Everything you wanted to know about our Egg Donors

Who are our Egg Donors?

Our Egg Donors are all educated young ladies under the age of 30. They are all in good health and have healthy children of their own.

Our Egg Donors have a genuine desire to help our patients, as they know how life changing the birth of a child can be and how much happier and brighter everything around you suddenly gets when a baby arrives. 

When a new Donor comes to us, first we ask about her motivation to donate. Into our Egg Donor Catalogue we only ever invite those ladies whose desire to donate is not financially driven, but those who truly want to help.

It’s so wonderful that many of our Donors also tell us that after their donations their own lives suddenly became so much better. We think this is only natural as the more positive energy you give out the more you get in return.

We greatly value our Egg Donors’ gift and always do our very best to create impeccable medical and psychological conditions for them during their donations.

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How Egg Donors come to us?

Everything you wanted to know about our egg donors

Most of our potential Egg Donors find us through social networks or their friends and relatives. 

However, there is always some time taken between the wish to become an Egg Donor and the actual decision to donate. This is good though as it is an important step that should be thoroughly thought through. On average, the decision to donate takes around 6 months to make which means that after this time these ladies are emotionally ready and have their families’ full support. At that point they come to O.L.G.A. Fertility and meet our Egg Donor Team.

All potential Egg Donors have an in-depth interview
with one of our Egg Donor Team members:

  • Each candidate tells us about her health, children, family medical history, education (all donors must have a minimum of a college diploma or university degree), job, interests, values in life and reasons for becoming an Egg Donor so that we can include all this information into our Egg Donor Catalogue for you. As our strict donor criteria ensures that the Donor herself should be a young mother it is also important to understand if she possesses the necessary amount of time and energy to commit herself to the process.
  • They also go through several medical check-ups by four of our Doctors (gynecologist, general practitioner, geneticist and psychiatrist) and also carry out a number of medical tests.

If Medical and Egg Donor teams approve the Egg Donor, her profile is added to our online Catalogue. Due to our strict shortlisting process and requirements for donors we approve only about 10% of potential candidates.

Many of our Egg Donors stay with us for several years. Quite often our Egg Donors donate for the first time in their 20s (when they have just one child of their own), then they take a break to have their own new pregnancy(ies) and after that they come back to donate as they appreciate our approach and share our values. Such situations with the Donors are an honor to us and also gives our patients the possibility to choose the same Donor for their sibling.

Reciprocal Anonymous Letters between the Donor and the Patient

All our Donors always hope that their donation will be successful and ask us just to tell them: “yes” or “no”. They can’t wait to receive the news, and this is, of course, understandable, taking into account the commitment and time they have given to the donation process: going through all the medical tests, interviews, waiting to be chosen and finally having a stimulation protocol and egg retrieval. How delighted they are when they hear “yes” and realize that they helped someone to become a parent! 

Seeing this obvious emotional connection between our Patients and Donors, we have come up with an idea of letters in which Patients and Donors can support and encourage each other without actually ever meeting or disclosing who they are.

So, our Donors often write their thoughts and best wishes to our Patients and our Patients can say thank you in return to their Donor. These letters are so sincere and spirit-lifting that they build a marvelous connection, even an intimacy between people who will never actually meet.

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