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Deep down in us somewhere, the desire to become a mother is so great that it overcomes the fear of not succeeding.

Many patients tell us about endless IVFs with no result and being told just to relax and it will work.

They tell us they feel as if it is their own own fault when “everything looks good” and still not pregnant. In fact it is not them, but mostly the embryos which fail.

We know how it is to get hope back and overcome fear of not succeeding again. Frustration and sadness are the main enemies of success. 

How could Marte and Nils find the strength to continue and give up after 4 unsuccessful IVFs and miscarriages? Their process in our clinic was not easy either. Finally, they gave birth to a boy 8 September 2020, created with their own eggs, own sperm and PGT-A. Congratulations dear Marte and Nils!

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It has been a long and difficult journey to get to where we are today. In total, I have eight IVF attempts behind me and repeated unexplained miscarriages.

When I started my fertility treatment in Norway, I was sure it would work right away

Unfortunately, it did not. The Norwegian doctors found no reason why I did not get pregnant through IVF and asked me to relax and not stress down to become a mother.

This made it extra difficult for me and us, it was as if it was my own fault that I did not get pregnant and that made the shame and longing even greater.

My body managed to get pregnant but unfortunately could not hold on to pregnancies without anyone being able to explain why.

After four attempts, I was told that they did not think IVF treatment would help me and that I probably could not become a mother in Norway

We did not want to give up - because the desire for children was so great.

We started researching clinics and were in contact with many to see if anyone could help us. Several clinics suggested both egg donation and sperm donation as a solution.

In October 2018, we traveled to Dr. Olga's seminar in Oslo and had an hour of private conversation with Dr. Alena, where she reviewed our history.

For the first time in many years, we got some hope back. She believed that with the right and individual treatment I could get pregnant with my own eggs.

Where Norwegian fertility doctors had given me relatively similar treatment all the time and only increased the hormone dose for each attempt - Dr. Alena looked at new possibilities.

Where Norwegian fertility doctors said it was impossible to get pregnant - Dr. Alena saw opportunities.

Where Norwegian fertility doctors indirectly blamed me for not getting pregnant, Dr. Olga and Dr. Alena said "IT’S not You, IT’S the embryo"

Dr.Alenas / the team's professional skill and humanity gave us hope and courage to continue the journey to St.Petersburg

We experienced that they turned every stone to find the best treatment and that it was tailored and individual.

In St. Petersburg we met a whole team of competent professionals at all levels, who all showed our story and we began to get the hope back.

After six trips to St.Petersburg in 2019, I got a positive pregnancy test. To finally get pregnant after we tried for so long and to dare to believe that one should succeed is difficult, but with regular contact with the clinic and a predictable next steps I experienced lots of support.

8th September little Martin was born with the help of ICSI with our own eggs and own sperm and PGT-A and we are so happy and grateful️

I'm so glad we did not give up and did not listen to those who said we were not going to make it happen

To dare to hope when all hope is gone is perhaps the most difficult part of this process. But also the most important thing. To leave your treatment to someone who is willing to do everything they can for you to succeed.

Deep down in us somewhere, the desire to become a mother is so great that it overcomes the fear of not succeeding.”

Watch the record of InstaLive, that we made with Dr. Alena and Marte 05 September. For an hour we talked about how to overcome guilt feelings, keep hope and continue your journey till live birth is achieved? How to shorten time to live birth so that you reach your goal sooner?

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