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Australian national TV news channel 9Now: After 26 failed IVFs and 3 egg donation attempts in Australia and the USA, Suvi and Luke came to the O.L.G.A. Clinic in St Petersburg in early March 2022 and now are 34 weeks pregnant!

9Now, A Current Affair, Australia | 30 October 2022 | By: A Current Affair Staff

We would like to give you hope and inspiration so that you follow your dreams up and until they become a reality.

Here we share with you the story of our dear patients Suvi Mahonen, 47, and Luke Waldrip, 50, who came to us after 26 failed IVFs and 3 egg donation attempts in Australia and the USA. We have offered a Live Birth 100% Money Back Guarantee package. Their thought was — "Either it works, or we give up trying".

By the time of their first visit to Russia, the war with Ukraine broke out, but the couple decided to move steadily with their plan that turned out to be the best decision for them.

The result came unexpectedly soon and was completely overwhelming — Suvi got pregnant after the very first embryo transfer with a donor egg!

Now Suvi is already 34 weeks pregnant and the couple can’t wait to meet their dear baby boy.

To support couples and single women who are struggling to become parents, Suvi and Luke have shared their journey, thoughts, and feelings in the most watched Australian prime-time TV news programme "A Current Affair" past weekend.

Please contact us if you wish to find out how we can help in your individual medical situation.

We will be glad to offer you the most efficient and straightforward way towards successful pregnancy and live birth.

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