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4хIVF Package with PGT-A and Live Birth 100% Money Back Guarantee

Individual treatment planning and coordination, medical and nursing care in St. Petersburg, continuation of care via phone/E-Mail on your return to home country until live birth is achieved.

Fixed discounted price of 23 900 EUR for up to 4 IVF (ICSI) cycles with PGT-A including all embryo transfers of all suitable for use blastocysts (if available), one hysteroscopy and one ERA test (if necessary) until live birth is achieved.

IVF(ICSI) cycle with PGT-A — a procedure that includes ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, fertilization of the eggs with IVF (in-vitro fertilization) or ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection to cytoplasm of an egg) method, cultivation till the blastocyst stage, biopsy and cryopreservation of blastocysts (if any available), PGT-A.

Each IVF (ICSI) cycle with PGT-A includes: 

  • Individual stimulation plan
  • Medical coordination before, during and after each visit
  • Egg retrieval under general anesthesia
  • Fertilization of the retrieved eggs via IVF (ICSI if required)
  • Cultivation of fertilized eggs till blastocyst stage
  • Biopsy of blastocysts
  • Cryopreservation of blastocysts
  • PGT-A testing

Blastocyst transfer cycle — cycle of transfer of a suitable for use blastocyst (if any available) to the uterus, includes medical preparation from the first day of the transfer cycle, thawing of the blastocyst and the actual transfer of the blastocyst into the uterine cavity.

Each blastocyst transfer cycle includes:

  • Individual treatment plan for the blastocyst transfer
  • Medical coordination before, during and after each visit
  • Thawing of a suitable for use blastocyst
  • Blastocyst transfer
  • Distant support and care after transfer
  • Laboratory tests required by the Ministry of Health for fertility patients for the Patient and her Partner*

Additional medical services (if necessary) such as one hysteroscopy, one ERA test, laboratory tests for the Patient and her Partner*, cryopreservation and storage of the Partner's/Donor's sperm within the duration of the Contract are included.

100% of the received amount will be refunded if no baby is born after transfers of all usable embryos received during 4 IVF (ICSI) cycles with PGT-A within the validity of the contract.

You are not obligated to complete all cycles and may withdraw from the treatment between the cycles and still get a refund.

Possible additional costs:
Donor sperm — 750-850 EUR per IVF(ICSI) cycle
Additional hysteroscopy — 1290 EUR
Individual laboratory tests 

Calculation of possible costs — 4 IVF Money Back Package with PGT-A vs Single cycles if all 4 cycles would be needed.


Costs of single cycles / separate services

4хIVF Package with PGT-A and 100% Live Birth Money Back Guarantee

4 IVF cycles with PGT-A

7 700 EUR x 4 = 30 800 EUR



1&nbs;290 EUR


ERA test

840 EUR


First embryo transfer of frozen-thawed euploid embryo in each IVF cycle

Free of charge if within duration of contract


Second/third embryo transfer of frozen-thawed euploid embryo in each IVF cycle

1 850 EUR


Sperm cryopreservation

350 EUR for the first year, 110 EUR for each next year


If you have done 4 IVF(ICSI) cycles with an average of 3 blastocysts per cycle tested by PGT-A, Hysteroscopy with ERA test but no live birth is achieved

You have spent at least 
33 000 EUR
with no refund

You have paid 23 900 EUR, but you have spent 0 EUR because you have got 100% refund

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