A Comprehensive Look Inside Each Egg Donor Profile in Our Database

Below we describe all the valuable information you can find in each egg donor profile. Here we also explain the value of this information for you when you are looking for an egg donor that you would like to feel confident and comfortable about, an egg donor who looks like you or who has so much in common with you that she could have been your friend…

What Can You see in Each Egg Donor Profile of our Database?

Childhood photos in the age of 2 to 14 are first thing you can see in our Egg Donor profile. Children are very genuine and open, and they often reflect their parents and closer family. You can see the way the Egg Donor looked as a child and what temper she originally had. Of course, this smiley girl with blond curls may become a slim serious brunette with straight hair but still you know that being a child she was loved and happy with her family, it was easy for her to smile and feel great. Or this serious little lady with big green eyes spent hours drawing and loved horses (here she’s on the photo with one of them), and now, being an adult woman,she is a horse-riding coach creating beautiful paintings in her free time. Childhood photos are frozen memories of our life, and we carry this experience with us, so childhood is a very important period to show in the Egg Donor profile.

Photos in adulthood introduce a woman that this little girl has become. In our Egg Donor profile, you can see the way her face changed and if she gained a couple of kilos after childbirth or trained a beautiful shape. You can see if she’s cheerful and happy now, if she’s serious and very calm being at a top position or even running her own small business. Egg Donor’s photos in adulthood can show you the way she prefers to wear her clothes, what style she likes, what way she makes or dies her hair, if she puts her makeup on or not, if she takes photos mostly with kids, pets, animals or in her trips, at the seaside, in the mountains, or at work. All these details in our Egg Donor profile will give you the feeling of the Egg Donor’s personality.

Our Egg Donors are happy to tell the parents-to-be about their lives and such important parts as occupations, hobbies, interests as these aspects discover a personality behind the photos. What activities did she enjoy in her childhood? Where did she study, what are her plans for future education (if she has them)? What interests did she have as single, what way her hobbies changed when she married and gave birth? If she’s a creative artist or a strong analyst? And many more details about the Egg Donor.

Philosophy of life, temper, and preferences (favorite writer and book, music, movies, food etc) add personal vibe to the Egg Donor profile and this is the part where you can see if intuitively you have something in common. You may have the same favorite book or like the same genre of music or have the same favorite dishes. And you may suddenly have this click: “we could be friends”. 

In the Egg Donor profile, you can find out the main character traits of the Egg Donor, the way she describes herself: whether she is calm and soft or maybe energetic and ambitious, confident or shy, serious or fun-loving, curious, honest, romantic, determined, responsive, sincere, sensitive and many more different personal traits which combine making every person unique.

In the motivation letter the Donor discloses her thoughts and feelings about donation, maternity, details of her life and her own maternal experience, sometimes she describes some moments and memories from her childhood. This motivation letter is handwritten, and you can read her character between the lines, putting manner and matter together.

Social information such as education level, additional education, languages, sports, 3 last jobs – it’s a very important part of the Egg Donor’s profile not because it shows her achievements (as Egg Donors can be very young, just in the very beginning of their life), but there you can see the life pace, ambitions and donor’s goals, if she can dream big, if she has big plans.

Learning and cognitive abilities are also described in the Egg Donor profile: her attitude towards music, arts, poetry, dancing, creativity and performance, elocution, languages, sports, science, mathematics, analysis, logic etc. Here you can see what talents the Egg Donor had but couldn’t develop, what skills she developed professionally but then decided to change her field of interests and which talents and skills she is using today.

The general health chapter of the Egg Donor profile answers the questions about general health of the donor. Did the donor have any surgeries and if so, why? What is her dental health and eyesight? Does she drink alcohol, has a diet, does she exercise regularly? Does she have an allergy or chronic disease? The answers to all these questions you can find in the part of the profile called “Medical and genetical information of the donor”.

General and biometric information. Of course, you could see some information in the photos but still in this part of the profile you can read about Donor’s eye colour, hair colour and structure (natural), her skin complexion, body frame, religion, race and the place she lives now.

Information about Donor’s family is available for you in the Donor’s profile: you can read about Donor’s parents, grandparents on both sides, her siblings and children. You can find out their height, weight, eye colour, hair colour, education, occupation and hobbies, also health conditions if any. After having read this part of the profile you have a full picture of the Donor’s family with their phenotypes, background, even some talents or professions running in this family and of course, interests and hobbies can characterize these people quite well.

Every mother adores talking about her children and our Donors are not exceptions. In the part of the profile “Donor’s children” you will see the year of birth of her child (children), eye colour, hair colour, body complexion, age when they started walking and more…

To give you an idea how Egg Donor profiles in our Database look, we give you some examples below. These lovely Donors donated their eggs 2019-2022 and helped dear patients of O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic become pregnant and have their children.

Unveiling Donor Details: A Comprehensive Look Inside Each Egg Donor Profile in Our Database

Would you like to see full extended profiles of our actual egg donors, whose eggs are available without waiting time? Contact us to receive 7-day access to the full actual version of our Database. It is free.

Navigating Egg Donor Profiles: Viewing, Reserving, and Making Payments

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  3. Independent Surfing
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  4. Reserving Your Preferred Donor
    Once you've identified a donor you feel confident about, notify us promptly. We can reserve your chosen donor's eggs for free for a 5-day period to ensure availability.
  5. Payment Process
    Upon your donor choice confirmation, we'll provide you with the contract and invoice. Make the payment within the stipulated time to secure the eggs of your chosen donor.

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This lovely donor donated her eggs in 2019-2021 and helped our three dear patients become pregnant and have their children.

Unveiling Donor Details: A Comprehensive Look Inside Each Egg Donor Profile in Our Database. Egg Donor photo and info
Egg donor details
Egg donor information
Egg donor motivation letter
Egg donor adult photos

Would you like to see full extended profiles of our actual egg donors, whose eggs are available without waiting time? Contact us to receive 7-day access to the full actual version of our Database. It is free.

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