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Story of Jeanette

Jeanette, @jp_dancing_on_my_own:

I was in my very late thirties when I started to think about and long for a child. I was just out of a relationship and decided to do this myself. If I were to have a child I couldn't wait much longer.

During the summer of 2018 I contacted a clinic in Denmark and based on my blood samples and my age (I was almost 41 at that time), they recommended egg donation immediately. I was in shock and thought they were wrong, so I decided I wanted to try IVF first. During this time I was a frequent listener to "Jag vill ha barn" (@jagvillhabarn) and I followed Cillas journey towards a child and her experiences with your clinic in St Petersburg. In august I did the first egg retrieval. 2 eggs. I was so sad and felt my body was failing me. On the train home from Denmark that day I decided that I would go on with egg donation if this attempt didn't succeed.

2 days after the egg retrieval the clinic called and told me that my eggs didn't get fertilized, so there was no transfer to be done as planned the day after. I wasn't prepared for that, I thought at least there would be one egg that would give me a chance. But no... I cried and cried, that day and the days after. No explanation, no support from the Danish clinic and I felt so alone.

I knew that I didn't want to continue with my eggs and I listened to Cilla talk about Russia and I realized that Russia really was an option and not a foreign country far far away that was difficult to go to. And in one of the episodes Cilla informed about the seminars that Dr. Olga were coming to in Sweden and I registered for a seminar in October 2018 and cancelled my IVF-attempts in Denmark.

The Seminar gave me all the info I needed. It would take to long and cost too much if I were to try with my own eggs. With no guarantees.

The genetics didn't feel important to me at all, taking the help of an egg donor seemed the best thing to do. I decided I was going to Russia. On that seminar we got a catalogue of new egg donors of 2018 and I fell in love with one of the egg donors, she felt so right. All the donors were really nice and made me feel really good about egg donation.

I had a skype conversation with Dr Olga and I got a treatment plan for embryo adoption with guarantee package. I got matched with perfect donors, the donation team made such a good job that I felt happy even though it wasn't the donor from the catalogue. I started to prepare for the journey and it is good to have all practical and medical things to think about, it is an emotional rollercoaster. 

I were supposed to go for my first attempt in march 2019 but I had ovulation on my own and my progesterone level were to high and my trip was cancelled the evening before I were supposed to go. Poor Katia @katia_tint sat with me on Skype while I cried my eyes out.

But in april I could go for my first embryo adoption. St Petersburg were beautiful and me and my sister were so well taken care of. We got picked up at the airport and the staff at the hotel were lovely. All staff at the clinic were so welcoming and professional. Everything looked good Before the transfer, but once again I was asked to change donors, because the combination I had chosen hadn't been successful in two other attempts... So that was a little curveball, but I got 4 suggestions that all were really good and it was easy to choose a new donor combination.

FrejaThat attempt didn't work, the pregnancy test were negative and I e-mailed the clinic the result. It took a couple of hours and then I had Violetta, my doctor on Skype and she talked me through my tears and comforted me by saying everything had been perfect before the transfer and that we couldn't have done anything different to prepare me. The next day I had Anna, one of the psychologist on Skype giving me support and good advice.

So new dates for going to Russia as set in June, and I was asked again to change donors. This time I couldn't believe my eyes, the egg donor from the catalogue was one of the options. Easy choice!

And this time I got pregnant and in february 2020 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. In 5 days she turns 1 year old and she has learned how to spin around and loves to dance.

Kind regards Jeanette and Freja

Please watch InstaLive with Jeanette, Dr. Olga & Dr. Violetta on IGTV

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