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Story of Anne Camilla Næss


…Defy the fear. And the chaos. And let life give you the greatest gift you will ever have, Anne Camilla Næss

If you think it is too late… This dream. The longing. This something that won't let go of you. This something that is trying to tell you. Getting your attention. Asking you to listen. This something that is asking you to dare. Defy the fear.

The chaos inside of you when you realize how your life will be turned upside-down and never be the same again. Defy the confusion when the chaos around us now feels overwhelming. Maybe it is not too late after all. The dream.

That you can't let go of. Because you shouldn´t. Because it is yours. And maybe this dream. If you let it. Will take you to a whole new you – and the You, you were meant to be. Because you defied the fear. And the chaos. And let life give you the greatest gift you will ever have.

You know it. And only you. Know what is asking you to dare. Asking you to be the bravest that you have ever been. But also, the luckiest. That will be given the deepest and purest love you never knew existed. But now hold in your arms.

Dare. It is not too late. Whatever your dream is. Dare.

…I did. With the help, loving support and expertise of Dr. Olga and her excellent team at O.L.G.A. Clinic. And in 2021, the year I turned 50, I got the most beautiful gift. Every day she shows me how life can be more magical than any dream. My daughter Iben Maria.

My whole life I have been there for others. Helping. Supporting. Finding it wrong or selfish to focusing on what I want and need and what is my wishes and dreams. Until I stopped. And put me first. Starting to play the leading role in my life and not only the supporting role of others.

That was the first step towards becoming a mother. That first step changed my life.

With kind regards
Anne Camilla Næss”

If this messages clicks with you, join our Instalive 23 November at 19:00 at @dr.olga.zaytseff. It is you who plays the main role in the movie called your own life.

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