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What is the true result of IVF treatment?

A positive pregnancy test?

A heartbeat?

Those who have been through unsuccessful attempts and losses will tell you that the only sufficient result of an IVF treatment is a baby. Your baby in your arms.

How to make a fertility clinic achieve your result, a baby, sooner?

Packages with 100% Money Back Guarantee of Life Birth:
if no baby is born within the limited number of attempts, included in the package, you are getting a 100% refund.

Our Packages with 100% Money Back Guarantee of Life Birth are available for IVF with your own eggs, egg donation, double donation or combination.

Would you like to find out more and achieve your result sooner?

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Our dear former patients – guest speakers in the seminars share with you

Titiyo, @therealtitiyo

During our process we set up very short goals to keep too much disappointment out, but looking at (Olgas) rates today you should actually try to look at the whole picture and the whole journey from start to actually having a baby.

There shouldn’t be too much miracle thinking. It’s real and it’s very much possible to actually reach the goal of becoming a mother at high age.”

Therése Neaimé, @thereseneaime:

…of course I had my concerns.

Am I too old? Will it be possible? Am I asking for too much?

How would you feel if tomorrow you would have been told that this chance does not exist for you anymore? Would you have regretted that you did not take it?

You will always have this dream, now when you are in your 40s, and you will still have this dream if you do not let it happen, when you are in your 50s or 60s. The difference is in that when you are in your 40s this dream may still become a reality!

Always follow your dreams and goals! The only regrets we have are the ones we don't follow through!

I very often receive the statement from other women thinking of having a child on their own in the 40s or 50s; - What if I die and my child will be without a mom!? My answer will always be the same. – You can die in your 30s too. Instead, think like this. What if you do not die and you live until you´re 90. Then you will have to live with the fact that you did not dare when you were just in the middle of your life. That's much worse.

The second most asked question from women thinking of an ED is very often – What will other people think? Also, here my answer is very simple. – It´s your life!!! No one will thank you if you do not go ahead and follow your heart. At the end of the day everyone has enough with their own life and own worries.

Many times women focus on all things that can go wrong or their doubts and the difficulties that might occur along the way. In these cases my advice is always the same. – Ask yourself one question. Just one. “Do I want to become old and NOT have a child!? If the answer to this question is a clear NO then you know. Focus only on this goal and the baby steps you need to take to reach your dream about becoming a mother."

Cilla Holm, @jagvillhabarn

I met the Olga team in 2017, I was 42 and had made 10 attempts to get pregnant in Denmark. It was the first time in my whole journey that someone cared about my specific case and made an effort to explain my reality to me, and also helped me emotionally to get to the point where I was at medically and statistically. That's the reason I'm a mother today. And it's also the reason why I continue to collaborate with the Olga team and recommend them as the best team to treat your infertility and desire to have children."

Joan Divine, @joandivine:

If someone had said that to me 10 years ago. "Just hold off on fertility treatment for 9 years and you'll have the most beautiful boy"

Then it probably had not costed me so many tears and thoughts that my body is not good enough… O would have not asked myself so many times why it does not work for us when it works for everyone else… Yes I could go on…

That's why it's so important to me that if I can just help someone, like there was someone who helped me find the right clinic for me, well then I'll do everything to help🌟

Mikaela Lauren, @mikaelalauren76:

Thanks to these two ⬆️ @dr.olga.zaytseff and our own lovely doctor Elena Lapina at the Olga clinic in Saint Petersburg, we can thank our lucky stars that we could finally become parents 👨‍👩‍👧🙌🙏✨❤️ When it felt like a "run" in Sweden, it all started with us attending the Olga clinic's seminar in Stockholm, autumn 2019. We were so filled with hope that we decided to give it a chance in Russia, like so many others. If you also have a burning desire for children, you now have the chance to come to their seminar in Stockholm on October 12 (I will be there) or in Gothenburg on October 15 to get some more information. Don't miss the chance 🙏❤️


We are here in St. Petersburg now to do a sibling trial as it is called when you have to get help to do it. We have the world's best team and clinic behind us, so it actually feels very good. When I get home, I will attend one of @dr.olga.zaytseff's seminars in Copenhagen to tell about my experiences. It was at such a seminar that I met @dr.olga.zaytseff for the first time several years ago, April 2019. That evening we learned more about fertility than we have learned in all years in Swedish healthcare. In a way, complete the circle for us, we end up where we started. If you want to learn more about fertility, what it's like to travel to St Pete right now or similar, I hope to see you there. Think that everything turned out so so amazingly well, that we got Lilou in our lives 😍♥️


This is to all my #ivfsisters who are still standing in front of a closed door, waiting and suffering. You are not alone! I struggled 10 years with secondary infertility and went through IVF for 8 years. I thought #eggdonation would be the final and easy solution, but as you can see from my face - it wasn’t. After 13 attempts and 4 #deivf I could finally hold our baby in my arms. It wasn’t easy. I have cried a lot and together with @samtalaistockholm I prepared myself to move on and leave behind my hopes of a second child. In the end the 13th attempt did succeed and I’m forever grateful to @dr.olga.zaytseff. If you want to know more how to handle impossible cases, then come to one of the seminars. If you join us in Stockholm then you will also hear more about my journey and how we succeeded in the end. So to all of you, who are still struggling - there is hope - but it’s also perfectly fine to say - I have had enough! I’m sending you lots of love and strength ❤️❤️❤️

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