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Our seminar in Stockholm 3 March was very big this time!

Our seminar in Stockholm 3 March was very big this time!

We got on the train at 11:30 in Gothenburg yesterday and were supposed to arrive at 14:30 to start seminar at 18:00 at @hotelatsix . But again there was some problem on the train road and we arrived at 17:30 instead. Luckily I had no chance to see this huge seminar room in advance, so did not get a chance to get scared of the large stage and huge screens)))

When sitting on the train yesterday which got stuck in the middle of nowhere between Gothenburg and Stockholm, what were my thoughts? I was surprised we were so calm and laid back. The last time we traveled from Gothenburg to Stockholm, trains were cancelled and we did not even have an opportunity to get on a train. We did not have a train. We were left outside, in the train station, waiting and no knowing whether the right train will come at all and if it will then how soon? Will we reach our final destination at all? We felt very anxious and lost.

What was different this time? The difference was probably in that we had a train this time. We already were on the right train, which has just stuck in the middle of nowhere for a while. But we knew that sooner or later it will start moving and will reach its’ final destination. And instead of being anxious and lost we were surprisingly calm and relaxed, we could lay back and enjoy peace in quiet in the first class.

And I thought that this is the way our patients should probably feel when taking their fertility journeys within our money back guarantee programmes:

  • They know they are on the right train;
  • They know the journey might take time;
  • But they know that sooner or later they will reach their final destination.

Waiting to get on the right train? – Book your seat in one of our soonest seminars:
🇸🇪 Malmoe, 26 March, 18:00
Elite Plaza Hotel, Gustav Adolfs Torg 49
🇸🇪 Stockholm, 20 April, 18:00
At Six Hotel, Brunkebergstorg 6
🇸🇪 Gothenburg, 22 April, 18:00
Elite Park Avenue Hotel, Kungsportsavenyen 36-38

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Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Stockholm

Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Stockholm

August 2017

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Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Oslo

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