Why do patients choose O.L.G.A. Clinic?


Unlike majority of clinics in Europe, we use individualized approach instead of standardization. We do not offer the same strategy to large groups of patients — we create an individual recipe for success for every individual woman or couple.


Live birth rates in all our programmes with donor eggs and donor embryos, with own eggs and PGT-A are 50% per one embryo transfer. That makes it on average 2 embryo transfers before our patients get pregnant and deliver their babies. These success rates depend not on the patient's age but either on the availability of an embryo normal for 23 chromosomes in the patient's embryo pool in IVF own eggs programmes or on the donors' age in egg/embryo donation programmes.

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An individually chosen strategy

Patients who come to us have usually a long fertility journey behind them.

We analyze your past history through individual dialog with you, your multiple journals and test results and turn your retrospective history of failed attempts into the successful recipe for livebirth. We may spend 10h of top expert doctor only on studying your medical case to turn your past “bad luck” into your future successful live birth. Before starting with your actual treatment, we have already an individually designed medical strategy and estimation of how many attempts it will take till you achieve live birth. Like every project has its “business plan” with the estimation of time, cost and effort which have to be invested before the result is achieved, your “child project” in O.L.G.A. Clinic has its “business plan” too — an individually chosen strategy and package with fixed price and guarantee of live birth.

Package with fixed price and 100% guarantee of live birth

  • If no baby is born within the limited number of attempts included in your package, we refund 100% of your costs paid for the package;
  • You do not pay for consultations, tests or treatments any longer, you pay only for the result — your baby in your arms!

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Individualized step-by-step medical process

Patients who come to us usually have already had many unsuccessful attempts. They often have more than one reason of why they do not have their own baby yet. It would have been naïve to believe that all the underlying reasons of infertility can be solved in one go.

If you have a challenging project with a big goal, you would usually split it into smaller projects with smaller goals, wouldn’t you?

So do we. For example, if eggs are the problem, and your endometrium doesn’t grow well, we will split your IVF process in 2-3 menstrual cycles to be able to address each of two challenges individually. In one menstrual cycle we will create stronger eggs and competent embryos, in the other cycle we will investigate, treat and stimulate your lining, and in the third cycle we will put these 3 pieces of the puzzle together. This is one of the examples of individualized step-by-step medical process, which explains the difference to the medical process you had before.

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You are not a project manager of your own process

Many patients who come to us, told us they had to be project managers of their fertility treatment otherwise this treatment doesn’t happen. In O.L.G.A. Clinic you do not have to be a project manager of your own fertility treatment. You will have assigned team members who will guide you through the process telling you about your next step several steps ahead.

Individual care and step-by-step guidance

Our patients wish to look at their fertility challenges not only from medical perspective, but also from ethical, moral, and emotional angle. They wish to be treated as individual human beings and they deserve this care beyond words. While being in treatment at O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic you will have your own little team working individually in dialog with you: a personal doctor curator, personal nurse, coordinator and administrator. This individualized approach to communication ensures the best possible care about you as a person and attention to every medical and management detail that leads to your success – live birth of your own baby

Our goal is the achievement of live birth within a minimum number of steps and within your comfort zone. Your personal little team of professionals will be in direct dialog with you by email, phone, Skype and WhatsApp throughout the whole treatment process, during pregnancy until live birth and even beyond.

Individual help with logistics

We help you with the visa process, with finding the best ways to travel to St. Petersburg and recommend good hotels. Personal administrator will assist you with arranging all the necessary travel details so that the journey is comfortable.

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Individual psychological support

Usually, patients who come to us have already a heavy luggage of frustrating attempts on their shoulders. True fighters, we admire your determination and strong will to become parents! Still, everyone may feel exhausted, frustrated, hopeless and sad after multiple unsuccessful attempts and/or miscarriages. We know how important it is to give psychological support and strengthen you before starting your new project with us.

Our perinatal psychologists have their focus on women who are trying to get pregnant. We offer you these on-line sessions to help you heal the psychological burden of your past frustrated attempts, to help you reduce the influence of your history on your future.

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Your individual dialog with our former patients

“A Former patient call” is an opportunity for you to speak to someone in a similar situation. Speaking to someone who has been through the whole process and achieved the long-desired result is like a postcard to you from your potential happy future. These individual phone/skype/zoom calls with our former patients who became parents with our help are designed to help you get your hope back and find motivation to continue.

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Advanced and detailed information

We believe that information is one of the keys to success. We often hear from our patients that they lack information about fertility challenges and their potential options. They are eager to find out more about the aging of eggs and how this may be solved by PGT-A, egg donation and embryo adoption as alternatives to staying childless if own eggs do not work. Thus, we start our dialogue with you by providing the essential information, answering your questions, discussing different ways of treatment so that as a result you can make your own carefully weighted decision. In addition, we arrange webinars, publications and InstaLive sessions on diverse fertility topics.

Before you have your individual consultation with one of our expert doctors, you will also provide us with detailed information about your medical situation including your test results and medical journals. The more detailed information about your situation you provide, the more individual and efficient your medical strategy will be.

Genetic screening of embryos - PGT-A

PGT-A (chromosomal screening of embryos) is done in the cycles with our patient’s own eggs and helps to identify embryos normal for 23 chromosomes. Using for transfer only embryos normal for 23 chromosomes helps to shorten time to pregnancy and live birth by reducing the number of embryo transfers till success.

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Individual step-by-step IVF process with own eggs

We separate egg collection and embryo transfer and stick to the principle “one challenge — one solution”. We include additional procedures such as hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, ERA test and others to increase the chances for successful implantation. We culture embryos till day 5, find the most promising embryo that we then transfer in the optimal endometrium in the best timing.

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Individually chosen egg donor from our Online Egg Donor Database

Our Online Egg Donor Database contains detailed profiles with photos that help a patient make the right choice. Our egg donors are young healthy ladies under the age of 32 who have their own children and undergo regular medical check-ups. We provide free access to our Database and our professional guidance during the search.

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Sperm donors, open/anonymous

For optimal sperm donor choice we also offer detailed profiles with photos of sperm donors from Russian sperm bank and from ESB (European Sperm Bank in Denmark).

No waiting lists in O.L.G.A. Clinic

Non-depending on the kind of treatment, you can choose the dates that are best for you to come to our Clinic for the procedures. We will just inform you about the earliest possible dates for optimal result and logistics and you can select and agree with us.

We welcome women up to the age of 51

If you are under 51 years old, healthy and longing for a child, we are here to help. We are also happy to treat both single women and couples.

O.L.G.A. Clinic’s own constant growth and expertise

Never-ending learning and upgrading of skills and knowledge are integral part of our philosophy. Moreover, our Clinic’s team is regularly expanding with highly qualified and involved specialists to provide every patient with the best possible care.

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Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Stockholm

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Dr. Olga's Patients' Gathering in Oslo

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