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Egg donation journey by Mikaela and Tobias

Mikaela, instagram: @nasta_stpetersburg, @solmickan & Tobias

Our journey, mine and Tobias began about 7-8 years ago and includes not only everything related to the IVF situation but also a struggle to lose weight and the stress of coping with a job situation while the process was underway.

We did our free County Council trials on the assembly line. Now afterwards, both Tobias and I have talked about how it felt like a factory. The same process as the experiment before, what could be changed was the amount of medicine. Questions about doing something different were waved away.

These attempts resulted in 2 miscarriages. The first miscarriage was really hard, I called my nearest gynecology clinic – I did not feel that I got understanding or any help. What has been good is that Tobias and I have always felt that we have had each other to talk to and have friends who have also had miscarriages that you could vent thoughts with.

Then we went on to a private clinic where they thought a little differently, we bought a three-pack but the last attempt resulted in no fertilized egg. We remember the day when they called us from the clinic and told us that none of the six eggs had been fertilized. We were at a Hunting Fair and when the nurse called and told us that none of the six eggs had survived, the ground disappeared under our feet… we got to the car strangely enough and well in the car and on the way home the tears came. We felt completely resigned and asked if we would ever become parents.

A few days later our doctor called and offered us another try for half the price as it had not been a full try this time.

We took this chance but even this time it did not work. We had a very good doctor in any case who caught up with us quickly after and had a conversation with us. She recommended egg donation and told how this worked and that the fetus gene production is being influenced by the mother when it grows in the womb..

...I have always been open to adoptions while Tobias has been a bit hesitant about this.

For me the idea of getting someone else's eggs did not feel strange and Tobias thought this also sounded good as the baby will grow in my stomach and will have connection to both parents: genetic with the father, biological- gestational with the mother and of course love from both.

Tobias started googling and looking for clinics to do this at and happened to read about others who have been to Olga in St. Petersburg. He went to their site and saw that there was a seminar in Gothenburg just a few weeks ahead.

We signed up with the attitude that they offer coffee in any case)). After 3-4 hours at this seminar, we understood more about the whole ivf / äd / ed process than we did during our years in Sweden. We also heard other people's stories and talked to these people afterwards. On the way home we looked at each other and the gut feeling both had so no words were needed. 

This was in October 2018.

At the end of February 2019 we went the first turn to St. Petersburg for examinations, hysteroscopy and leaving semen. A month later we went there again for embryo transfer. I had the attitude to see if this works but if it does not, it does not…

It was a plus !! We could not believe it and kept waiting for it to stop. It did not and now we have a 10 month old baby with teeth in progress and it feels like he has always been with us.

We are so grateful and happy that we found Olga and her amazing team and that we made so many new friends through this incredible journey.

Now we have started discussing sibling attempts but it will be a different story…”

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