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Where donor embryos come from?

Egg donation is not the method of choice — it is the method of exclusion

“…Well the Millennium shift came, the year 2000, we all remember what we did then, right? I got cancer, Hodgkin's lymphoma... And when I stand here now 17 years later, you understand that it went well! Except for one important thing…"


Embryo adoption (or embryo donation) is a process of using donor embryos for creating your own pregnancy. Embryo adoption is usually a very successful procedure and will soon result in the healthy birth of your own baby, your mother and baby bond will be unbreakable, respected and cherished. Even though it may not being genetically related to you, the child will absorb all your best traits, talents, behaviour and even looks throughout pregnancy, breastfeeding and daily care, love and communication.

In many clinics embryos donated by patients after finalizing their own fertility treatments can be used as donor embryos for embryo adoption programmes. However this does not provide you with a high chance of success due to the age and own fertility problems of genetic parents. There is also a risk of passing on fertility problems to future child with embryos donated by IVF patients.

At O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic we create donor embryos especially for you from the highest quality donor eggs and sperm from our professional young healthy egg and sperm donors and we have several hundred young healthy egg and sperm donors available at any time. Hence we can create donor embryos from young healthy egg and sperm to avoid passing on fertility problems to future child as with embryos donated by IVF patients and can also provide the best chance of pregnancy and healthy live birth.

By creating donor embryos from fresh donor egg and frozen thawed donor sperm fertilisation always takes place through the natural method (by just mixing the eggs and sperm). This allows natural selection as to which sperm will fertilise the egg, unlike in other clinics where the donated embryos are from patients and are usually created by the ICSI method due to the fertility issues in the genetic parents.  The donor eggs collected are fertilised with the donor sperm. They are grown in our laboratory for five days. During this time, they continue to divide and develop. At five days old, embryos are known as blastocysts. By this stage, our expert embryologists can determine which are the most promising and successful embryos which we will use for our embryo bank.

We use only high quality blastocysts to ensure high implantation rates. We use only young healthy egg and sperm donors to avoid passing on fertility problems to the future child and to also provide you with the maximal chances for healthy live birth.

Why is O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic Embryo Adoption Programme so successful?

Because when creating your donor embryos:

  • We use only high quality fresh eggs from our pre-screened young healthy professional egg donors (not IVF patients!)
  • We use only high quality cryo-tolerant donor sperm from our pre-screened sperm donors
  • Our screening process of potential egg and sperm donors is very strict and we accept less than 25% of applicants
  • By creating donor embryos from fresh donor egg and frozen thawed sperm from our sperm donors fertilisation always takes place through the natural method (by just mixing the eggs and sperm) which allows natural selection as to which sperm will fertilise the egg, provides maximal embryo quality and success rates.


Why is O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic Embryo Adoption Programme very cost efficient?

To keep our embryo adoption procedure as cost efficient as possible patients receive one or two carefully matched embryos from our embryo bank. This significantly reduces the costs for the recipients as they do not need to cover the whole cost for individual one to one donation, as for example within our simple one to one egg donation programme. Single elective embryo transfer is our standard and results in above 50% clinical pregnancy rates. In our clinical practice we increase success rates not through the number of embryos transferred, but through thorough selection of potential egg and sperm donors and high standards in the laboratory to ensure only excellent quality blastocysts are used.

If you are planning to have just one child then embryo adoption is the most efficient and less expensive option; our statistics also show that it is most cost effective and successful to carry out our 3 cycle package embryo adoption programme for the price of 2 than a single embryo adoption cycle, as 90% of recipients are successful in having a baby within 3 tries.

However if you would like to have some extra embryos from the same donors in the freezer for possible brothers and sisters in the future please look in to our one-to-one Simple Egg Donation Programme with fresh eggs.

Would you like to tell us about your needs so that you can receive our professional recommendation about the best donor choice?

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“…I am a single woman and when one is lonely, one is very sensitive…You saw me as a person and I felt that you can help me…”



After 3 IVF in Sweden, 3 miscarriages, Elisabet and Pär became parents of lovely Ester through egg donation in St. Petersburg

“Three times I went to Russia to pick up some eggs. Six embryos tested by PGS and one was good ))) This little embryo was born when I was 44 and the egg they used was from me when I was 43…”


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