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After 6 unsuccessful attempts in Greece a baby on the second attempt in O.L.G.A. Clinic

“After an unsuccessful marriage and unsuccessful waiting to raise a "normal" family, six years ago I decided to become a single mother by choice and started my fertility treatment journey. At the beginning and with the first attempt that happened in a fertility clinic in Greece, it looked as if I was a perfectly healthy woman. The first attempt was unsuccessful - ok, it could have been expected... And then the second was unsuccessful, the third, the fourth, the fifth with the same clinic... And all the time I was considered to be healthy. There were attempts with my own eggs and with donor ones - my beta was scarcely positive only once, not sufficient, but positive. However, soon after I started bleeding and that was it — gone.

After all these attempts, I started with psychotherapy, I did not know how else to help myself. I had a feeling that I was not good enough for many different reasons: I was not good enough to be liked or loved by someone, I was not good enough to even go for a date, and I was not good enough to become a mother. The psychotherapy helped to a certain extent, but I still had questions about my reproductive health that remained unanswered.

I remember coming to one of my gynecologists, being depressed, crying, not knowing what to do. And she told me that she heard about "a clinic in Russia". Some of her patients went there and succeeded. The doctor asked one of her patients to send me the contacts, and I made the first contact with the O.L.G.A. clinic at the end of 2020. I never dreamed that I would go all the way to Russia, it looked so big and distant. And I was all alone... Yes, there were my family and friends, but still, I was alone.

I entered a completely different world of treatment, with so kind and helpful coordinator at the beginning, personal contacts with a psychologist, a donor team expert, a doctor, nurses, and a coordinator that is always at my disposal. I did not have to think of visa arrangements, and there were discounts for hotels for O.L.G.A. clinic patients. When I came for the first time to a big and distant St. Petersburg for the first examination, a driver waited for me at the airport. The clinic organized a tour around the city and a visit to the Hermitage Museum. Everything was so perfect, easy, and normal. What was especially valuable for me was a lot of information about the donor(s); this was not the case with the attempts in Greece.

Thank God — I met Dr. Anna Ivanova, a very knowledgeable and kind doctor.

The first IVF attempt was unsuccessful, but beautiful Dr. Anna knew exactly what the problem was, and on the second attempt, I got a perfect little daughter at the beginning of 2022. She is almost two years old, and from day to day she shows that giving trust to the O.L.G.A. clinic was the best thing I could do in my life. The dream came true. I still have to convince myself that I succeeded, that this little bundle of joy is mine, and that I am a mother to this perfect little person. She is the cutest little fighter — independent and courageous. 

The entire experience with the O.L.G.A. clinic made me send their contacts to women struggling to become mothers. They give you hope that anything is possible. I am already making attempts with the clinic to have a sibling for my beautiful daughter, hoping that everything will be perfect again..."

If you have chosen to have a baby as single, you may need a lot of care and support along this journey. Then the O.L.G.A. Clinic is the right Team for you!

If your fertility treatment has not succeeded yet in other clinics, discuss your situation with us and find out about the best options at O.L.G.A. Fertility in St. Petersburg or Cyprus!

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Read Dr. Anna’s explanation about the treatment process and find out what helped to achieve successful pregnancy and birth on the second attempt in O.L.G.A. Clinic after 6 unsuccessful attempts in Greece:

Dr. Anna Ivanova explains:

Dr. Anna Ivanova

We began our communication with this patient in September 2020. After carefully studying her medical history and the provided medical documents about her previous fertility experience, we decided to begin the treatment with hysteroscopy and ERA test. 

The reason for this was the following factors:

  • 3 unsuccessful transfers of 6 donor blastocysts;
  • uterine fibroid and no information about the contact of this myoma with the uterine cavity;
  • insufficient thickness of the endometrium according to ultrasound.

Also, special attention was paid to the patient’s hypothyroidism and monitoring of TSH levels, which plays an important role in planning pregnancy, especially in its early stages.

In December 2020, the patient visited our clinic for the first time for a hysteroscopy procedure. This small operation helped us clarify the following key points:

  • to estimate the volume of the uterine cavity — anatomically the uterus had a saddle shape, but its volume was sufficient; 
  • the thickness of the endometrium at the time of hysteroscopy was sufficient;
  • synechiae and polyps were found in the uterine cavity, which was corrected during the operation;
  • ERA test confirmed normal implantation window;
  • antibacterial, antifibrotic and probiotic therapy was prescribed after the procedure.

The first embryo transfer was performed in January 2021 and unfortunately was unsuccessful. We considered that the reason for failure was the insufficient quality of the endometrium, and thus the new treatment plan was created to imrove its microcirculation and stimulating its growth.

A new embryo transfer was scheduled for May 2021, which resulted in the birth of such a wonderful angel.

If your fertility treatment did not succeed yet in other clinics, discuss your situation with us and find out about best options by O.L.G.A. Fertility in St. Petersburg or Cyprus!

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Success Stories

"The entire experience with the O.L.G.A. clinic made me send their contacts to women struggling to become mothers. They give you hope that anything is possible."

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