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Patricia became a mother through embryo adoption and met and married the love of her life at the same time

Dear Friends,

We would like to share with you this beautiful story of our patient Patrizia, who got her lovely baby boy through embryo adoption after unsuccessful treatment in Denmark. Moreover Patrizia has met the love of her life while already ding her embryo adoption process and they have married when she was 7 months pregnant.

There is no standard schedule for successful fertility treatment — it is individual.

There is no standard schedule for creating own happiness — it is individual too.

If you are single and your heart is longing for a baby, follow this longing. Happiness attracts happiness.


I had started what now I can call a wonderful journey all alone because after traveling the world wide and far I had realized on my own just how much I truly wanted to have a baby and I thought it wasn't fair to have it with just any person or the wrong person.

I couldn't make my dream come true in my country because I could not afford it given the very high costs so I moved to Europe where my mother lived. She gave me plenty of support but, unfortunately, I could not make my dream come true where she lived either because the laws would not allow a single woman to seek fertility treatments in that country. After doing some research, I chose to go to Denmark to get an insemination done and, only once I got started, I discovered I had serious issues conceiving and I was told I had to change my initial plans and do IVF instead. After the initial shock and disappointment, I tried not to get discouraged and I underwent 3 unsuccessful and emotionally painful IVFs at that clinic.

On the first try, I was told that unfortunately my eggs were poor quality and they couldn't be used.

That "unfortunately" hurt me like a blade.

On the second try, I got an embryo transfer I got pregnant but the pregnancy ended up in a miscarriage. The first miscarriage of two.

I was devastated but I never gave up.

I did plenty of research about my options and I tried to learn more about my situation.

I was then advised by the clinic in Denmark to try the O.L.G.A. clinic in St. first I was doubtful and it seemed a mountain I could not climb by myself...going alone to Russia, getting visas and all that...but the clinic and its staff were so informative, supportive and encouraging that gave me the strenght and support to move forward.

I could try own eggs IVFs but I made a personal choice to use both an egg donor and a sperm donor so I opted for an embryo adoption.

I did all the paper work and the exams and they found some polyps I had to get removed. Another obstacle and my goal seemed to get further and further...In the meantime I met a person and I thought this person would not stick around after telling him about my journey but this journey was not only a journey was also the destination for me so I could not give it up and I was so happy and surprised when he gave me full support without any doubts. Supported by this amazing person, the clinic staff and my mother I kept on going and after getting the polyps removed at Olga I finally had my adopted embryo transferred.

My newlyfound partner and I decided to proceed with the embryo adoption I had already started before meeting him without making any changes and we even got married when I was 7 month pregnant.

We are now so proud and happy to have a wonderful baby boy and we chose Nevsky as his second name to give thanks to the clinic where his journey started and to honor his St. Petersburg origin!

We are now so proud and happy to have a wonderful baby boy and we chose Nevsky as his second name to give thanks to the clinic where his journey started and to honor his St. Petersburg origin!"

Patrizia has kindly allowed to share her e-mail contact on your request. Please contact us by form below if you wish to have direct dialog with Patrizia about her experiences.

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