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Fertility seminar in Stockholm 3 Jul 2019

So many lovely people came to our seminar in Stockholm yesterday. Despite midsummer time women and men who are in process of fertility treatment did not feel like taking a break from it. In the audience I felt deep wish of having a baby, wish to improve own process and wish to move forward to reach the long desired result.

We started at 18 and at 21 no one left yet despite the Swedish female soccer championship half-final. After the presentation we had a long period of questions-answers with Cilla and myself till 22 o'clock. Cilla, thank you for staying late with us! The dialog was so great that I suddenly noticed: I understand Swedish))))!

I have suggested that everyone who would like to actively move ahead with treatment at OLGA clinic in September, please actively tell your contact at our clinic (assigned coordinator) about this so that we arrange skype consultations for you with our doctors in July-August.

For consultation you need to fill in our questionnaire and a table of your past attempts and provide ultrasound examination result with pictures (you can photograph the screen of ultrasound machine yourself). Women under 44 also need AMH test result.

I got impression about many not simple cases in the audience which need proper analysis: young couples with recurrent miscarriages, young women with autoimmune history, older women with good prognosis for own egg IVF. Please help us understand your situation better by preparing your data thoroughly.

Doctors Elena, Alena, Ekaterina, Violetta and myself are looking forward to productive consultations and efficient treatments!

Dear Anna Savelyeva, Thank you so much for great help during the seminar!

Now we are on our way to Malmoe and welcome dear guests at 18:00, Elite Plaza Hotel, Gustav Adolfs Torg 49

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