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After 10 years of endless attempts Madeleine and Sina finally became parents to their little baby girl Wilma, using their own eggs and own sperm

Dr. Olga Zaytseff:

"A huge dramatic chapter in my heart has finally closed and a rock fell off my shoulders when Madeleine @maddymalmstrom and Sina @sinakes wrote this e-mail to us 26 May:

Dear Team O.L.G.A., Our dear baby girl Wilma joined us 21 May 04:58.
This would not have been possible without your expertise, your encouragement and faith in a positive outcome. With your help we have succeeded in an almost 10 year difficult journey, in essence our entire thirties. So from the bottom of our hearts thank you”

Dear Team, thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has contributed your knowledge, skills and support and made it possible for this dear couple to finally become parents!

Dear Madeleine and Sina, I feel gratefulness and relief that this chapter is completed with the birth of your little girl, using your own egg and own sperm. I am so glad no surrogacy or donation was necessary in the end. We wish the dear three of you lots of love, happiness and good health and a warm large family!”

Madeleine and Sina shared in their interview to

It feels absolutely fantastic. The opportunity to experience this can hardly be described. Right now, the most dominant feeling is gratitude and a lot of love. We enjoy our little treasure. Every day is a gift because we have lived with the option of being without our daughter for almost ten years. So for us, she is not just a child but a miracle, a real miracle.”

But Madeleine and Sina still very much remember the thoughts and the feelings of these past 10 years:

My entire 30s I spent trying to have children. Life was on hold; I hardly remember anything from these years now in retrospect. We lived in this world all the time, ate and slept in it. I feel disappointed about this period of my life" — says Madeleine

…If you love each other, you want to be as close to each other as possible and for us it means having a child together. I want a child who is half she and half me. People say that their children are the biggest thing that has happened in their lives, but at the same time they say that it is not for everyone, and one can still be fine anyway. It is to diminish one's situation" — Sina says

Do these thoughts and feelings resonate with your own?

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Dr. Olga and Dr. Elena explain the process and the methods which have helped Sina and Madeleine to become parents and have their daughter Wilma using their own egg and own sperm

Dr. Olga explains:

I remember very well how Madeleine and Sina came to my seminar in Gothenburg in August 2018 – a very lovely couple. Sina had many questions in the seminar, which woke up the audience and created a very nice discussion after the lecture. Such an energetic happy couple in their middle of 30s! Who would have guessed that since 2002 Madeleine and Sina were desperately trying to become parents!

We had a personal consultation after the seminar, and Sina and Madeleine have shared with me the details of their story.

At that time Madeleine, 35 and Sina, 37, were already together 16 years.  Since 2002 they have already been through 3 ectopic pregnancies and 4 laparoscopic surgeries with both fallopian tubes removed. After the miscarriage in 2012 Madeleine has been through 2 hysteroscopies due to possible rests.

Since 2012 Madeleine and Sina have undergone 9 egg retrievals and 9 fresh and 1 frozen embryo transfers with just one pregnancy, which has sadly ended in missed abortion.

Madeleine had a good follicular reserve, and I could not understand why each IVF has yielded only 1-2 embryos available, even if the embryos were mostly grown 2-3 days. I felt Madeleine’s potential was much better than just 1-2 embryos per IVF cycle. I have focused on analyzing her papers. My goal was to turn negative history into future success. In her past unsuccessful stimulations, I looked for the recipe of successful stimulation.

I have confirmed the 3IVF package with guarantee of live birth without PGT-A. Guarantee if live birth meant that we would refund the money paid if no live birth was achieved within 3 IVF cycles. I have offered the cheapest package without PGT-A since at that time there was no evidence that PGT-A increases live birth rates per transfer in women 35 years old and younger, since the majority of their blastocysts is expected to be chromosomally normal.

I have created an individual stimulation protocol which I have put my hopes into and followed Madeleine through her stimulation on distance when she was doing injections and ultrasound examinations and sent me her results for tuning in the dosage.

Dr. Elena explains:

When Madeleine and Sina came to St. Petersburg in January 2019, we got 10 blastocysts of excellent and good morphology!

10 blastocysts in one IVF cycle vs 11 embryos of day 2-3-5 in 9 IVF cycles previously!

We have safely frozen the 10 blastocysts. The first milestone was completed.

Now we could focus on preparing the uterus for embryo transfer.

In March 2019 did hysteroscopy with histological and microbiological testing. I found signs of scar tissue and inflammation. We removed the scar tissue during hysteroscopy. Madeleine and Sina have got individual antibacterial therapy on several occasions. Madeleine has received anti-inflammatory and hormonal treatment for several weeks after hysteroscopy.

After single blastocyst transfer in May 2019 the pregnancy test came back negative.

After double embryo transfer in July 2019 HCG was 6

In Nov 2020 ERA test showed the displacement of the implantation window. The above two embryo transfers were done 127h after the beginning of progesterone supplementation, but based on the result of the ERA test, Madeleine had her individual implantation window 19h later: 146 h after the beginning of progesterone supplementation.

The next double embryo transfer in January 2020 was done already 146h after the beginning of progesterone based on Madeleine’s individual implantation window. HCG came back 80, went up to 160 and sadly after this declined.

3 transfers of 5 excellent looking blastocysts, resulted in one implantation failure and two early pregnancy losses. We always knew that the main reason for implantation failures and early pregnancy losses was due to abnormal numbers of chromosomes in embryos. What we could not have expected was such a high proportion of abnormal embryos at the age of 35!

Sina and Madeleine had the same thoughts. In fact they were the driving force which requested that the remaining 5 blastocysts be thawed, biopsied and tested before potential next transfer!

Said – done! Out of 5 blastocysts tests were possible on 4 of them. The result came back overwhelming: out of 4 blastocysts only one chromosomally normal and 3 abnormal.

The ending of the story you might already anticipate: In September 2020 I transferred one embryo normal for 23 chromosomes into Madeleine’s individual implantation window. This embryo became Wilma.


It may feel that using additional tests such as PGT-A and ERA takes additional effort and money, and takes time so that the embryo transfer is done later rather than sooner.

But this story very clearly shows that just on the opposite: PGT-A and ERA tests do shorten time to ongoing pregnancy and baby, also in younger patients.

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As confirmation to the above:

In July 2022 Madeleine and Sina came back to St. Petersburg to have a brother or a sister to Wilma:16 eggs were collected, 8 blastocysts grew, 2 of them were found to be chromosomally normal and one little embryo was transferred in November 2022 which became sweet Walter who has just turned 2 months.

This process took just two visits to St. Petersburg with 3 months apart even Madeleine was almost 40.

Dear Madeleine @maddymalmstrom and Sina @sinakes, congratulations to your little baby boy Walter and to becoming a family of four together with your sweet daughter Wilma ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dear Madeleine, thank you so much for having joined our seminar in Gothenburg this August and bringing inspiration, reassurance, hope and belief to our patients 🫶🫶🫶

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