Marina Abdulina

Financial Controller

My name is Marina Abdulina and I am a financial controller in O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic.

    My work in O.L.G.A. Clinic

    In 2015, when I was not donating any more, I was offered to join Dr. Olga’s team and I agreed.
    It was exciting to see the work from inside and to become its part.

    Now my role in O.L.G.A. Clinic is a financial controller. My work is about figures, payment tracking, contract consulting and signing, communication with different banks. But at the same time it consists in helping our patients to deal with all the paperwork and contracts, I explain in a nice and easy conversation all the points in their contracts and answer their questions and, of course, I always wish the future parents the soonest realization of their big and long-hoped for dream!

    My experience as an egg donor

    I met our DREAM TEAM in 2013 when I came to the clinic to become an egg donor. I went through many check-ups and interviews and finally my application was accepted. Quite soon I took part in a programme and helped someone somewhere to make her/their dream come true! It was a truly astonishing experience that I will remember for all my life.
    At that time I worked as a deputy director of economic department in a big private company and had my own family with children. So my main motivation to become an egg donor was my wish to help those couples who were struggling to have their babies. Being a mother I knew how important for a woman and for a married couple is to become parents and experience the joy of raising children.

    From my first visit to the clinic I felt that I met real professionals. Their care and attention to every detail was coming directly from their hearts. It was one of the most important factors for me to choose particularly this clinic. And I never regretted this choice.

    My education

    From my childhood I have believed that we should help those who need our hand. So I think it somehow predetermined my professional way and my future meeting with O.L.G.A. team.

    My first education is quite unusual — dairy products processing specialist with specialization in child nutrition. I had my training in maternity hospitals and helped mothers of newborns with finding the right infant formula in case they had problems with breastfeeding.

    At the same time I received my second degree in Technical Translation.

    But I have always been attracted by figures and maths so I got a degree in Economics, as well.

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