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Seminar in Stockholm 12 October 2022

Dear Friends, I am so grateful to everyone who has joined our Seminar in Stockholm last night!

Amazing audience, so much love and warmth were spread yesterday!

Thank you for staying till midnight for personal talks with Dr. Anna Gusareva @annagusareva, Dr. Alenka Sirovec and me. We love you so much and we will do everything we can to help you become parents!

I hope this Seminar has helped you

  • to better understand human biology and genetics and how they influence fertility
  • to see that embryo is 75% responsible for the outcome of the fertility treatment
  • to start reducing guild feeling about infertility and returning self-confidence and self-trust
  • to see opportunities how your embryonic and maternal factor of success can be improved to achieve live birth

Now it time for you to get your in-depth zoom consultations with our Expert Doctors!
Let us look at your history and situation from a helicopter!

  1. We analyze your past fertility history and past attempts.
  2. We turn retrospective information about unsuccessful attempts into your future success.
  3. We go into details to understand what methods and treatments you reacted better to.
  4. We estimate the number of potential own egg IVF attempts to a baby based on your individual parameters. We offer a guarantee package with own eggs if live birth achievable within 3-4 IVF attempts.
  5. If the number of attempts with own eggs is estimated to be too many and unrealistic, we open the door to alternatives such as egg donation.

To all the dear women and men who are on the journey to becoming parents I wish lots of energy and the long desired result within a minimal number of attempts.

Much love and gratitude to our current and former patients who spoke in the Seminar and answered your questions in patient-to-patient Q&A session. Dear @jagvillhabarn @mikaelalauren76 @morotsliv @ivfrollercoaster @thereseneaime @kristin_sthlm thank you for being there for all of us and bringing everyone love, hope and inspiration!

Special thank you to Julia Reutova @juliareu and Maria Jeffs who worked so hard to take care of everyone during the Seminar! 

Thank you, dear Anna, Alenka and Elena for being there for our patients till late night!

Dr. Olga Zaytseff

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Events & News

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