Everything you wanted to know about our Egg Donors

Who are our Egg Donors?

Our Egg Donors are all educated young ladies under the age of 32. They are all in good health and have healthy children of their own.

Our Egg Donors have a genuine desire to help our patients, as they know how life-changing the birth of a child can be and how much happier and brighter everything around you suddenly gets when a baby arrives. 

When a new Donor comes to us, first we ask about her motivation to donate. We welcome only those ladies whose desire to donate is driven not by financial benefits, but those who truly want to help.

It’s so wonderful that many of our Donors also tell us that after their donations their own lives became so much better. We think it is quite natural as the more positive energy you give out the more you get in return.

We greatly value our Egg Donors’ gift and always do our very best to create impeccable medical and psychological conditions for them during their donations.

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How do Egg Donors come to us?

Everything you wanted to know about our egg donors

Most of our potential Egg Donors find us through social networks or their friends and relatives. 

However, there is always some time taken between the wish to become an Egg Donor and the actual decision to donate. This is good though as it is an important step that should be thoroughly thought through. On average, the decision to donate takes around 6 months to make which means that after this time these ladies are emotionally ready and have their families’ full support. At that point they come to O.L.G.A. Fertility and meet our Egg Donor Team.

Medical and social screening of potential
Egg Donors

All potential Egg Donors have in-depth social and medical interviews in O.L.G.A. Clinic as well as a meticoulous laboratory check-up.

Potential Egg Donors are healthy women under 32 having at least one child of their own. We believe that having own child or children is important for potential Egg Donors to understand the meaning of donation and to commit to the process. Each candidate tells us about her health, children, family medical history, education (all Donors must have a minimum of a college diploma or university degree), job, interests, values in life and reasons for becoming an Egg Donor. We receive many requests from potential donors, but due to the strict criteria of choice we usually accept less than 10% of candidates.

All the potential donors have consultations and medical check-up by 4 medical doctors: internist, psychiatrist-narcologist, geneticist, gynecologist.

Potential Egg Donors also undergo detailed testing:

  • Blood group and Rh factor
  • Karyotyping (one person) on peripheral blood lymphocytes
  • Antibodies for Hepatitis B, C, HIV, Syphilis, Rubella
  • PCR for Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Trichomonas, Neisseria
  • Clinical blood test with morphological assessment of results
  • Anti-Mullerian Hormone
  • Biochemical parameters of blood checking function of inner organs: ALAT, ASAT, Protein, Bilirubin total, Glucose, Creatinine, Urea
  •  Coagulogram
  • Urine analysis
  • Cytological and microscopic examination of cervical smears
  • Electracardiography
  • Lungs X-ray
  • Ultrasound of breast, ovaries and uterus

If Medical and Egg Donor teams approve the Egg Donor, her profile is added to our online Database.

Many of our Egg Donors stay with us for several years. Quite often our Egg Donors donate for the first time in their 20s (when they have just one child of their own), then they take a break to have their own new pregnancy(ies) and after that they come back to donate as they appreciate our approach and share our values. We consider it an honor to us and it also gives our patients the possibility to choose the same Donor for their sibling.

Why do Egg Donors donate their eggs?

This is a very common question among our patients. And, indeed, the reason behind egg donation may tell you a lot about the Egg Donor and her values.
We believe that the best way to give you the answer to this question is to share with you some Donors’ handwritten motivation letters.

Below you can see these letters, translated into English for you:

Alyona, 27
“Maternity. This word radiates warmth and care. When I pronounce it, I feel warm inside as I’m blessed to have this special experience. I'm a mother of two wonderful, I can even tell the best, children in the world. Children are the most precious that a woman has in her life. That's why a mother's love is almighty.
People put different meanings in words. For example, the word "happiness" – for me it’s children.
Why did I decide to become an egg donor? I want to help people become happy parents and have their own bundle of joy, their treasure. To experience the same feeling that I have. I guess everyone should feel it because maternity changes the way we perceive this world.”

Alina, 29
”Why did I decide to become an egg donor? Once upon a time, several years ago, anxious thoughts and fear appeared in my head: "What if I could never have children?" I can’t remember why these thoughts came up and what was the reason. Two-three years had passed and when I wanted to have a baby I couldn't get pregnant for several months. Doctors told me that everything looked great and I had no issues with my fertility health. And then, when I let thoughts about the pregnancy go, I saw two bright stripes on the test. Emotions overflew, I felt happiness, joy, wanted to laugh, thousands of positive thoughts started spinning in my head. And since then, waiting for my miracle began. I gave birth to my daughter and I realized what a sheer love is. This smile, these little hands and feet, that sparkling laughter. A wonderful feeling of maternity.
Time passed by and a friend of mine told me about egg donation programme. At that moment I didn't think that I would make this step and become an egg donor. And then I saw two stripes on the pregnancy test again. A happy smile lightened up my face: "Such a blessing! I will become a mother again, for the second time". I gave birth to my son. Now I’m a loving mother of two children. They are my sense of life, they are my happiness, my love and joy. Watching my children grow up I remembered my old fear of infertility. I knew some people had to fight with infertility. And at that moment I was ready and decided to become an egg donor. I'm grateful for having children - it is a great gift. I want to share this happiness I possess. This opportunity of being a beloved mother and father, happy parents.
Your donor”

Christina, 24
“My life will begin soon! My parents don’t know yet but I’m already here. I’m a girl or a boy, I will have blond hair or maybe dark, blue eyes or maybe green. Nothing defined yet except for one thing – I’m already waiting for my parents.
They are ready to do anything for me, their baby! They sacrifice their time, efforts and love to make my life possible. I already know that many adventures and much joy is waiting for us in the future. As well as many difficulties, but I’m sure we can get over together.
I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to our meeting but one day I will look into your gentle eyes and you will understand at once how much I love you.”

Ekaterina, 29
“I learned about egg donation programs 3 years ago, when my first child was born. I wanted to know why couples need donor eggs and donor sperm. I found out that many people for one reason or another can't get pregnant naturally. Because of genetic diseases, due to poor ovarian function... I couldn’t even imagine that these issues exist…
I am experiencing the happiness of motherhood and I know: the happiness is in the first meeting with the baby that you carried under your heart for 9 months, it’s his breath and the way he squeezes your finger with his tiny hand. The happiness is to see your baby smiling, looking at you with his eyes full of love. Happiness is in the first steps of your baby – the first achievement you experience together.
All in all, happiness is to be the whole world for this baby. He’s the one who will truly love you and accept you as you are.
I want every woman to experience this happiness. I feel excited as I can share the most precious thing in our life.
"The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Is the Hand That Rules the World" William Wallace»

Alexandra, 28:
“Hello, dear parents-to-be! I'm very happy and glad that we all have decided to make this step. I can imagine your excitement that overflows inside. If I could be nearby, I would hold your hand and support you in the most difficult moments.
I would answer the question "Why did I decide to become an egg donor" the following way...
Since my childhood I wanted to help everyone with everything. While growing up, I started thinking about the exact way I can help and people who may need help. I was aimed to become a firewoman but firewomen don't exist here. I wished to become a cosmonaut to fulfill the global mission of humanity, but it didn't work either. Have let the global ideas go, I focused on charity and real help. I just love this world. Entire world as it is. To be honest, I thought there's no stronger love before I got pregnant. This incredible feeling of total happiness, love and joy. And I want you to feel the same. To let a mom-to-be feel her blossom every month of her pregnancy. And such sweet tears of joy when you see and hold your baby in your arms for the first time. My heart stays with you. I believe you will be wonderful parents. Thank you for this opportunity of helping you!”

Katya, 27:
“I made this decision of becoming an egg donor because I feel I’m mature enough and ready for this step. Now I'm a mother of the most stubborn, curious and wonderful baby. And only now, having created my own family, I'm able to fully understand that there are people dreaming about children but for multiple reasons facing a lot of difficulties. I've never thought about infertility before. Of course, I knew it existed but I considered it as something far and surrealistic. Nowadays this uninvolved point of view disappeared. So why can not one person help others if she meets the necessary requirements? Once I was helped and now it's my turn to give. And let it be my input in life's development on the Earth where all people live with principles of mutual aid. Children make us better. They help us remember how sincere and natural we were. They shouldn’t play serious or pretend. I become an egg donor to let more people know, see and feel the serenity, the flow of fantasy, and the great love for life. Let your own little ray in its clumsy and passionate way bring happy chaos to your routine. Children are endless opportunities that's why I wish parents to be naughty, rebel, and wild together with their kids and to be forever proud of their little ones.”

Reciprocal Anonymous Letters between the Donor and the Patient

All our Donors always hope that their donation will be successful and ask us just to tell them: “yes” or “no”. They can’t wait to receive the news, and this is, of course, understandable, taking into account the commitment and time they have given to the donation process: going through all the medical tests, interviews, waiting to be chosen and finally having a stimulation protocol and egg retrieval. How delighted they are when they hear “yes” and realize that they helped someone to become a parent! 

Seeing this obvious emotional connection between our Patients and Donors, we have come up with an idea of letters in which Patients and Donors can support and encourage each other without actually ever meeting or disclosing who they are.

So, our Donors often write their thoughts and best wishes to our Patients and our Patients can say thank you in return to their Donor. These letters are so sincere and spirit-lifting that they build a marvelous connection, even an intimacy between people who will never actually meet.

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