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We are here for you to discuss individually your situations and needs

Dear Friends, 

Given the unprecedented situation we are all facing as a result of Covid-19, we wanted to provide an update on what this means for our patients and us today. 

We will e-mail you again if we think different tomorrow based on changes in the World. 

First of all we do not believe that the virus itself is dangerous to our patient group. We are more concerned about how this situation around the virus may influence everyone in all different ways. Please know that we are here for you to discuss individually your situations and needs. 

Currently there are flight connections available from St. Petersburg and back to: Riga with airBaltic 3 times daily and to Stockholm with SAS. Currently there is no quarantine for people arriving from Riga, Stockholm and Helsinki. 

Russian airline companies, even if regular flights were cancelled to such countries as Italy, Germany, Spain etc, they have arranged charter flight schedules to bring people to their home countries. From this we conclude that going back to the home country should be realistic via a charter even in case of cancellation of regular flights. 

O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic is open. 

If you already take hormonal medication, would like to come to our clinic and your flights are not cancelled, we will be happy to see you in our clinic and perform all the steps of your treatment as good as we usually do. 

If you take hormonal medication and prefer to postpone your treatment, we support your decision. In individual dialog via skype with your personal doctor-curator you will plan how to finish hormonal treatment in a good way and the plan for the future. 

If you have not started hormonal treatment yet we recommend you think of postponing it and to discuss with your personal doctor-curator potential alternative timings of your visit to us. 

Consultations will be taking place over Skype for the near future and we are looking to replace our upcoming seminars with online webinars.

Thank you for your support. We will keep you updated during this changing situation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic 

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