Webinar 15 December 18:00 CET

Webinar about Egg donation & Embryo adoption with Guarantee of Live Birth! Decision, Support, Donor Choice, Process, Result

15 December we are holding a webinar devoted to Egg donation and Embryo adoption and invite you to join:

  • If you were recommended egg donation or embryo adoption by our clinic or by your local clinic
  • If you are 44-50, dreaming to have a baby and wish to find out your options
  • If you are under 44, but your ovarian reserve is significantly reduced
  • If you are in menopause, under 50 but have not fulfilled your wish for a child yet

We know very well that egg donation or embryo adoption are never methods. These methods are always "Plan B" of choice and are used when attempts with own eggs did not work or have very low chance of success.

Evidently comparing egg donation with an opportunity of having a baby with own egg you will never find advantages of egg donation. But what if comparing a chance for a baby through egg donation to having no baby at all? What if egg donation or embryo adoption is your only chance of experiencing a normal biological pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy baby?

Will you spend years waiting and doubting until it is too late, or will you take a chance?

Will you spend years listening to judgements of those who are not in your situation and will never feel what you feel? Or will you socialize with people in the same situation and find your own way?

Join our webinar 15 December at 18:00 CET to listen to our presentation and find out more

  • This webinar will provide you with essential information to continue your decision process.
  • With the help of this webinar you will also make one step further in normalizing your feelings about egg donation and embryo adoption.
  • In this webinar we wish to give you hope, inspiration and energy to make your dream for a baby come true.

Here some helpful links to read before the webinar:
Am I too old to become a mother? eggdonorideas.com/infertility-blog/too-old-to-become-a-mother/
The 40/60 Rule eggdonorideas.com/infertility-blog/the-60-40-rule/

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Attendance of our webinars is free. The webinar is on Zoom, the number of participants is limited.

Please feel free to share this invitation with those who may be interested.

* 100% Guarantee of Live Birth means: If no baby is born within the limited number of attempts included in your package, we refund 100% of your costs paid for the package

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Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Stockholm

Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Stockholm

August 2017

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Dr. Alena Egorova with baby Alice born a year ago with help of ICSI. Her dear Mom Anna (@eggdonationblog) is our great Egg Donation Team Leader since 2011, our renowned egg donor 2008-2010. Anna is good to talk to since she has been through both: being an egg donor and ICSI patient.

Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Oslo

Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Oslo

September 2017

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After 7 unsuccessful embryo transfers in a local clinic, in April Andreas and Hanna have got their sweet baby boy after their second embryo transfer in O.L.G.A. Clinic. "Dear Dr. Nina, You were our doctor during IVF at O.L.G.A. clinic and I just wanted to let you know that our baby boy is here now!! You made the impossible possible!!! And we are forever grateful to the bottom of our hearts!!!" - Hanna and Andreas

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