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Despite age, AMH and negative attempts in the past Susanne and Nils got their twins with own eggs

I am so happy to share with you great news so close to my heart and give you hope.

Late evening 17 October 2019 Susanne @susanneahlund wrote to me:

“Dear Olga! This evening, a little boy and a little girl came to this world thanks to you. Everything went well and we are all fine! Just wanted to let you know.
We are all doing very fine! They weighed in at 2740gr and 2736gr so almost exactly the same”

I remembered how it was:

A very lovely couple, Susanne and Nils, came to our seminar in Gothenburg in 25 August 2018 and we had consultation after the seminar.

Susanne were 38 by then, AMH 0,5mcg/L

At the age of 30 — 1 IVF cycle in Sweden, 2 eggs were collected, 1 embryo transferred became sweet boy Elliott.

To have one more baby Susanne and Nils have done 3 IVF attempts in Sweden which have resulted in one missed abortion.

I have offered 3xIVF package with money back guarantee and that’s how it went.

There was a special hormonal situation: due to inborn too low LH and FSH levels Susanne has never had natural cycle. That meant for me her ovaries needed longer and step-by-step exposure to stimulation. And we should not forget LH to be a part of stimulation too. (The last three IVF attempts were with pure FSH without LH — GonalF)

So Susanne and I have done our distant stimulation in e-mail dialog. I think God’s hand took part in our process too, because after several days of stimulation Susanne has realized that she has taken lower dosage than I have recommended and we were even thinking of cancelling the cycle. But I said: “we never know what is better what is worse, let us continue”. Because of lower start stimulation has taken even longer – egg retrieval was on day 18 of stimulation.

Even the dosage of stimulation was lover, due to the time we have given to the eggs, Susanne has got 8 mature eggs 17 Nov 2018 (In Sweden it was 2-7-4-6 eggs previously). But most importantly these eggs have got the right hormonal cocktail and enough time to have energy for creating 4 top blastocysts!

15 January Dr. Nina Bogdanova has done smart hysteroscopy and prepared Susanne’s uterus for good transfer.

19 Feb 2019 Dr. Elena Lapina has done her signature transfer — two of 4 blastocysts and the result you see – 200% baby take home rate per transfer.⠀⠀⠀⠀

And two blastocysts are still in the freezer.


Coordination and practical arangmenets for this step-by-step IVF process was done by dedicated coodinator Anna Savelyeva.

Dr. Olga Zayseff


Susanne and Nils will join our seminar in Gothenburg 8 December at 16:00 as guest speakers so that you can meet them in person and ask questions.

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Attendance of our Seminars, one-to-one 10 min talks with our doctors after seminars, e-mail, phone and skype consultations and communication with our team are free of charge. Please use this opportunity for comfortable and informative personalized dialog.

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