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Regular Flights to St. Petersburg February-March 2021

Dear Friends,

We keep on updating you on current travel routes to make your journey to us smooth, fast and comfortable.

Compared to December 2020 and even January 2021, the situation has improved a lot with much more international flights operating daily and weekly.

These regular direct flights to St. Petersburg from Europe you can take already now:

St. Petersburg — HelsinkiFriday 15:00-15:05
Sunday 19:45-19:50
Helsinki — St. PetersburgFriday 12:05-14:15
Sunday 16:50-19:00
St. Petersburg — AmsterdamFriday 12:50-17:35
Amsterdam — St. PetersburgFriday 18:30-19:35
St. Petersburg — BerlinSunday 09:30-09:55
Berlin — St. PetersburgSunday 10:45-14:55
St. Petersburg — ZurichFriday 13:35-14:50
Zurich — St. PetersburgFriday 07:25-12:30
St. Petersburg — GenevaSaturday 14:20-15:50
Geneva — St. PetersburgSaturday 16:40-21:55
St. Petersburg — FrankfurtThursday 19:00-20:05
Saturday 19:00-20:05
Frankfurt — St. PetersburgThursday 13:15-17:55
Saturday 13:15-17:55
St. Petersburg — IstanbulDaily 16:05-19:30
Daily 02:45-06:10
Wed, Fri, Sun 10:15-14:05
Istanbul — St. PetersburgDaily 11:50-15:10
Daily 22:25-01:40
Wed, Fri, Sun 15:05-18:45

There are also flights through Moscow

Moscow — StockholmSaturday 15:10-15:40
Stockhom — MoscowSaturday 16:40-20:55
Moscow — AmsterdamAeroflot
Saturday 14:25-16:05
Mon, Thu 09:10-11:00
Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue, Thu 17:55-19:35
Amsterdam — MoscowAeroflot
Saturday 17:25-22:55
Mon, Thu 12:30-18:10
Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue, Thu 11:35-17:00

Moreover, Moscow airport has just started accommodating flights from/to: Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Athens, Paris, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Vienna, Geneva, Belgrade, Budapest, Brussels, Ljubljana, Prague, London, Munich, New-York, Los-Angeles, Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, Deli, Gyor (all these flights are mainly operated by Aeroflot). In case you are interested, ask us for more details.

It takes just one hour from Moscow to St. Petersburg, with many flights during the day.

And as always, our English-speaking driver meets you at the airport upon your arrival and takes you back to the airport when you go back home.

We looking forward to helping you find the best route to and from St. Petersburg. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help with choosing optimal flights.

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