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The decision was made to go for egg donation!

My husband and I dearly wanted a family of our own.

As time passed it appeared as though it would not happen easily for us and we began the fertility clinic journey.
We attended clinics in our home country, the Czech Republic and USA before finally attending the clinic in St Petersburg, Russia.

From the very first Skype consultation with Dr Olga we really got a sense that our situation and that we, as a couple were getting very personal individualised care and attention.
Options were discussed in a very open and frank manner and the decision was made to go for egg donation.
Having several failed attempts we were cautious in our hopes but definitely had a sense of confidence with the clinic.
We travelled twice to St Petersburg and were completely blown away with the beauty of the city. It is simply like no other city we have ever to and we felt regardless of the outcome we would always be delighted that we got to visit such a beautiful place. Doing some sightseeing was also a wonderful way to keep our minds off overthinking how things would go.
Accessing the clinic was dead easy and all staff most especially Dr Olga, Nurse Katia, other Nurses whom we met but names we have forgotten and the international coordinations were impeccable in their professionalism but with a very kind human touch.

We are now in the very happy place of being parents to a beautiful healthy baby boy.
The joy he has brought to our lives can not even be put into words both for us and for our extended families.
It has been overwhelming at times.
We know this would never have happened without the help of Dr Olga and her team and for that we are truly forever grateful.
It is not an easy journey and there are no guarantees but without a doubt the clinic we chose is at the top of the game and couples really receive expert care.

Kate, UK

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Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Stockholm

Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Stockholm

August 2017

Dr. Alena Egorova with baby Alice born a year ago with help of ICSI. Her dear Mom Anna (@eggdonationblog) is our great Egg Donation Team Leader since 2011, our renowned egg donor 2008-2010. Anna is good to talk to since she has been through both: being an egg donor and ICSI patient.

Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Oslo

Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Oslo

September 2017

Success Stories

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Dr.Alenas / the team's professional skill and humanity gave us hope and courage to continue the journey to St.Petersburg. We experienced that they turned every stone to find the best treatment and that it was tailored and individual.

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