Dear Friends! It has now been a month since we have opened our O.L.G.A Fertility Clinic!

We of course felt excited, responsible, hopeful and critical all at the same time! But, how rewarding it all feels now to see so many good blastocysts growing and also receiving such happy news about positive pregnancy tests in more than 70% of transfers (with own eggs and donor eggs) carried out in our clinic in the first 2 weeks!

We are also so happy to receive such nice testimonials from our patients whom have already visited our clinic.

Of course we were working very hard before, but even more so during these 4 weeks; with our main focus on creating excellent medical process, care and top success rates for all of you.

We understand that because of this extra work and processes some of you were patiently waiting for your consultations, or other arrangements longer than before and we thank you so much for your understanding! So in thanks for your patience and so that you can still benefit from our February offer, we are happy to extend it for you for one more month with payment before 14 April and with the first egg retrieval, or embryo transfer before 14 July you will receive a 14% discount on ALL Treatment Packages at our clinic!

Programme Full price 14% discount Reduced price
Own eggs IVF (ICSI), single cycle 2990 € -419 € 2 571 €
Own eggs IVF with Money Back Guarantee 9 900 € -1 386 € 8 514 €
Embryo Adoption, single cycle 3 990 € -559 € 3 431 €
Embryo Adoption, Live Birth Money Back Guarantee 11 900 € -1 666 € 10 234 €
Egg donation, single cycle with 12 eggs / 4 embryos guaranteed 11 500 € -1 610 € 9 890 €
Egg Donation, Live Birth Money Back Guarantee 21 900 € -3 066 € 18 834 €
Combined IVF own eggs & Embryo Adoption with 
Live Birth Money Back Guarantee
14 900 € -2 086 € 12 814 €
Combined IVF own eggs & Egg Donation with 
Live Birth Money Back Guarantee
21 900 € -3 066 € 18 834 €

Find out details at our Prices section or request a phone/skype consultation with one of our cooridnators about costs and offers.

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If you have never attended our seminars before, please try to join one of these also this spring:

24 March, 18:00 Stockholm, Sweden Register
25 March, 18:00 Oslo, Norway Register
26 March, 18:00 Gothenburg, Sweden Register
27 March, 18:00 Malmoe, Sweden Register
30 March, 11:00 Hamburg, Germany Register
31 March, 11:00 Berlin, Germany Register

We all are looking forward to welcoming you in our O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic soon!

Some more news about costs

All patients who carry out an IVF, egg donation, embryo adoption or surgery at our clinic will get all the necessary laboratory tests (for compliancy with Russian Ministry of Health) at our clinic free of charge. In some cases you will need to arrive 1-2 days earlier to have these results ready.

PGS (genetic screening of embryos) is becoming really affordable since we can now do this procedure in our own clinic. Prices previously were from 1100 Euro per embryo, the cost now has reduced to 430 Euro per embryo including biopsy, freezing and storage.

Having questions? Ask our doctors now!

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Ulrika from Norway come to us for egg donation treatment… Enjoy this touching and sincere documentary by Jorien van Nes

Willeke and Mario from Netherlands come to the clinic for egg donation treatment…<br/>Enjoy  this touching and sincere documentary by Jorien van Nes

To watch the full version of the documentary free of charge, please send us an e-mail and we will be happy to provide you with a link and a password

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