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Story of our dear patient Cilla

On January 23, 2018, Cilla made her insertion of the embryo that became her daughter Liv. An embryo with an egg from a Russian donor and a sperm from a Danish donor. 

Cilla says: 

My experience of how my daughter was created became memorable. It became my story (where many others have the story type: we got married, went to the Maldives and then you arrived). Before the insertion itself, we went sightseeing for a bit in St.Petersburg and after that my friend invited me for champagne and Russian caviar, and ever since that day my life has been so much better than it was before. 

The close-up picture of Dr. Elina Lapina is when she makes the embryo transfer. The years of trials and disappointments, bad relationships and failures, and physical stresses, now looking back on it, feel unmanageable. 

Going to St. Petersburg and making an embryo adoption was not my plan A, nor was it plan B or C or D, but places further down... Of course, there is a lot of sadness in it. Wasted time and money, damaged body, mismanaged jobs and lost friendships. Things have definitely been sacrificed along the way. But it ended up so well, that it all feels worth it now:

The opportunity to help others so that this may land as plan B or C... Do not put yourself in my situation, as I did because of naivety and ignorance! Teaching yourself and your environment about fertility should be as basic as sex education. Thanks to our donors. How amazing is their effort? I am so humbled by what they did for me! Thanks to my clinic and @dr.olga.zaytseff

Thanks to all my friends for all the support. I had no idea there was this much support you could receive. Becoming a parent via an embryo adoption is the best thing that ever happened to me and I am so happy that the actual insertion day was not a necessary evil, but a nice and fun memory worth celebrating again and again. Hurray!

Cilla Holm
Instagram: @jagvillhabarn, @samtalaistockholm

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