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Mizuyo Nagano “My success story. Egg donation at age of 50.”

Mizuyo Nagano:

Mizuyo Nagano - My success story. Egg donation at age of 50."I met my current husband when I was 45 years old. Until then, I had been single for a very long time and had never thought about having children or a family, so I didn't have any knowledge about pregnancy, and I thought I could get pregnant if I was healthy and strong.

Naturally, there was no sign of pregnancy for more than one year, then I learned for the first time that the number of eggs decreases with age and the quality deteriorates. So I researched about IVF and contacted several clinics in Sweden. But they all had age limit at the age of 43, and I was refused medical treatment. I somehow managed to get a chance to speak directly with the doctor, but what doctor told me was that using eggs from my age would be too risky for the embryo and advised to undergo egg donation treatment. In 2018, egg donation was not available yet in Sweden, so I had to contact other countries.

At first, I thought like every woman, resisted to accept egg donation, because I felt like it was going against the laws of nature, and I tried to give up on having a child.  I thought it was a punishment for me to not having knowledge about pregnancy and not having a family until these ages.

But when I had my third cervical conization (because of my PAP test was positive), my cervix was already less than 3cm long, and the doctor told me that it was impossible to remove any more of my cervix and that why I should to have a complete hysterectomy (take out all uterus).

"But I really want to have a child!!!'' At that moment, I cried and really wished from the bottom of my heart."

If you are in your late 40s or early 50s and dreaming for a child, do no give up your dream!

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"I decided to try egg donation treatment before taking out my uterus, and researched Ivf clinics in other countries. But most European clinics had an age limit of 47 years old.  there were only few of clinics where I could receive treatment at 49 years old, I chose three clinics from among them and had them a free consultation. My question was whether it was possible for me to become pregnant at the age of 49 without any experience of IVF and had multiple cervical conizations. All of them told me that there is possibility for me, but the age limit was approaching, so I should start treatment right away and discuss donor options with the coordinator. They were very kind and explained me how simply process for the treatment and prescription for medicines also easy, which seemed so easy for me to try. But something inside me feels like not clear.

Olga Clinic is popular in Sweden, and I had read many people's experiences by forum in internet, but the requirements for getting a visa, prescription of medicine between Russia and Sweden, how to travel (in Corona time), and the length of stay are more complicated than clinics in Europe, that's why I was hesitant.

However, when I attended the Olga Clinic's webinar in 2020 for the first time, I was deeply shocked!

At the webinar, Dr. Olga said "Pregnancy (whether a “golden egg” will be born or not) is not a gamble!!'' "I understand that the patient thinks so. But there is always a reason why the patient cannot become pregnant, and it is the doctor's work to research that cause and find the solution for the patient!!"  I was so impressed and deeply moved by her words. This ambitious, honest and responsible attitude is the basis for all staff at Olga Clinic.

After that, I had a free consultation with Dr. Anna Ivanova. I asked her if there is a chance, I could get pregnant, like I had asked at other clinics. Dr. Anna said gently and clearly, "I can't say that you can get pregnant right now without I actually see your uterus.'' What a negative response I had, but at the same time, the things I had been unsure about in consultations with other clinics were cleared up and became clear. This answer made me sense, and I felt that I could trust this doctor.
The doctor continued "My recommendation is to do a hysteroscopy to check the state of the uterus before starting infertility treatment. And if I determine that there is a possibility that you can become pregnant, will you sure begin treatment. that's safer for you.'' I agreed with her opinion and went to Olga Clinic for a hysteroscopy (and ERA test).

Thanks to the prompt response of our administrator Valeria, I was able to obtain a visa in 3 weeks. And regarding the logistical issues that I was concerned about, the clinic arranged a special charter for the patient, allowing for safe and smooth travel in Corona-time!

All staffs at the clinic were very kind and I was able to receive treatment without any warry.
As a result of these efforts, the condition of my uterine wall and endometrium improved, and found the timing of the implantation window (which later than normal timing), and I continued to do egg donation treatment.

When my partner and I visited the clinic again for the treatment, I was one week before turned 50 of age. All the tests went well, but the donor's ovulation was slow, so there was a delay of 2-3 days until the eggs were collected and became fertilized. A day after I turned 50, I had a embryo transplant. The doctor tells me with her biggest smile, "Happy birthday! I have a wonderful present for you!!" It turned out that 10 good grade blastocysts had been produced!!! I was shocked and went up to the treatment bed to do the embryo transfer with dream feeling.

Fortunately, the embryo was successfully implanted, and thanks to the clinic's well-prepared and appropriate response, including medications treatment and a very important and successful second plan (Plan-B) in case of bleeding! My pregnancy was able to continue, and I was overwhelmed with emotion when I saw a little heartbeat at ultrasound!!

After I became pregnant, my cervix was only about 2cm longer, and my placenta was low-positioned. So, I was as anxious as happy during my pregnancy. However, thanks to Dr. Olga Romanova, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience, always kindly and carefully supported me until I gave birth. I was able to give birth at the age of 50!

Lastly, if I could give advice to women who are considering infertility treatment, it would be Olga Clinic, because...

  • They takes the detailed condition of each patient seriously and carefully.
  • They find out all the causes and their treatments by holding meetings with doctors from various fields who have a wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • They emphasize teamwork by patient, doctor, nurse, administrator, and coordinator, and increase efficiency by providing doctors' knowledge to patients and recognizing well the patient's situation within the team.
  • They can be contacted at any time, any condition and will do their best for the patient.
  • They makes the impossible to possible!!!"

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Read Dr. Anna Ivanova’s explanation of Mezuyo’s treatment process:

Dr. Anna Ivanova explains:

Dr. Anna Ivanova“Ι met Mizuyo in the fall of 2020 and I would never have believed the age of this young and bubblish woman! At such moments you really understand — age is just a number, your inner feeling is much more important!

Mizuyo never planned pregnancy until she met her husband at the age of 45. After a long wait for pregnancy, when she decided to move to ART help, she learned that, unfortunately, most clinics in Europe have an age limit. So, according to the stories of many in Sweden about Olga’s clinic, Mizuyo came to us. Mizuyo was ready for donation and the main selection criterion for her was that the donor should be healthy and had no chronic diseases or cancer in her family.

After studying Mizuyo's medical records, I realized that we had a case of a short cervix. And before making a decision about a possible pregnancy, we needed to perform a hysteroscopy in order to weigh all the risks of pregnancy in adulthood. In addition to the main possible complications of pregnancy, pregnancy with a short cervix is fraught with the risk of developing isthmic-cervical insufficiency (ICI): spontaneous miscarriage, spontaneous rupture of amniotic fluid, early and very early premature birth.

Mizuyo had a history of 3 conizations of the cervix due to the presence of changed cells in cytological smears. Despite the fact that her last colposcopy showed no changes, we still needed to make sure that there were no pathology in the cervix at the moment. Thus, during Mizuyo’s visit for hysteroscopy, we also performed a number of the following tests:

  • liquid cytological examination of cells of the cervix and cervical canal (scraping),
  • histological examination of scrapings from the uterine cavity and cervix,
  • ERA test to determine the exact time for embryo transfer and thereby minimize the number of attempts.

During hysteroscopy, we were convinced that the length of the cervix was quite sufficient for possible ART treatment, but in any case it would require careful monitoring during pregnancy, which we informed Mizuyo about. The ERA test showed that there was a shifted implantation window, so we knew exactly when we needed to transfer the embryo. And such a day turned out to be Mizuyo ’s 50th birthday!

Mizuyo's pregnancy, in general, proceeded normally, the cervical length was monitored over time, a slight delay in fetal growth was noted, and therefore a diagnosis of a small fetus for gestational age was made and a cesarean section was planned at 39 weeks. Dr. Olga Romanova was always in touch with Mizuyo and provided clarifications to all her questions of concerns. And so, on November 22, 2021, sweet little angel Nadya was born! 

We have increased age limit in St. Petersburg up to the age of 53 and we are happy to welcome Mizuyo in December for health check before going for a sibling."

If you are in your late 40s or early 50s and dreaming for a child, do no give up your dream!

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