Double Donation prices 2024: Overview of Costs of Double Donation Cycles By O.L.G.A. Fertility in Cyprus and St. Petersburg

Double Donation could be a confident choice for women and couples who require both donor eggs and donor sperm to create their pregnancy.

Within Double Donation cycles our patients choose their egg donors from our own Egg Donor Database where each egg donor profile includes childhood and adult photos of the donor, her medical information, details about her education, professional and social life, her family background and children, as well as her hand-written motivational letter.  The choice of the egg donors, preparation and shipment of their eggs (in case of Cyprus) are already included in the prices of both cycles. 

Reservation of donor eggs, prepayment fee and conditions.
Please, note that once you have selected your donor eggs, we will reserve the eggs for you free of charge for a duration of 5 days. During this period, we will send you the documents and invoice to pay for your reservation. The fee for reserving your donor eggs is 1490 EUR, and the payment should be completed within 5 calendar days of receiving the invoice.
This upfront payment will de deducted from your total expenses of the double donation package or cycle. This advance payment for reserving donor eggs is a only needed before the full treatment payment is made. The reservation payment is non-refundable.
Upon receipt of your prepayment, we will proceed with securing the selected donor eggs for you for a duration of 6 months. It is important that you proceed with your embryo transfer within this 6-month period; otherwise, the reservation will be terminated, and no funds will be reimbursed.

Should you decide to postpone your embryo transfer, we will extend your complimentary access to our Egg Donor Database for as long as required. However, we aim to secure the reservation of your chosen donor eggs not earlier than 6 months before your potential embryo transfer.

It is essential to make your decsion about your donor choice no later than 80 days before your scheduled embryo transfer. This will ensure a guaranteed embryo transfer in your chosen timeframe. In the event that the eggs from the initially chosen donor do not result in blastocysts, you will have sufficient time to choose another egg donor. The clinic will then fertilize the eggs from the second donor for you. This additional service is provided at no extra cost from your part.

The payment of the entire cost of the package or individual cycle is to be made not later than 60 calendar days before your embryo transfer. This ensures that all the preparations with donor eggs are done in time for your upcoming embryo transfer.

Currently we provide high-quality donation treatments only at O.L.G.A. Fertility in Cyprus and St. Petersburg. Please be aware that at the moment we do not ship the donor eggs to other locations.

As to the choice of a sperm donor — for treatment in Cyprus our patients can choose and ship from any International Sperm Bank, and for treatment in St Petersburg — the choice is made through a Russian Sperm bank.  The cost of the donor sperm is not included in the prices of both cycles.

* Easter special offer applies to all first time contracts issued between the 1st of April 2024 and 24th of June 2024 with first procedures (hysteroscopy, egg retrieval, embryo transfer) scheduled between the 1st of June and the 1st of October 2024. To take advantage of the offer the contract has to be signed and the payment has to be completed in full by 1st of July 2024 as latest. The offer cannot be provided retrospectively and there are no refunds on the contracts signed earlier. The 10% discount is not cumulative and is only provided for the treatment programmes (packages), it is not applied to the additional services. Contact us for more details.

Costs of our Double Donation Cycles

Double Donation CyclesPrice in St.Petersburg, EURPrice in Cyprus,
Double Donation Cycle with Guarantee of 6 eggs
and 1 Blastocyst
3 990
- 399 (10% off)
3 591
4 990
- 499 (10% off)
4 491
Double Donation Package with
100% Money Back Guarantee of Live Birth
15 900
- 1590 (10% off)
14 310
19 900
- 1990 (10% off)
17 910

Single cycle of Double Donation
offers one IVF cycle with donor eggs and donor sperm and a guarantee of one blastocyst available for the transfer. It also includes one blastocyst transfer cycle. Donor sperm comes as a separate cost.

The embryo transfer should take place before the patient’s 50th birthday in case of treatment in Cyprus and before the patient’s 53d birthday in case of treatment in St. Petersburg.

Double Donation Package with 100% Money Back Guarantee of Live Birth offers up to 4xIVF cycles with donor eggs, donor sperm and guarantee of one blastocyst as well as transfers of all resulting blastocysts until live birth is achieved. It also includes hysteroscopy with in-depth endometrial testing, ERA test, cryopreservation and storage of the donor sperm and frozen blastocyst(s) within the duration of the Contract. Donor sperm comes as a separate cost.

If after all donor blastocysts created within 4xIVF cycles with donor eggs, donor sperm and guarantee of one blastocyst are transferred and no live birth is achived, we refund 100% of the paid costs.
The patient is not obligated to complete all the cycles and may withdraw from the treatment between the cycles and still get a partial refund.

The first embryo transfer should take place before the patient’s 48th birthday.

Would you like to find out more about our double donation guarantees? Contact us!

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