Ovarian eggs donation at O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic

Treatment with ovarian eggs donation

Ovarian eggs donation treatment involves three people: the egg donor, the egg recipient and the person who produces the sperm to inseminate the donor’s ovarian eggs. This could be your partner, husband or a sperm donor. At O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic, the egg donor is usually an anonymous donor individually matched to you from our database. Our doctors meet our donors personally, so that the chosen donor’s appearance is as close to the recipient’s looks as possible. If you can’t come to O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic for an Initial Consultation, we use your photographs and the data you give us to ensure an appropriate match. Once we have matched you to a suitable donor and you have approved the selection, your donor ovarian eggs treatment can begin.

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Synchronising the menstrual cycles

Both the ovarian eggs donor and the egg recipient must be at the beginning of their menstrual cycles to start egg donation treatment. Even if you don’t have a menstrual cycle any longer, or do not have a normal menstrual cycle, we can start one at the right time. This is done by giving the birth control pills (combined oral contraception tablets) to both the donor and the recipient according to the agreed time-table. Sometimes recipients need a couple of ‘probe’ cycles to encourage the uterine membrane to grow before starting the Embryo Transfer cycle. The tablet course is finished the same day by both the donor and the recipient, which causes a ‘withdrawal bleed’ (menstruation) in both women several days after. Both of you are now prepared to start your treatment.

The egg donor’s treatment

Once the egg donor's period starts, she has an ultrasound scan (a scan of the uterus) to ensure the ovaries are inactive and the uterine lining is thin enough. Your egg donor takes medication to stimulate her ovarian follicles to create eggs afterwards One or two more scans may be performed during this phase of treatment to monitor the growth of the follicles in her ovaries, the effect of the hormone dosage and to prevent the premature release of ovarian egg cells. After about ten days, she takes one more hormone to make her eggs ready for harvesting. Egg collection is carried out by aspirating the ovarian eggs from the follicles using a needle inserted into the ovary through the vagina. The process is performed under general anesthetics to make it painless for the donor. Your donor is personal to you and, therefore you will receive all the eggs that are collected in this stimulation cycle. Your donor then rests for a while until the effect of the anaesthetic wears off, and has no significant activities for the rest of the day. Her role is now over, and her next period will arrive in about 10 days’ time.

The ovarian egg recipient’s treatment

Egg donor baby hands

Egg recipients (ladies who are in need of donor eggs to get pregnant) may or may not still have a menstrual cycle. Whether you do or not, you will usually be asked to take birth control tablets for a certain number of days and then stop the course. This should result in a ‘withdrawal bleed’ or period. Sometimes one or several ‘test cycles’ is necessary to ensure that your uterine lining develops well in response to the medication. Your O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic doctor will write this down into your individual treatment plan. You may also have one more injection of a ‘down-regulating’ drug to guarantee optimal synchronisation of cycle with your ovarian egg donor. In most cases, you will have a scan afterwards to check that the membrane of your womb is thin and that there are no cysts before the treatment cycle starts. (Donor eggs are surely very precious, and your O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic doctor would like to ensure your uterus is in the best possible state to have them placed in.) This treatment step involves taking oestrogen tablets, cream and/or patching to build up your uterus lining again. Five days before the scheduled date for Embryo Transfer, you start taking progesterone in addition to oestrogen. This is normally in the form of vaginal progesterone pessaries or cream.

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