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A miracle had occurred and we were extremely happy.

We are a married couple living i Sweden. We had for a long time tried to have a baby without any luck. We turned to specialist and went through some medical examinations. In the beginning of summer 2007 we received a very depressing answer. Our chances of getting pregnant and becoming parents in a natural way were almost non-existent. We had both passed the age of 40 and the answer was for that reason felt extra harsh by us. All of the sudden a child ment everything in the world and we couldn’t have one. We were sad, angry and desperate. The days went by without hope and the nights were full of tears. Why was it happening to us? Why were we exposed to such a cruel destiny?

After a couple of months we met our doctor in Sweden again in order to discuss any possible treatment. He told us then about the egg donation treatment programme and the possibility to receive it at a clinic in Saint Petersburg. We thought about the whole thing a few days till we decided to wholehearted go for the egg donation treatment. Through the internet we searched the home page of the clinic and we found a very informative page, which was furthermore a very easy page to use. After only 15 minutes we had managed to send away an online questionnaire with information concerning how to make contact with us. It took perhaps only a day or so before Dr. Zaytseff from the clinic contacted us through e-mail. In a very nice message she explained that she was soon going to call us in by the phone in order to discuss our situation. A couple of days later we had our first conversation. She sounded kind, stable, very competent and reliable. We felt already that we had great confidence in her.

The most important thing back then was that we got immediately join a new phase in the process. Now the time to wait for anything to happen was suddenly over. Now the time had come to stop fearing and with that feeling mentally paralyzed. Now there was a clear goal for us and we had to plan in order to achieve it. We succeeded to overcome our fear despite the elements of uncertainty in our plans. Dr. Zaytseff played a major part in this - to us - transitional stage. She was both professional and trustworthy in her approach. Besides she had such a strong character and turned out to be a true humanitarian. It took only a month or so before the treatment was started. Meanwhile Dr. Zaytseff had found us a suitable egg donor. Then we traveled to Saint Petersburg in Russia. When we saw the clinic and after our first meeting with Dr. Zaytseff, we were certain that we had made the right decision. We were certain that we were doing the right thing. The preparations were taken care of by Dr. Zaytseff and her very good and competent team. We flew back to Sweden, where we did a couple of check-ups in relation to the progress of the treatment programme. After nearly two months the time had come and we were ready enough to make our second journey to Saint Petersburg in order to undergo embryo transfer. As a matter of fact it was a short and painless part of the entire treatment. We flew back home the next day and two weeks later we found out we were going to have baby. It was a wonderful moment, that can’t be described by words.

A miracle had occurred and we were extremely happy. Nothing felt impossible then and we were in the beginning of our next journey namely the pregnancy itself. About nine month later the miracle itself came to the world in the shape of a little, sweet and lovable boy. Our entire existence has changed to the better in every aspect of life. Tears come from time to time but nowadays they are tears of joy and happiness. Meanwhile we are writing this letter he is sitting next to us playing with his toys. Sometimes he looks at us and smiles. We smile back at him and wonder if he knows how glad and happy we are to have him.

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Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Stockholm

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