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Join our Webinar 7 October 18:00 CEST

Dear Friends, we had a very nice webinar yesterday which lasted 4 hours! So many great questions from the audience and people were eager to discuss them.

Dear Cilla @jagvillhabarn and Annika thank you so much for your inspiring speeches and staying for your Q&A session till late!

It is true that our seminars and webinars became the first step towards successful pregnancy and baby for hundreds of patients in the last 3 years.

It is also true that the first step is hard to take and lots of information and support is needed when you make your first step to such great changes as parenthood.

We invite you to join our next webinar, 7 October at 18:00 CEST.

This webinar will help you:

  • to look into new approaches and methods which shorten time to pregnancy and baby;
  • to see your own situation under a new angles;
  • not to overestimate the severity of own fertility problems
  • to normalize your feelings about your situation and the ways of solution
  • get hope and motivation
  • to feel you are not alone in this journey and to support each other
  • find the strength to continue this journey

We think that the schedule may look in the following way, but we do not know how many questions you have:
18:00 — meeting greeting
18:05 — introductory speech by one of our former patients
18:15 — lecture by Olga Zaytseff about methods of shortening time to pregnancy and baby
19:15 — medical questions and answers with Olga Zaytseff
19:45 — patient-to-patient questions and answers with one of our former patients as moderator.

The webinar will end when all questions have been asked and discussed.

Join our next webinar on 7 October and maybe you will be telling your success story next year in one of our seminars/webinars?

Please feel free to share this invitation with those who may be interested. Attendance of our webinars are free.

Register now! The number of participants is limited.

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