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I am a single female who has chosen to have a family on my own. Like lots of women finding my ideal partner has taken second place to my building my career and I found myself suddenly being very aware of my biological clock ticking – something that I didn’t think was possible. Two years of introduction agencies and internet dating later I was bored and fed up of pleasant evenings out with people who were all very nice but not anyone who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and the clock was ticking louder.

So after a little bit of research into adoption I decided there had to be another way. My local IVF clinic had just started accepting single women and they were very helpful. Three IUI’s and two IVF attempts later my beautiful daughter was born. I had always known that I didn’t want my daughter to be an only child.  So after two years I went back to my clinic but by then the law had changed, the end of donor anonymity had bitten and there was no sperm and what little sperm there was had to be imported from abroad. I gave it a go, but the pregnancy ended in miscarriage.  My experience at the clinic the first time around had been great, my experience the second time around had been awful.  I was on a conveyer belt of desperate women who were shipped in and shipped out, the care given by the staff the first time was gone, the waiting room was full, there were people queuing in the hallways, everyone running around not really knowing what they were doing.  If I had had that experience the first time around I think I never would have gone back. At that point I decided to look further a field.  Because I was very keen to keep to a blonde hair and blue eyed donor  I decided to look at the Northern European countries. A lot of media coverage had been shown on TV about Russian IVF clinics and I looked further into this.  I decided not to go with the clinic that had been on the TV as they were now reporting a waiting list but found the clinic in St Petersburg instead. 

From the moment I contacted the clinic everything went like clockwork, an English speaking consultant who contacted you directly, answered your questions with knowledge, understanding and care and had a clear process to follow.  I landed in Russia, small daughter in tow, was met by an English speaking taxi driver who was able to show me where everything was and off I went to my first trip to the clinic. Just over two hours later, all tests complete, all questions answered, everything explained in a clear way I left with a plan. I came back to the UK, made the preparations for treatment, had a very helpful GP who was able to help me access all the relevant medication and I started treatment. At the Russian end I was given a choice of donors, I was always communicated with, any questions were answered promptly and before I knew it I was back in Russia on a cold January day.  The care given by the clinic was exemplary and I always felt that I was in very good hands, always treated with respect and with the flexibility to suit my individual circumstances.

My treatment was successful and 9 months later my second daughter was born, a beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed little gem and interestingly a lot like her big sister. Not everyone’s circumstances are as straightforward as mine, and I suspect that the clinic will have it’s failures as well as it’s successes, but in terms of service I would describe it as world class, if they can help you they will.

I guess my greatest recommendation comes from the fact that I intend to go back next year and have no doubt that the service provided will be as good as it gets.

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