Svetlana Grigorieva

Fertility Nurse


My path towards my profession

I have always liked helping people, as well as learning and gaining new knowledge.

In 2011, I graduated from the Medical College and got a job in the public hospital as a procedural nurse. The work there brought me delight from its drive and speed, from the fact that I am useful to others. Thanks to this job, I met my husband. We started a family and we have a son.

Then I decided to continue my education and entered the Herzen State Pedagogical University, the faculty of correctional pedagogy. When I was finishing my studies there, my beautiful daughter was born. It was difficult at that time to combine studies and motherhood, but I managed to do it and even worked a little in my new specialty.

While I was on maternity leave with my daughter, my thirst for the unknown led me into the world of egg donation. A new universe opened up to me. I realized that by becoming a donor, I can help someone accomplish a long-awaited dream. This is how I met the team of O.L.G.A. Clinic.

It took my about three hours to fill in my donor questionnaire, trying not to miss a single detail. After successfully passing the interviews and medical check ups, I was approved for the donor catalogue, and I took part in three donor programs. The incredible emotions from egg donation will always stay with me.

Sometime after my third donor program, Anna Macarova, the Head of the donor department at O.L.G.A. Clinic, offered me a job. It was very exciting and enjoyable as my personal egg donation experience meant a lot to me. I agreed and started to work in the blood collection room with both patients and donors. I again experienced the drive, speed and inexpressible sensations from my work, from the help that I can provide.

The O.L.G.A. Clinic

Now I have three areas of work: I take tests in the blood collection room, work with egg donors, and assist Dr. Elena Lapina during her appointments with patients.

The blood collection room is one of the first places visited by patients who have started treatment in our clinic. As a rule, tests are taken early in the morning, and morning is the time that can set the mood for the whole day. Therefore, I take a very responsible approach to work. For me, this is much more than just taking blood or giving an injection, for me this is an opportunity to create a positive attitude for a person for the whole day. I smile and say something nice to everyone, I try to make medical procedures painless. It is important for me to find a vein from the first penetration of the needle, ideally to put an injection and a dropper. These are responsible procedures, and behind the smile of a nurse there should always be a professional approach to work and their duties.

Working with egg donors consists in accompanying donors in preparation for the donor program and throughout its duration. This work is very important for me, as I myself was an egg donor. I am pleased to give the ladies support and confidence, which, I know, is very necessary during the donor program.

Work is my source of inspiration. I am surrounded by a team of amazing professionals and just empathetic people. Every day they make small and big miracles happen with their hands, and being a part of this is priceless!

Working at O.L.G.A. Clinic gives me constant development, communication with incredible people and the opportunity to do what I truly love. I have two wonderful beloved children, and I am part of a team that gives people the opportunity to become parents. I feel an incredible warmth in my heart when I find out that a long-awaited baby was born somewhere. It inspires me a lot.

My education

2011 — St. Petersburg Medical College, specialty — nursing, qualification — nurse.

2017 — Russian State Pedagogical University named after. A. I. Herzen, specialty — typhlo-specialist.

2019 — European University "Business Triangle”, specialty — nursing (professional certificate is valid until 07.2024).

My professional experience

2019 till now — O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic, procedural nurse, medical coordinator of egg donors

2018–2019 — Medical Center “Health for All”, procedural nurse.

2016–2017 — private practice in correctional pedagogy.

2011–2018 — St. Petersburg Public Hospital No. 3, procedural nurse.

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