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My infertility story lasted for 10 years…

My infertility story lasted for 10 years. At the age of 29 years old I was diagnosed with endometriosis of 4th stage (the hardest one and incurable). And here then my Odysee in the name of pregnancy started: Clomihenum, 2 laparoscopies,3 hysteroscopies, removal of fallopian tubes, first IVF treatments, miscarriage at early stage and final diagnosis: premature ovarian failure and premenopause at the age of 35.

My world collapsed.

When I think about these years, I always feel sadness and gratitude towards myself and my husband- because we went through it all together.

I had the only way to go — egg donation treatment. Adoption in Italy feels like 7 circles of hell which I was not able to bare. I immediately decided to go in Russia and to contact international department of Russian-Finnish Clinic in Saint-Petersburg. At that time amazing doctors: Dr. Olga Zaytseff, Dr. Elena Lapina and Dr. Alena Egorova worked there.
Now they work in the OLGA fertility clinic. Coordination service is phenomenal.

Punctuality, communication at the highest level, respect for donors and sensitivity to patients and, of course, the highest professionalism.

Only thanks to the personal approach to all my problems, we managed to achieve a result together.

The first attempt ended in failure. Pregnancy did not occur, Dr. Olga Zaytseff immediately advised diagnostic hysteroscopy, since the embryo was of the highest level. Hysteroscopy revealed diffuse adenomyosis and polyp. Then 3 months of pharmacological menopause were recommended. The second attempt resulted in pregnancy but it ended at 5 weeks due to heavy bleeding.

After this attempt, my hands dropped. It was morally difficult to overcome this injury, severe depression followed, and we began to think about adoption. A year later, we decided to give my body the last chance with frozen embryos. The medical plan was very long, with 3 other months of menopause, antibiotics and hormones. Everything went according to plan, 2 embryos were transferred, and I held my breath. When the test showed pregnancy, there was no joy, only tension and readiness for everything. In the week 5, I began to feel bad, strong nausea, fatigue and dizziness, which I didn’t feel before. And at 8 weeks, ultrasound showed the fetus and heartbeat. I have not yet reached such a result. I felt bad, but my butterflies trampled inside ... The pregnancy was a very pleasant and significant period, despite injections in the stomach for up to 12 weeks and progesterone injections up to 7 months. But all this was nothing compared to hell of infertility.

My girl Stella was born at 39 weeks through Caesarean. Everything went calmly, the milk came in 3 days and I fed up to almost 2 years.

Now Stellina is our star and incredible happiness. There is an incredible connection between us, largely due to breastfeeding. Stellina is my child by 200 percent, despite donation. She is a copy of my husband, but also like me. This is a an evidence that not the genes determine true love and understanding.
I can only advise women in my situation to consider the possibility of donor eggs, but to trust a serious Clinic.
My husband and I would like to express our gratitude to the whole team of OLGA fertility clinic, and especially to Dr. Olga Zaytseff, Dr. Alena Egorova and Dr. Elena Lapina.

Dr. Elena Lapina has golden hands and heart. My successful pregnancy is the result of the hysteroscopy and embryo transfer done by her.

Many thanks to the coordinators Alla Shatskova and Anna Svarinskaya. And of course, the nurses Katya Tint and Olga Malysheva for constant support and advises.

When I finally gave birth to a child, I gave myself the word to write and publish my story, because I am sure it can help and give the courage to many women who were in my situation. I can only wish everyone a successful pregnancy and trust only specialists of the highest level as in OLGA fertility clinic."



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