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Michael Olesen and Joan Divine are FINALLY PREGNANT!

BILLED-BLADET, Denmark, February 2021
Text: Helle Skram De Fries | Photo: Private
Translation to English by Anna Svarinskaya

The long-awaited child is finally on its way

- It's an unreal and amazing feeling to even dare say it out loud, says cheerful Michael Olesen to BILLED-BLADET.

For nine years, a 38-year-old "Wild with dance" star and his 41-year-old girlfriend, Joan Divine, were struggling with fertility treatment in a fervent hope of becoming parents. Their latest attempt at a fertility clinic in Saint Petersburg in Russia finally paid off.

- Joan has her due date in August and we are so happy and overjoyed. We have had so much fear and so many fights over the years, explains Michael Olesen - and adds: - that we hardly have dared to say to each other: “We might become parents,” but now we can shout it out loud. It is absolutely amazing.

The couple has had extra "safety scans", as Michael Olesen calls them, done. And everything looks so nice. That was insanely overwhelming when we heard our baby’s heartbeat! It made everything so real. Now it is truly happening to us!

Michael Olesen is full of respect for his incredible girlfriend.
- Joan has sacrificed so much and shown a mind-blowing strength during this hard time and at the same time was so open about her fertility journey.

On her blog,, Joan has openly and honestly told about the couple's struggle to become parents.

- Joan is made of something very special. She will become the most amazing mother. And I will be a father soon. It's crazy to just say that, laughs Michael Olesen.

On Instagram, which BILLED-BLADET has permission for to bring text and photos from, the soon-to-be-mother writes i.a. “For nine years, our world has been filled with fertility treatments, tears, dreams and hopes that one day we could call ourselves parents.

I am thinking about everything that we have been through and still we have kept the love for each other.” Now their love is sealed with a little miracle who is so very welcome.



SE OG HØR / ALLER MEDIA, Denmark, February 2021
Text: Nikolaj Bonde, Niko@Sh.Dk | Photo: Private, Dan Mariegaard
Translation to English by Anna Svarinskaya

Michael Olesen and Joan are FINALLY PREGNANT!

After countless unsuccessful attempts the miracle has happened for a "Wild with dance" star and his lovely girlfriend. Finally!

It is now a sigh of relief for Michael Olesen, 38, and his girlfriend Joan Divine, 41, as they found out that Joan is pregnant with the couple's first child. They could already SEE and HEAR their baby. And it means a lot.

For the "Wild with dance" star Michael and his lovely Joan it has been a nightmare with going through lots of hormones and not less than 16 unsuccessful fertilization attempts.
For the last nine years Joan Divine has had treatments again and again but with no result. It seemed that the couple's innermost desire just would never come true.

But then at the turn of the year Joan traveled for their final attempt to Russia, where the methods are different from home - and the efforts paid off.

Just recently Joan and Michael Olesen have been over the moon with happiness.

- It's incredible! I think that I haven’t grasped it completely yet, but I AM pregnant! After all, you can look at the scans. – says Joan Divine with excitement. 

- And you can also now see it gradually with my belly growing – she adds laughing.

The former model is now almost halfway through her pregnancy, and the child of love is due to come to the world this summer.

- We do not know the gender – and it is very nice to have something not planned after all these rounds that we've been through, says Joan.

The expectant father, Michael Olesen, hardly dares to believe it but shares, of course, his girlfriend’s excitement.

Throughout the fall, he led a 74-year-old Hilda Heick to new heights in her 14th "Wild with dance" season.

Soon he - and Joan - will dance around with diapers and baby moans.

Sincerest congratulations!

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