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Story of Linda — It took me 10 years of IVF and infertility to give up the idea of my genes and my eggs. After ten years, we made an egg donation

Linda, Instagram: @lindaammitzboll:

Story of Linda — It took me 10 years of IVF and infertility to give up the idea of my genes and my eggs. After ten years, we made an egg donation

For those of you who still keep in mind: "Am I really ready to give up my eggs?" or "How important is it to me that my child has my genes?" etc. I can tell you that my family, my relatives and my origin mean the world to me. I told my husband when we met that you marry me and you become an Ammitzball. It is my family name from the 13th century. I also told my husband that Ivar is another family name so I wanted that as the third name of the child. My husband said I could get the last name. (He had a regular name). But he then wanted his first name after his grandfather. So for ten years we dreamed of Henry. I wanted the child to look like me, walk like me, be like me. It took me 10 years of IVF and infertility to give up the idea of my genes and my eggs. After ten years, we made an egg donation.

If you would learn about epigenetics you will see that the mother who carries the baby triggers which genes of the donor should be turned off and put on. So the baby becomes part of the mother, the father and the donor. During the pregnancy, I wondered how this would affect me. When Henry arrived — he was just mine. I loved him from the first second. He is a copy of two of my nephews. So I have triggered genes that I and the donor have in common. He is also very similar to his dad some days, so he is a mixture of us. I love him above everything! I've got everything I've ever dreamed of. Hope you who are in the thoughts and doubts do not wait as long as I do. Genes are crap the same. You carry the baby. He becomes exactly like you. You trigger his DNA. You have him in the stomach. You characterize him for the rest of his life. Hope you get your wonders in the future.

Here's my Mowgli cocoon baby.
Henry Matteus Ivar Ammitzboll

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