF, plus either Egg Donation or Embryo Adoption. This means that within these combined programmes you can first carry out several attempts with your own eggs and if they are not successful you can proceed with Egg Donation or Embryo Adoption whilst still being financially protected along the way.

    Egg Donor Catalogue with photos and detailed profiles
    We have created our online Egg Donor Catalogue of more than 180 egg donors who are all healthy women under the age of 32 with children of their own.
    In the Catalogue you can view their childhood photos up to the age of 12 (adult photos are available upon the request), information about their medical profile, family, social and professional life, their interests and life values. You can also read their motivational letters where they describe what led them to become an egg donor in the first place.

    We welcome women up to the age of 51
    If you are under 51 years old, healthy and longing for a child, we are here to help. We are also happy to treat both single women and couples.

    No waiting lists
    All our donors are ready to start as soon as you are, and we do not have waiting lists. You are free to choose the dates most comfortable for you and we will plan your treatment accordingly.

    Just one visit to our Clinic
    Most of your treatment can be carried out and monitored by our doctors online via Skype, email and phone whilst you are still in your home-town. This means that you only need come to our clinic once, for your embryo transfer.

    Psychological support
    We don’t want to prepare just your body for the embryo transfer, we also want to take care of your feelings — before, during and after your treatment.
    During your Skype consultations with our perinatal psychologists they can help and advise you with such concerns as creating your network of trust, dealing with your fears, overcoming unsuccessful attempts, bonding to your child, telling your child about donation, and many other questions or concerns that you may have. This way you can normalize your fears and feelings and gather your strengths and hope ready for the future.

    Patient-to-patient communication
    We are always glad to put you in contact with our former patients individually or in groups who can tell you all about their own journey to parenthood and can also help you to find answers to your questions and possible concerns.

    Steady communication with our Clinic’s Team
    Whether you are just gathering information, are in the middle of your treatment or have already been to our clinic for your embryo transfer, our team is always just one call/email away should you need us.

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    Everything you wanted to know about our egg donors

    Who are our egg donors?

    If those celebrities came to choose a donor from our Database, what donor could they get? Have a look! Make your own test donor choice! It is free!Our egg donors are all educated young ladies under the age of 32. They are all in good health and have healthy children of their own.

    Our egg donors have a genuine desire to help our patients, as they know how life changing the birth of a child can be and how much happier and brighter everything around you suddenly gets when a baby arrives.

    When a new donor comes to us, first we ask about her motivation to donate. We only ever invite those ladies whose desire to donate is not financially driven, but those who truly want to help others feel the happiness of parenthood and bring more children’s laughter into the world.

    It’s so wonderful that many of our donors also tell us that after their donations their own lives suddenly became so much better. We think this is only natural as the more positive energy you give out the more you get in return.

    We greatly value our egg donors’ gift and always do our very best to create impeccable medical and psychological conditions for them during their donations.

    How egg donors come to us?

    Everything you wanted to know about our egg donorsMost of our potential egg donors find us through social networks or their friends and relatives.

    However, there is always some time taken between the wish to become an egg donor and the actual decision to donate. This is good though as it is an important step that should be thoroughly thought through. On average, the decision to donate takes around 6 months to make which means that after this time these ladies are emotionally ready and have their families’ full support. At that point they come to our Clinic and meet our Egg Donor Team.

    All potential egg donors have an in-depth interview with one of our Egg Donor Team members:

    • Each candidate tells us about her health, children, family medical history, education (all donors must have a minimum of a college diploma or university degree), job, interests, values in life and reasons for becoming an egg donor. As our strict donor criteria ensures that the donor herself should be a young mother it is also important to understand if she possesses the necessary amount of time and energy to commit herself to the process.
    • They also go through several medical check-ups by three of our doctors (gynecologist, general practitioner and psychiatrist) and also carry out a number of medical tests.

    If everything is ok and our Egg Donor Team approves the egg donor, her profile is added to our online Catalogue. Due to our strict shortlisting process and requirements for donors we approve only 10% of potential candidates.

    Currently our complete donor database includes more than 600 healthy, educated and committed egg donors. However, when accessing the donor database, you will only ever see donors that are ready to donate in the immediate future, at any one time there are always around 180 donors for you to choose from. The reasons behind this is to ensure that the donors you view are ready to donate in the time frame suitable for you, those donors that are taking a break, have booked vacations or are not ready to donate just yet are closed from view.

    Many of our egg donors stay with our clinic for several years. Quite often our egg donors donate for the first time in their 20s (when they have just one child of their own), then they take a break to have their own new pregnancy(ies) and after that they come back to donate as they appreciate our approach and share our values. Such situations with the donors are an honor to us and also gives our patients the possibility to choose the same donor for their sibling.

    Medical check-up

    Medical check-up

    When choosing your donor from our catalogue, you can be sure that she has exemplary medical and laboratory results and an ideal follicular reserve. Moreover, she is informed about all the details of any potential protocol and is psychologically ready to take her part and responsibility for it.

    Medical investigations and tests:

    • General health history
    • Reproductive history/gynaecology
    • Genetic history
    • Ultrasound examination of ovaries and uterus (every month)
    • HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C (every 3 months)
    • Chromosomal screening
    • Clinical blood test: Hemoglobin, RBC (red blood cells), and WBC (white blood cells including the count of their fractions i.e. (lymphocytes, neutrophils, basophils, eosinophils - every month)
    • Clinical urine test (every month)
    • Biochemical blood test (liver and kidney values, sugar, protein - every month)
    • Blood coagulation (every month)
    • Electrocardiography (every year)
    • Lung X-ray (every year)
    • Cytology smear (every year)
    • Bacteriology smear (every month)
    • Smears for genital infections (chlamydia and others - every 6 months)

    Reciprocal Letters between the donor and the patient

    All our donors always hope that their donation will be successful and ask us just to tell them: “yes” or “no”. They can’t wait to receive the news, and this is, of course, understandable, taking into account the commitment and time they have given to the donation process: going through all the medical tests, interviews, waiting to be chosen and finally having a stimulation protocol and egg retrieval. How delighted they are when they hear “yes” and realize that they helped someone to become a parent!

    Seeing this obvious emotional connection between our patients and donors, we have come up with an idea of letters in which patients and donors can support and encourage each other without actually ever meeting or disclosing who they are.

    So, our donors often write their thoughts and best wishes to our patients and our patients can say thank you in return to their donor. These letters are so sincere and spirit-lifting that they build a marvelous connection, even an intimacy between people who will never actually meet.

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    Donor Embryos – How they are created and matched

    Embryo donors: Who are they?

    Egg donorsEgg donors

    Our egg donors are healthy women under the age of 32 who have their own children. We apply the same requirements to our egg donors that take part in embryo donation programmes as we do for all our egg donation programmes.

    Meaning that all the egg donors, whether for egg donation direct to a patient or whose eggs are used to create embryos for embryo adoption, go through the same extensive medical and psychological check (they are seen by three specialists — gynaecologist, general practitioner and psychiatrist, do all the necessary laboratory tests, have interviews with our Egg Donor Team and are shortlisted on a very rigorous basis).

    Sperm donorsSperm donors

    Our sperm donors are healthy men in between the ages of 20-35.

    The same as with our egg donors, our sperm donors are required to carry out laboratory tests and be seen by three specialists — urologist, general practitioner and psychiatrist.

    We have donor embryos created with sperm from our Russian sperm donors and also from European sperm donors (European Sperm Bank). If it is important for you to have an open sperm donor (a donor that can be contacted by your child in the future should they wish to do so) – we have various different options from both our Russian and European Sperm bank.

    How are our donor embryos created?

    How are our donor embryos created?

    Our leading embriologists: Dr. Svetlana Shlykova and Dr. Anna Gusareva

    Unlike other clinics we never offer our patients the embryos that result from other patients’ treatments. For all our Embryo Adoption programmes embryos are created from the eggs and sperm of our professional donors. We also only offer top morphology blastocysts as this significantly increases the chances for successful implantation and live birth.

    Here are the steps for our embryo creation:

    1. Fresh donor eggs are fertilized by frozen/thawed donor sperm via IVF method (sperm and eggs just “meet” in the test tube and natural selection takes place);
    2. Our embryologists closely monitor the embryos
      during their 5-day growth in our laboratory;
    3. On the 5th day the embryos are already called “blastocysts” and our embryologists make the final grading to decide which embryos are the most promising;
    4. The top morphology blastocysts
      are frozen via vitrification method.

    Matching of an embryo to a patient

    Our egg donor team carefully matches the donor embryo to you after knowing your physical characteristics and your wishes for the donors.

    You will receive the extended profiles of both the egg and the sperm donors to help to finalize your decision.

    There are three steps the donor team follow to help to find your ideal combination:

    1. It is very important to see how your appearance has changed through the years so we will ask you for your photos as a child, a teenager and also as an adult at various ages.
    2. Within one week our egg donor team will find
      the best matching combination of sperm and egg donors.
    3. Our donation expert will send you the donor team’s proposals
      with their full profiles for you to study and approve.

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    Our Egg donation and embryo adoption process: both smooth and optimized

    Women and couples carrying out fertility treatment will meet obstacles and stress along the way. We know you are strong, but sometimes even the strongest patients need a shoulder to lean on. We designed our treatment process exactly with this thought in mind and made it as easy and clear as possible.

    We always arrange your treatment to ensure that for the majority of the time you will be at home with your family and friends, without the need to take a break from work, whilst we keep in touch with you daily and are busy preparing everything ready for your visit. You will then visit our clinic when you are ready both medically and emotionally for your embryo transfer.

    Egg donation and embryo adoption treatment processes are very much alike.
    There are just three differences:
    Egg Donation
    Embryo Adoption
    1. Sperm
    Your embryos are created 5 days before your embryo transfer with fresh donor eggs and fresh/frozen sperm of your male partnerThe embryo(s) for your embryo transfer has been already created with a combination of donor egg and donor sperm and is stored in our embryo bank waiting for you
    2. Choice of egg donor / Embryo matching process
    You choose your egg donor from our Catalogue with the help of our Donor team if you require it (you see your donor’s photos and extended profiles)Having met you and knowing your physical characteristics our donor team chooses a donor c for you (you will see your donors’ photos and extended profiles)
    3. Length of your stay in Saint-Petersburg
    You will come to our Clinic for 12 days if using fresh sperm or 7 days if sperm was already frozen in our clinic in advance during a short 1-2-day visitYou will come to our Clinic for 4 days

    Step 1: Your first consultation with your personal Patient Coordinator

    Step 1: Your first consultation with your personal Patient Coordinator

    From left to right:
    Anna Savelyeva
    Diana Furshteyn
    Annie Svarinskaya
    Valentina Stroganova
    Julia Reutova
    Alla Schatzkova
    Valeria Sergeeva

    Your personal Patient Coordinator is the person who will call you shortly after you send us your initial request.

    She will remain your contact person throughout all of the treatment steps, providing you with all the information you need, assisting with practicalities, booking your consultations with other team members (Doctors, Nurses, Donor Team, Psychologists) and eventually waiting excitedly for the news about your treatment outcome.

    You will communicate with your personal Coordinator through Skype, WhatsApp, email and phone.

    Step 2: Your Skype consultation with one of our Leading Doctors

    Step 2: Your Skype consultation with one of our Leading Doctors

    From left to right:
    Dr. Nina Bogdanova
    Dr. Irina Uvarova
    Dr. Olga Zaytseff
    Dr. Elena Lapina
    Dr. Violetta Tikhomirova
    Dr. Alena Egorova

    You will have a free of charge Skype consultation with one of our Leading Doctors where you will go through your medical history records together, discuss your questions and choose the best medical strategy for your individual case.

    As we work by the principle of personalized medicine, it is of paramount importance that you provide us with your detailed medical data and let us know anything that may be relevant for your treatment success. Having received all this information, we will be able to understand your individual medical needs in order to determine the most promising and successful therapeutic approach for you.

    Step 3: Introduction into Egg Donation or Embryo Adoption with the help of our psychologists and former patients

    Introduction with the help of our psychologists

    In our clinic all our patients receive both psychological support and advice that we believe is an integral part of the treatment process. Consultations with our Psychologists (over Skype) allow you to come to terms with your inner self and your inner questions, such as the ethical side of the treatment, bonding to your child, telling your child about donation and other possible questions you may have. Our psychologists will also give you useful tools that you can count on during your way towards the success.

    Introduction with the help of our former patients

    After treating fertility patients for many years, we have created a reliable network of former patients who will share with you (during your phone or Skype one-to-one call) their stories about their egg/embryo donation journeys. You will see that they are the mothers of happy families who found answers to their questions and concerns and are glad to help you to find yours.

    Step 4: Your egg donor choice / matching of your donor embryo

    From left to right:
    Irina Kuznetsova
    Valeria Sergeeva
    Anna Macarova
    Anastasiya Antonova

    Our egg donor team consists entirely of our former egg donors.

    Our egg donor team manages our online Egg Donor Catalogue and works with our active egg donors helping them throughout the process of donation the same way our patient coordinators will guide you. They know all egg donors in person and are the best ones to consult in your donor choice.

    Your Skype talk(s) with one of our egg donor team members will help you to know more about the donors, to understand better the process of choice/matching and to receive answers to your questions. As a result of this consultation(s) you will find yourself in a position of strength and will be able to make your choice both consciously and confidently.

    Step 5: Your individual treatment plan

    It is your choice when it comes to the dates of your visit to our Clinic. When you inform us about the dates that are most suitable for you our Doctor starts designing your individual treatment plan. Meanwhile, you can proceed with your donor choice/embryo matching and the preparations for your journey.

    By being in contact with our team during your preparation stage you will not be required to travel to the clinic as 90% of the steps of your medical plan you can complete at home with our support (taking the medication) and at your local doctor (we will ask him/her to carry out several ultrasound examinations). You will then come to our clinic for your embryo transfer.

    In your individual treatment plan you will have:

    • The detailed schedule of your treatment
    • The list of the medications, with the dosages and dates of when and how to take them
    • The ultrasound examination dates (with your local doctor)
    • The dates of your stay in St. Petersburg and the dates and times of all your appointments at our clinic
    • The list of the laboratory tests (we will do these free-of-charge for you at our clinic during the first days of your visit).

    Our nurse will discuss with you all the details and steps of your treatment plan and will answer all your questions at your Skype consultation.

    Step 6: Your visit to St. Petersburg for the embryo transfer

    Step 6: Your visit to St. Petersburg for the embryo transfer

    Your Coordinator will guide you through the process of visa application and will assist with the choice of the hotel as well as recommend nice restaurants, possible sight-seeing opportunities and theatres.

    Both in our Egg donation and Embryo Adoption programmes there is only one required visit to our clinic:
    Egg Donation Programme
    Embryo Adoption Programme

    Your Partner comes for a one day visit to freeze his sperm; then you can choose to come alone or together with your Partner for 7 days. You will use fresh donor egg, frozen sperm and fresh embryo.

    You can choose to come together with your Partner. We ask that you stay in St-Petersburg for 12 days to use fresh egg, fresh sperm and fresh embryo.

    We invite you to our Clinic for a 4-day stay

    In our clinic you will have the following steps, meetings and appointments:

    • Your airport transfer to your hotel with our English-speaking driver
    • Your educational seminar at our Clinic
    • A free tour around St. Petersburg with our English-speaking guide
    • Your laboratory test appointment with our nurse
    • Your appointment with our Doctor for an ultrasound scan and further medical recommendations
    • Your talk with our Doctor to discuss the results of your eggs,
      sperm and the quality of embryos
    • Your appointment with our nurse to discuss how to keep your pregnancy successful
    • Your general health examination by our general practitioner
      at our Clinic
    • Your embryo transfer
    • Your transfer back to the airport with our English-speaking driver

    Step 7: Continuation of care upon your return home

    Step 7: Continuation of care upon your return home

    After the big day of your embryo transfer when you return home, we are still here to support, guide and monitor you. Your first trimester of pregnancy is a very important and delicate period as during this time you and your baby are tuning in to each other and learning to be together. So, we will be there to immediately prevent or to take action if any complications occur as this is a key to your success.

    When the first trimester is over, you will be mostly guided by your local obstetrician-gynaecologist. But alongside it our team will be still in contact with you to assist with any questions you may have, because our common ultimate goal is you becoming a mother of a healthy baby.

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    The medication that our Doctor prescribes to you is aimed at the optimal preparation of your endometrium (uterine lining) ready for the embryo transfer.

    There are four main steps/medications in your medical treatment:

    Step 1: Estrogen and progesterone (natural, or synthetic)

    Estradiol and progesterone start your menstruation at the correct time needed for us to prepare you for your embryo transfer. These two medications are used to reproduce the normal menstrual cycle, so you may or may not have your own menstrual cycle.

    Step 2: Down-Regulation

    The goal of down regulation is to avoid premature ovulation that may impact your “implantation window” and therefore hinder the implantation. Down regulation is just one injection of hormone that will put on hold your own ovarian activity for one cycle.

    Step 3: Estrogens

    When you finish taking estradiol and progesterone (=“training cycle”), you will have an ultrasound with your local doctor to check the endometrium thickness and confirm the absence of cysts.

    After that you will continue your preparation with estrogens in the form of tablets, cream and/or patches.

    The goal of estrogens is to make your endometrium the best thickness possible and ready for your embryo to implant.

    We will check your endometrium thickness with one more ultrasound scan to decide if you need any adjustments in the dosage.

    You will continue with estrogens up until 12-13 weeks of pregnancy.

    Step 4: Progesterone

    The goal of progesterone is to prepare the endometrium structure for the embryo. You will start taking progesterone (both vaginal pessaries/cream and injections) six days before the planned date of your embryo transfer if not recommended otherwise.

    You will also continue with Progesterone at least until 12-13 weeks of pregnancy.

    + Other Medication

    We prescribe vitamins that help create better blood circulation in the uterus. Also, after going through your medical records, our Doctor may add other medications to your individual treatment plan in order to maximize your chances for successful implantation and pregnancy.

    So how do you take your own first step in making ‘THE’ Decision?

    The first step towards parenthood, when using donation treatment and making ‘THE’ final decision may still seem a little scary!

    Although we have tried to explain clearly both the medical process and the questions that may arise about our donors we know too well that speaking to you and giving you the opportunity to ask your own personal questions or to discuss any concerns that you may have is the very best first step to take!

    Our patient coordinators, doctors and egg donation team are ready and willing to talk to you, with no question being too big or too small. Your complete confidence in our clinic is paramount not only to your treatment cycle but also to your future
    beyond the cycle itself.

    So why not contact us now — your first step is only a phone call away: +7 931 597 6542 (+WhatsApp)
    Or fill in the form below now!

    Contact us


    When you make embryos for the embryo adoption program – do you use the same donors multiple times? Or the same combination of donors multiple times?

    Blastocysts for embryo adoption program pass very strict quality control, we freeze only the best ones. We do not use the same donors in the same combinations more than once for this program, but from one stimulation it can be several donor embryos frozen.

    Dr. Anna Gusareva

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    How does one determine that it is time to give up your own eggs and move on to egg donor?

    It's a tricky question. First of all age — if you are 44 or more, live birth with your own eggs is unrealistic. If you are younger than 44 our doctors will analyze meticulously your previous history of the attempts and your current ovarian reserve. And give you an estimate for your chances with your own eggs. But it is completely normal to switch to donor eggs when this is your only realistic chance to have a baby and when you are feeling ready. Don't think of it as giving up - it's just a method to give you the long awaited result — a healthy baby.

    Dr. Anna Gusareva

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    I’m 47. I have longed for a baby of my own for quite some time. My boyfriend has two kids from an earlier relationship, he’s not sure he wants more kids but I want a baby of my own. I wonder if it would be possible to use my own eggs, I have regular menstruation but I’m worried that I might be too old.

    Dear patient, at the age of 47 doing IVF with own eggs is unrealistic, unfortunately the live birth rate will be close to zero even if you have some ovarian reserve and regular periods. It is because of chromosomal errors in the eggs — at this age the majority of your eggs are unfortunately abnormal. But still you have some time to become pregnant and deliver a baby with donor eggs and maybe donor sperm — if your boyfriend is not willing to come aboard. Egg donation is not an easy step, I know. But it can be so rewarding!

    Dr. Anna Gusareva

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    Watch our Webinars about Egg & Embryo Donation

    How to make decision and process comfortable and friendly for you, and your result — efficient.

    By Dr. Olga Zaytseff
    The founder of O.L.G.A. Clinic

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    Valeria shares different aspects of her work and show even examples of excellent egg donor choices based on physical characteristics and non-physical parameters, such as education, personal motivation, occupation...

    By Valeria Sergeeva
    The leading egg donation expert at O.L.G.A. Clinic

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    Egg donation… Embryo adoption…
    How normal is the whole process? Who are the donors and what I should/can know about them? Where is the border of my influence?

    By Valeria Sergeeva
    The leading egg donation expert at O.L.G.A. Clinic

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    We prepared a very special video where egg donors personally tell about themselves, their principles of life, their reasons to donate and the philosophy of this huge project called "Egg Donation" at O.L.G.A Fertility Clinic

    By Valeria Sergeeva
    The leading egg donation expert at O.L.G.A. Clinic

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    We are back to Seminars in December and January to give you even more information, help and support ❤

    Dear Friends, Our seminars in October in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo were attended by more than 300 people. During these seminars they could listen to our former patients sharing their fertility journeys and to the lecture explaining how to shorten time to pregnancy, they were asking questions in open Q&A sessions and were having personal meetings with our leading doctors.

    We were also glad to share with all the participants the helpful reading materials to take home. We have put lots of love and thought into these brochures about IVF, egg donation and embryo adoption. We have created them in a very easy to read form so that you can get the information you have been looking for.

    We have also shared with our seminar attendees examples of our egg donor catalogues so that you can literally see how much you can find out about our egg donors.

    If you are far away from our seminar locations and can not attend, please request our brochures in PDF by our contact form.

    Our former patients bring you lots of inspiration and hope, when they share their journeys in our seminars, in our web site and in these leaflets, which I call “postcards from your potential happy future”. This can be your happy future, these "postcards" can change your life.

    Parents today, our former patients have been in your shoes some years ago, they have attended these seminars, even no one wished to be there. And their example today helps you regain hope, motivation and energy to be able to follow your dream up and until it becomes a reality.

    Many of those dear patients who have attended our seminars in October, have already sent us their journals, have had their online consultations with our doctors and some have already received their package offers and treatment plans and booked their trips to St. Petersburg for early 2023.

    We heard from everyone who attended — no one wanted to be there, but no one regretted having joined. In one evening, people could get more information about fertility than they had during years of fertility treatment. And most importantly, they could regain hope, motivation, energy and belief to be able to move forward towards fulfilling their dream ❤

    Yes, we will walk by your side and help you in every step ❤

    And yes, we are back to Seminars in December and January to give you even more information, help and support ❤

    Please register and join, it is free:

    🇸🇪 Malmoe, 8 December at 17:00
    Elite Plaza Hotel Malmö, Gustav Adolfs torg 49

    🇩🇰 Copenhagen, 10 December at 10:30
    Hotel Copenhagen Island, Kalvebod Brygge 53

    🇸🇪 Stockholm, 12 December at 17:00
    Hotel At Six, Brunkebergstorg 6

    🇸🇪 Gothenburg, 16 January at 17:00
    Elite Park Avenue Hotel, Kungsportsavenyn 36

    🇳🇴 Oslo, 18 January at 17:00
    Litteraturhuset, Wergelandsveien 29

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    Events & News

    Dear Friends, we are delighted to share with you the results of our MoneyBack Guarantee Programmes achieved in the past 5 years

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    Instalive with our dear patients Johanna @johannafgbg and Anne Camilla @annecamillanaess and our former egg donor who currently one of our Donation Team members Valeria

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    Success Stories

    I will always feel a deep gratitude towards Olga and her team for making my dream come true and giving me my beloved Elvira.

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    …I did. With the help, loving support and expertise of Dr Olga and her excellent team at the Olga Clinic. And in 2021, the year I turned 50 I got the most beautiful gift. Every day she shows me how life can be more magical than any dream. My daughter Iben Maria.

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    I knew in advance that after 35 years of age it would be difficult to get pregnant with own eggs. So had made a plan in advance as the project manager I am: own eggs in Scandinavia, own eggs at Olga clinic and then Donor eggs if my own eggs didn’t work, I had a mission to take on

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    Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Stockholm

    Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Stockholm

    August 2017

    Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Oslo

    Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Oslo

    September 2017

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