What information about donors can you find in our Egg Donor Database

History of OLGA Egg Donation Programme

Dr. Olga Zaytseff

Dr. Olga Zaytseff

Our Egg Donation Programme was started by Dr. Olga Zaytseff in 2005 in St. Petersburg. As a personal doctor, Dr. Olga took medical and psychological care of her patients and their donors. If all the opportunities using own patient’s eggs were exhausted and a patient wished to use egg donation as a shortcut towards successful pregnancy, Dr. Olga individually matched Egg Donors for her patients and took care of their medical treatment as their personal doctor in St. Petersburg.


Anna Katterson

In 2010 the community of Dr. Olga’s Egg Donors became so large that Dr. Olga has invited Anna Katterson, a very dedicated and educated former Egg Donor, to help her take care of the Egg Donor community. In her work with the Egg Donors, Anna prioritized very conscious and soft approach to donation, taking care of emotional state of the donors, consulting them about all the steps of donation and supporting them during their psychological and medical process.

This collaboration resulted in our great Egg Donor Database that we launched in 2012. For more than 10 years by now our Egg Donor Database and our individualized medical process has been helping hundreds of single women and couples on their way towards becoming parents. You can find personal storis of our patients here , many of them have also described their fertility journeys in press ↪

During the past 10 years 15 former Egg Donors joined O.L.G.A. Team as nurses, coordinators, administrators to support donors and patients along their journeys.

In the photo you see some of the O.L.G.A. Team Members - Former Egg Donors

Our online communities for patients and for the Egg Donors became safe informational online spaces for discussions on fertility, infertility, women’s health and psychology, where women in different life situations can also get advice and support.

In 2016 the egg donation process by OLGA Fertility became so easy and successful, that we could start packages with money back guarantee that we keep successfully practicing.

Extended Egg Donor Database

Today you can choose form more than 80 donors, some of them are open donors, meaning that an offspring can find out their identities after having reached the age of 18; some donors chose to stay non-contactable but provided a lot of information about themselves for you.

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What information about donors can you find in our Egg Donor Database

These lovely donors donated their eggs 2019-2022 and helped dear patients of O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic become pregnant and have their children.

Would you like to see full extended profiles of our actual egg donors, whose eggs are available without waiting time? Contact us to receive 7-day access to the full actual version of our Database. It is free.

In our Egg Donor Database, you can see donors’ childhood photos at their age from 2 to 14 years Children embody authenticity and openness, often mirroring the traits of their parents and immediate family. Childhood photos serve as snapshots of our lives, capturing cherished memories that accompany us throughout our journey. Hence the childhood images hold great significance in our Egg Donor Database.

If those celebrities came to choose a donor from our Database, what donor could they get? Have a look! Make your own test donor choice! It is free!The photographs of donor in adulthood
, presented in our Egg Donor Database offer you a unique opportunity to get your personal impression of the woman that a little girl has become. These images portray the evolution of her facial features and body complexion, her mimics, and moods in the moments of joy, laughter, seriousness, or concentration. From her preferred clothing, hair color and makeup choices you can see which styles she prefers. Details surrounding the donor in the photos (children or animals, landscapes of nature or office) will tell you a lot about her interests and activities. These photos will help you not only find a donor who resembles you physically, but also see personality behind these photos and may be find a donor who could have bene your friend…

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In the motivation letters
presented in our Egg Donor Database, donors express their thoughts and emotions about donation, motherhood, and share personal details about their lives, including maternal experiences and childhood memories. The handwritten nature of the letters adds even more personal touch, allowing you to read between the lines, recognize donors’ character traits and get a feeling their personalities.

In our Egg Donor Database, you will find information about donors’ character traits, education level, learning and cognitive abilities, occupation, hobbies, interests, preferences, 

In our Egg Donor Database, you will also find comprehensive details about the donor’s and her family's general health. This includes information about the donor's parents, grandparents on both sides, siblings, and children. You can also find details about height, weight, eye color, hair color, education, occupation, hobbies, talents, or professions that may run in the family. All this information will give you an idea of familiar background of the donor.

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Click here to see an example of a donor profile the way we structure information in our egg Donor Database ↪

How to choose a donor from our Egg Donor Database?

When you first contact us by e-mail or filling in the contact form we are happy to provide you with a free 7-day access to the full and actual version of our Egg Donor Database where you can see full profiles of our donors. We are happy to offer you an introductory Zoom meeting with us in which your personal coordinator will explain to you in all the details how you can surf the Egg Donor Database with the maximal benefit and success for yourself, she will also answer your questions. All Zoom meetings with us are free of charge for you. We do not request any contract or payments before you could surf our Egg Donor Database using your free access to the full version of it because you may wish to know in advance how you feel about our donors based on the information in Database. Our donors provide the fullest information they can because they open their hearts to you and there’s nothing they conceal. We appreciate the trust and the loyalty our donors give O.L.G.A. Fertility and we take amazing medical psychological and social care of them on the very same level as we care for our dear patients.

After you had an opportunity of surfing our Egg Donor Database for 7 days, your coordinator will be happy to have another zoom meeting with you in which you can share your impressions. It is great to discuss your thoughts and feelings about your preferred choices with one of our coordinators who have lots of experience in helping women not only in there process of individually choosing a donor but also throughout their fertility journeys and egg donation treatment by O.L.G.A. Fertility, guiding, informing, supporting.

Would you like to receive free access to our Egg Donor Database? Contact us!

If you would rather surf the Egg Donor Database on your own in contact with your own feelings and listen to your inner self, please contact us to get your free access and enjoy the Egg Donor Database for 7 days. If after 7 days, you would like to discuss your preferred donor options choices with us or ask for advice — we are here for you — just contact us .

How you reserve and pay for donor eggs chosen from our Egg Donor Database?

When you have found a donor you feel confident and comfortable about, please contact us to let us know as soon as possible which donor you have chosen as there may be other parents-to-be considering the same donor at the same time. Please contact us as soon as you made your choice so that we can reserve the eggs of your preferred donor for you for 5 days free of charge. As soon as we have made reservation, we will come back to you with the contract and the invoice so that you can make your payment in time, and we could keep your chosen donor egg for you.

Currently we do not ship donor eggs to different locations and focus on egg donation treatment process by O.L.G.A. Fertility in Cyprus and St. Petersburg. In both our locations we offer packages with 100% money back guarantee of live birth; also we guarantee certain number of blastocysts per each IVF cycle with donor eggs.

Would you like to find out more about treatment and guarantees by O.L.G.A. Fertility in Cyprus or St. Petersburg? Contact us!

This lovey donor donated her eggs in 2021-2022 and helped our four dear patients become pregnant and have their children.

What information about donors can you find in our Egg Donor Database. Egg Donor photo and info
Egg donor details
Egg donor Database
Egg donor information
Egg donor motivation letter
Egg donor adult photos

Would you like to see full extended profiles of our actual egg donors, whose eggs are available without waiting time? Contact us to receive 7-day access to the full actual version of our Database. It is free.


Do you want to know how the process of treatment with Donor eggs look by O.L.G.A. Fertility? — Please read here ↪


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