Pregnant with your own eggs on the very first attempt with us

11 July 2019 Dear Lina, we talked at one of our seminars in spring 2018. After 3 unsuccessful IVF attempts and 2 unsuccessful egg donations you were losing hope in succeeding with your own eggs. After having looked into your medical history I saw that opportunities with your own eggs are far from being exhausted. I recommended IVF with own eggs and to give you support I have offered to share risk with you — our money back package.

In July 2018, exactly a year ago, you came to us for egg retrieval. After this you wrote to us:

“This is a miracle! 5 blastocysts in one cycle! My fertilization rate was 2/10 previously and only one 2 day embryo survived to transfer out of three IVF cycles. I truly believe that you are magicians!!!”

And look at you today! Here you are, pregnant with your own eggs on the very first attempt with us after 3 unsuccessful IVFs in Denmark and 2 unsuccessful egg donations in Spain!
An amazing pregnant shining beautiful woman with one of 5 blastocysts being 34 weeks by now and 3 still in the freezer!

We wish you healthy and easy remaining weeks of pregnancy, easy and successful delivery and healthy beautiful happy baby!

Photo by Sabina Hannila

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