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My story of how I became a mother of twins!

I always loved children and wanted at least three children. I never thought that I someday were going to have difficulties to become mother. Unfourtunatly I got 38 years old before I met the man for me. Its was allredy a bit late to have children but I was healthy and didnt think that it might get a problem. I got naturally pregnant when I was 40 but had a miscarriage in 5 weeks of pregnancy. After that we started with IVF program in Denmark. In Sweden where I leave I was too old to do the IVF-program.

The doctors in Denmark told me that I had very good eggs. We tried with IVF 3 times and each time they received more than 12 eggs from me, but I never got pregnant. After another 2 times with frozen eggs I still didn't get pregnant, I give up hopes to ever be a mother. I prepared myself to live without children. We talked about adoption but we had to wait at least 2 years, maybe more before we could have a child. I wanted so bad to get pregnant and feel life in me and have my own child.

There is a website called (familylife) in the internet where I chatted with other women who had difficulties in having children and got information about egg donation. First it sounded strange for me, to receive another woman’s egg... Could I love the child like mine? The sperm would be my husbands, but still?... I thought about it and spoke with my husband and near relatives. Of course it would be mine, not genetic but biologically and the child can't have a mother other than me...

I wanted to have a baby of my own and this could be my last chance, because by that time I was 43 years old. I looked up several clinics on the internet and heard that one clinic in St Petersburg in Russia had a good reputation. I looked into their homepage and it looked fine. I mailed them and got an answer very fast, I believe It was next day.

They told me that they had many egg donors and It wouldn't take long from the first meeting. This was in March 2008. In April my husband and I flew to St. Petersburg for the first time and met Dr Olga Zaytseff! She was a warm and enthusiastic person and very professional. I liked her immediately and trusted her. She told us to begin with medicine directly after first leaving blood samples etc. We came home and started with medicine. In June we got mail from Dr Olga telling us they found a matching donor and asking if we accept her. I remember I got nervous thinking this is it! I talked with my husband and also with my sister and mother the same day and we then decided to accept the donor.

On 24 June we got to St Petersburg for the second time and transfer of embryo! I was both happy and nervous, if I didn’t get pregnant after this try I don’t know if I wanted any more tries... But 2 days later I got bad flu! And Dr Olga decided to cancel the embryo transfer. I was devastated! All effort to get here and I got the flu! But Dr Olga didn’t see any problems. She even helped me to get to a doctor for the flu and told me that they now froze all embryos we received and want me to come back again. We got home after 4 days.

In July I started the medicines again and went back to Russia in September. This time I went by myself. On the 8 of September Dr Olga transferred two fine embryos. The clinic was very clean and the staff was very professional. I felt safe. The day after I went home to Sweden with my two embryos inside!. The test day was 19 of September. Certainly, the waiting until test days was nervous and I didn’t believe my eyes when I saw the plus. The test was positive!!! It was the first time I became pregnant after 3 years.

I couldn’t enjoy myself in the beginning being afraid of a miscarriage. In 7 weeks of pregnancy I took an ultrasound and could see a heart beat! I began to hope that this maybe could go fine. Soon after that I started to bleed and got panic! Called Dr Olga and she strictly ordered me progesterone injections and rest for a couple of days. And the bleeding stopped, thank God! In 9 weeks of pregnancy I took a new ultrasound and was shocked when the doctor said that it was two heartbeats! What?! Was it twins?? I know that we transferred two embryos but I couldn’t imagine that both would stay! Yes, I really was pregnant with two!

I was so happy and my husband worried, he thought about all difficulties. He was naturally also in shock. During the whole pregnancy I felt very well, hadn’t any problems. I had a little of high blood pressure. But in week 32 I suddenly began to get higher blood pressure and got to hospital for stay. I had got preeclampsia. It's very usual in twin pregnancy and my age (I was 44). This was also my first pregnancy, even egg donation can be the part. After 9 days in hospital I became a mother to a girl and a boy!!! It was done with a caesarian section and everything went well!

My babies were a bit small but very strong, they could breathe by themselves immediately. Today they are 4 months old and I still can't believe sometimes that they are my children! They both are very healthy and happy babies. I love them so much! I am very grateful to the donor and give her a thought often and hope that she lives a good life. And without Dr Olga and her team I think I never could come so far in my dreams!

From a twin mother


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