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20 September 2019

Dear Friends, а big THANK YOU to all who attended in Stockholm on Monday! We spoke a lot about how to count potential number of attempts to a baby for every individual patient, whom PGT-A would help and for whom this is just a waste of time and money and many other practical topics.

Super bright questions and a very knowledgeable audience! Also, very keen and engaged beginners – lots of respect for your endurance and inquisitiveness! I am happy I could help you a little bit further on your way to parenthood.

DEAR ALL whom we have had short consultations with after the seminar: a big thank you for your trust and being able to clearly explain your situation to me. I feel for you and want to help you all. All of you will receive your individual summary letters written by me and sent to you by your personal coordinators by ‪next Monday‬.

DEAR ALL whom have waited for a personal consultation after the seminar but have left because it was almost midnight! Please respond to this email so that we can speak first thing BEFORE the next seminar.

DEAR ALL whom have attended our previous seminars but still have questions or wish to talk one-to-one, please come again – you are so very welcome!

THE NEXT SEMINAR we will do ‪on SUNDAY 6 October, 14:00‬. Why SUNDAY? Because on Sunday we can start earlier than on working days and have more time for individual 10 min consultations after the seminar. On Sunday you will be less tired than after work and may benefit from our information and dialog even more. And of course, our dear patients who live in other towns: now you can travel to the seminar and back home without having missed a day of work!

So, in 2,5 weeks we meet again! Please register by the links below.

Please pass this information to everyone who may benefit from it.
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