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18 September 2020 Erica and Martin have completed their family with a lovely baby boy Adrian

Dear Erica and Martin,

Congratulations to the sweet baby boy Adrian!

Erica and Martin have attended our seminar in Sweden in December 2018.

Then we had our individual skype consultation in spring 2019

Erica and Martin have got their daughter naturally, 7 years old by then. The delivery was very quick – only 3 hours and placenta did not detach by itself and manual removal was necessary.

Manual removal of placenta is a risk factor for building scar tissue in the uterus which may interfere with implantation. And this is what we believe has happened to Erica.

When their daughter was 6 months old they have stopped contraception and tried around 5 years to get pregnant.

In Nov 2017 Erica and Martin have done IVF in Sweden. Martin’s sperm test was very good, still only 7 out of 14 eggs got fertilized. Low fertilization rates by IVF may happen when some eggs are immature – they cannot get fertilized since a sperm does not wish to get inside immature egg. Two embryos were transferred but they did not result in pregnancy

In 2018 Erica had a hysteroscopy in Greece. They have found and removed scar tissue from inside the uterus and Erica has received a course of antibiotics.

I have monitored Erica’s endometrium already after hysteroscopy in some cycles and it looked very good!

Erica also suspected autoimmune problems and did many immune tests, but nothing specific was found.

We have done one egg retrieval and one embryo transfer at the end of 2019. Dr. Nina was the assigned doctor. 18 September 2020 Erica and Martin have completed their family with a lovely baby boy Adrian to great joy of the big sister Nowa.

Looking back I can repeat what I said to Erica 1,5 years ago: the eggs, the uterus and the health was good. The only problem was the scar tissue in the uterus which was greatly treated in Greece.

Many women tend to overestimate the severity of their fertility problems. After the first unsuccessful attempt, they go into a long grieving phase, start blaming themselves and seeing problems where they are not. Please do not forget that the chance of natural conception per month is less than 10%. This will help you look at your fertility treatment not as a lottery but as a project of several steps too. We split our IVF process in several steps and each of them has its own goal. Solving several small goals helps to achieve one big goal – baby. You can read more about our approach here.

Never give up after the very first failure! We know how important it is to help people get hope back and not to give up. Losing hope and giving up is the main enemy on your way to your long desired baby!

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