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A baby on the second ICSI attempt with own eggs and own sperm at O.L.G.A. Clinic after 12 egg retrievals, 16 embryo transfers and 4 IUDs in local clinics

Dear Friends, we are happy to share with you the remarkable story of Maria @mariakristinlindstrom and Sebastian, who has got a baby on the second ICSI attempt with own eggs and own spermat O.L.G.A. Clinic after 12 egg retrievals, 16 embryo transfers and 4 IUDs in local clinics.


“In August 2010, we decided that I would stop taking the pill…

It was nerve-wracking when we threw the already started pill box in the bin… Soon we may become pregnant and continue our lives with a small baby…

But periods continued to come, month after month…

Sex became a must…

After a year of trying and lots of tests and checks on both of us, a male factor was finally found — Sebastian had reduced sperm mobility…

IVF treatment would be needed if we wanted to get pregnant…

It was a tough message to receive… But we go and do this, and it will all be alright…

It may certainly not work on the first try, but the second or third maybe. I remember thinking that way…

We did 3 attempts at an IVF clinic, 500 km from home, that all failed…

The next attempts were at a clinic about 230 km from the small community in which we live… Car journeys became a big part of our lives…

We got embryos back every time, sometimes of really good quality ... We were often told that everything looked so good; it gave us hope and strength to keep going...

Hope is the last thing to die, so we lived on hope…

When 5-6 ICSI treatments without pregnancy have suddenly become 11-12, we stopped and asked the question: “Do we have the strength to continue? Can we really continue to get up and dust ourselves off many more times, when everything falls apart and anxiety grows stronger for each failed attempt? When we are repeatedly torn between hope and despair. No, we have to do something else." 

The expectation and hope of seeing a positive pregnancy test during this time was all we were fighting for!

We decided to test insemination with donor sperm. We were assessed if we were suitable as parents etc. It was mentally very stressful. Obviously, it was emotionally tough to try to get pregnant with donated cells, but our longing for children outweighed that fear. A package of 4 attempts was made without results.

Years rolled on and in the spring of 2017, when 12 egg retrievals, 16 embryo transfers and 4 IUDs have been made without single pregnancy, we said that enough is enough.

We can’t continue like this! We CAN'T get pregnant! There must be something wrong with me (Maria) that makes me unable to get pregnant…

BUT, before we give up on having our own children, we should to try another clinic… A clinic in another country… O.L.G.A. Clinic…

The second part of Maria’s and Sebastian’s story was significantly shorter and happier. Please read it here
GREAT NEWS! You can also meet Maria and Sebastian in person! Maria and Sebastian will travel to Stockholm to tell you their story in Swedish in our Big Fertility Weekend in Stockholm 16 and 17 November 14:00-16:00, Strandvagen 7A.

Maria and Sebastian have also kindly provided their contacts for you if you wish to contact them personally:
Instagram: @mariakristinlindstrom

Please register and join any of the two dates at 14:00 as long as seats available.

Register Now!

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