Egg donation guarantees

Egg donation is not the method of choice — it is the method of exclusion

After 3 IVF in Sweden, 3 miscarriages, Elisabet and Pär became parents of lovely Ester through egg donation in St. Petersburg

Egg donation guarantees

Egg number guarantee

We have many patients, in egg donation treatment, who have tried IVF with their own eggs, but sadly there were no, or very few eggs, available at egg retrieval. These patients are scared that an egg donor may also produce a low amount, or no eggs at all. We believe ensuring a good amount of eggs available for each recipient is one of our primary responsibilities.

At O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic we are very strict and critical in the process of recruiting egg donors. Among other inclusion criteria ovarian reserve and excellent fertility history are of top priority and we therefor accept less than 10% of potential egg donor candidates. In 19 out of 20 egg collections, in egg donors, a good number of eggs are collected. Still, in one out of 20 egg retrievals, in egg donors, there may be not be sufficient amount of eggs for the recipient. To these patients we offer the opportunity of having the missing amount of eggs from another suitable egg donor, without any extra charge!

We feel that it is our responsibility to provide our patients with the opportunity of having a sufficient amount of eggs for fertilization, so we strongly believe that having no, or a low amount of eggs available for fertilization is our issue to rectify and that this is outside of our patients’ risks.

We offer our patients a guarantee of 10 eggs in our programmes

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Embryo guarantee

Many of our patients have tried IVF with their own eggs more than once and have never have managed to have an embryo transfer. There were always some eggs available at egg retrieval, but no embryos have ever grown from these. Was it bad luck? Was the sperm to blame? What if the sperm does not fertilize the donor eggs? These patients are very much afraid of the same problem happening again, even with donor eggs: that no embryos will be available for embryo transfer!

At O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic we are extremely confident of the quality of our donor eggs and the level of our embryological laboratory procedures. 9 out of 10 donor egg IVF cycles are very straightforward and there is a good amount of excellent embryos available for transfer and freezing. Still, one out of 10 donor egg IVF cycles may be not as good, with little, or no embryos available for transfer. To these patients we offer an opportunity of creating the missing amount of embryos without any extra charge!

We feel that it is our responsibility to provide our patients with the opportunity of having a sufficient number of embryos for transfer, capable of creating pregnancy. We believe that having no embryos available for transfer in a donor egg cycle is our issue to rectify and that this is outside of our patients’ risks.

We offer our patients a guarantee of having at least 3 blastocysts available for transfer and freezing on day 5 if they use an egg donation programme with a guarantee of 10 eggs.

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Baby Guarantee

Many of the patients that come to us for egg donation have already been through multiple fertility treatments, spent a lot of money and have still not achieved a result. One of many concerns expressed by our patients is: “What if we spend more money on fertility treatment and don’t get the result we wish for? Then we are left with no money and no child”. We offer our patients egg donation treatment with a baby guarantee for this reason. This means: should no baby be born within 3 donor egg IVF attempts, patients will get 80% of their money back.

Egg Donation - Live Birth Money Back Guarantee

80% money refund if no baby is born within up to 3 IVF/ICSI cycles with donor eggs


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A baby in your arms, or your money back!

Are you tired of counting your IVF attempts?

Are you tired of having another birthday, Christmas eve, or summer holiday without being a mum?

Are you tired of the uncertainty in relation to the amount of time and money it will take when it comes to your child project?

How would you feel if we could offer you a baby guarantee? A guarantee that will promise you either a healthy baby in your arms, or your money back if the treatment fails?

Well, our excellent results in egg donation treatment have enabled our clinic to offer our patients a baby guarantee, based on the shared risk of a “money back” principle! If no baby is born within 3 cycles IVF, or ICSI with an egg donor, 80% of your money will be returned back to you.

So why do patients choose the Baby Guarantee Programme?

  • A healthy baby in your arms
    Patients have finally found a clinic that not only guarantees a pregnancy, but a healthy baby in their arms. This is a big difference from other clinics around Europe that have either no guarantees at all, or only guarantee a pregnancy. If something goes wrong during that pregnancy they have nothing left; not their wanted child, or some of their money back. The guarantee program that O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic offers it patients the assurance of a ‘healthy baby in your arms’.
  • Less stress
    Patients have started to think rationally and feel that it is time to choose a programme that will give them the opportunity to be more relaxed and confident during treatment. They feel less stress because they know that they will finally reach their goal, or they will have most of their money back if they are unsuccessful. They suddenly find themselves in a situation where they don’t have to worry about losing their chances to become parents and a lot of money at the same time.
  • Economically beneficial
    Patients know that they have already spent a lot of money and still do not have a child. They have the uncertainty about how many more attempts they may need to get pregnant in the future and how much money they will spend! This unknown future could still put them in a situation where they spend the same amount of money, similar to the guarantee program, but without the guarantee of success!
  • Think ‘time’ instead of ‘number of attempts’
    Patients are tired of counting and focussing on the number of attempts. Instead, now they can just be prepared to do the programme. Patients start to focus on time and not on counting each attempt. They are prepared to use the time the clinic needs to fulfil the programme and their dreams.
  • To stop googling!
    Patients are tired of googling to find some ‘remedy’ which will finally help — they know that the clinic will look for the best clinical approach for them, because the clinic shares their risk with them. The clinic will do all that is humanly possible and within their power to achieve success for the patient.
  • Something totally new
    They feel more motivated and hopeful, because now they are try something new! A new programme with a guarantee and a program that cannot be compared with any previous fertility programmes they have been through.

Money is a big concern for a lot of patients, patients that have had a failed attempt sometimes need to consider to continue, or not and often this is dependent upon on the costs.

So instead of your continued concern about your wasted money after each attempt; why not carry out a treatment that is more predictable in both time and money by choosing a “Money back guarantee egg donation programme”.

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