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Story of Sara and Andreas

Sara @vintagedonnan and Andreas:

“When we first met Olga Zaytseff at a seminar in Gothenburg in August 2018, we already had a long unsuccessful history of 6 egg retrievals with ICSI, 5 fresh and 2 frozen embryo transfers without pregnancy achieved. The last in a long line of doctors made the conclusion that the cause of our infertility was not only bad sperm quality, but also poor egg quality. Something that previous doctors had neither hinted or considered. 

It felt like the Swedish healthcare system, both private and public, had let us down. In essence blocking all further attempts of becoming pregnant, since we weren’t the target group for further treatment, including egg donation. This without any actual explanation to why this was the case. The only advice they left us with was to seek a clinic performing egg donation abroad.

This was the sole good thing ever to come out of Swedish fertility healthcare. Because they were right, Sweden was not a country that could provide us with the help we needed. As it turned out, the last doctor turned out to be completely in the wrong. 

At our first meeting with Dr. Zaytseff we were told that our chances of using our own eggs in IVF were not at all a finished story! It would take a little more than 2 years after our first visit to Saint Petersburg in the beginning of 2019 before we actually got pregnant. During this time we have come to learn that O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic is a place where “lost cases” can get a second chance.

Our first egg retrieval was at the AVA Peter clinic, and already here we noticed a difference. We got such a good result that it was better than the total of all the egg retrievals and fertilizations in Sweden, combined! Even though the first round of embryo transfers didn’t lead to more than biochemical pregnancies, this was also a way better result than ever achieved in Sweden. And it is also now that the biggest difference between the O.L.G.A. clinic and previous clinics would surface. 

In our money back guarantee package of three IVF attempts with our own egg and sperm, examinations such as hysteroscopy, PGT-A and ERA weren't included, but something we added along the line as options to try to find out the reasons for our failed attempts. That these tests are now a part of the standard three attempt money back guarantee package is proof that the O.L.G.A. clinic cares about being thorough and making sure to leave no stone unturned.

It’s impossible to talk about our journey towards our baby boy without mentioning the COVID-19 pandemic. We were going for our third, and last egg retrieval when the pandemic broke out and we had to postpone our trip by almost half a year. And yet again we find out what great lengths the clinic goes to fulfil its patients dreams. The clinic starts running chartered planes from Stockholm to St. Petersburg and back! In the end we didn’t get to use this option, because hours before boarding all air traffic to Saint Petersburg was stopped. But it didn’t stop the great staff at the O.L.G.A. clinic who quickly found another way for us to travel to Saint Petersburg — they advised us to fly to Helsinki and have charted busses to pick us up!

Long story short, we got pregnant after our third egg retrieval and in the autumn of 2022 our lovely, healthy baby boy turns one year old! This last year together with John-Henry has been truly amazing. We are forever grateful to the amazing staff, doctors, nurses, coordinators, drivers and guides working hard for the O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic. Especially we wish to send our deepest love to Dr Elena Lapina, Dr Violetta Tikhomirova, Dr Olga Romanova, Dr Olga Zaytseff, Nurse Lisa Bagal, coordinators Anna Savelyeva and Alla Schatzkova and last, but not least, Leonid Seleznev.

And a last note to others who struggle with infertility, don’t hesitate to consult with the O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic. They truly can make dreams come true!”

Dr. Olga Zaytseff:

Dear Sara and Andreas, I remember our first consultation 25 August 2018 in Gothenburg. It was challenging to understand the situation and the way out, even more challenging to walk this journey but I believed in both of you a lot! And I could not hold tears when seeing Sara with little John-Henry 4 years later in Gothenburg this October.

I am so proud of three of you! You made it despite all the challenges and length of the journey!

After 6 IVFs in Sweden did not work, we made it within 3 IVF.

I am grateful to my Team for making the impossible possible.

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